Tiny Metal (EU)

PlayStation 4

Tiny Metal (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Every Victory Counts
Every Victory Counts15TrophyTypeWin any mission
Good Boss
Good Boss38TrophyTypeRank up any unit to Rank 5
Overkill38TrophyTypeUse Focus Fire to achieve a 100% or higher single attack on any unit
Commander In Chief
Commander In Chief127TrophyTypeRank up any unit to Rank 13

Least Earned

Winning with the knife
Winning with the knife90TrophyTypeDestroy a tank with an Rifleman's attack
Veteran of the Zipang Incident
Veteran of the Zipang Incident90TrophyTypeComplete the single player campaign on normal difficulty (Act I ~ IV)
Scrambled assault!
Scrambled assault!90TrophyTypeComplete MX04 mission on normal difficulty
Preparing for the Guard Dog
Preparing for the Guard Dog90TrophyTypeComplete MX04 mission on New Game+ difficulty
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