Time and Eternity

PlayStation 3

Time and Eternity Trophies

Most Earned

Flawless Victory
Flawless Victory15TrophyTypeYou won a battle without taking any damage.
Combo Novice
Combo Novice15TrophyTypeYou successfully executed your very first combo.
Chain Novice
Chain Novice20TrophyTypeYou completed your very first Chain attack.
Combo Journeyman
Combo Journeyman20TrophyTypeYou successfully executed 10 combos in a row. <br /> Keep up the good work!

Least Earned

Eternal Timekeeper
Eternal Timekeeper462TrophyTypeYou obtained every single trophy.<br /> Good job! Thanks for playing!<br />
Gallery King
Gallery King38TrophyTypeYou unlocked every single gallery image.
Miraculous Ending
Miraculous Ending225TrophyTypeYou unlocked the special ending. <br /> Enjoy a long, happy life with Toki and Towa!
Lunch Master
Lunch Master37TrophyTypeYou received every single meal from Toki and Towa.
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