Timothy vs the Aliens

PlayStation 4

Timothy vs the Aliens Trophies

Most Earned

A drink, solitude and my memories
A drink, solitude and my memories15TrophyTypeGet to Timothy's house after fighting The Grandfather.
I should have paid attention
I should have paid attention31TrophyTypeGet to leave Timothy's building upon the alien arrival.
Being nice
Being nice32TrophyTypeSave Elizabeth from the alien.
But why are you running?
But why are you running?16TrophyTypeCatch The Grandfather's thug to get the key to his building.

Least Earned

The boss of the city
The boss of the city246TrophyTypeComplete all the trophies.
The allies' life
The allies' life123TrophyTypeGet all the life improvements.
Lost123TrophyTypeFind the object lost within The Grandfather's labyrinth.
A full hot dog please
A full hot dog please123TrophyTypeFind all the hot dogs Otis has lost.
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