Time Recoil

Time Recoil

PlayStation 4

Time Recoil Trophies

Most Earned

Psychic16TrophyTypeUse Psy-Blast
Mr. Freeze, Time
Mr. Freeze, Time22TrophyTypeActivate Time Freeze
Friendly Fire
Friendly Fire137TrophyType50 enemies dead by friendly fire
Shotgunner168TrophyTypeKill three enemies with a single shotgun blast

Least Earned

Timeghoul1065TrophyTypeGet all the trophies!
Faster than a bullet
Faster than a bullet532TrophyTypeGet a three star time from all levels in Time Attack
2 Star Par time
2 Star Par time532TrophyTypeGet a two star time from all levels in Time Attack
Murderous307TrophyTypeComplete all levels on Murderous difficulty
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Time Recoil First Impressions

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Time Recoil Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up the trophy list for Time Recoil. There are 16 trophies, none of which are secret

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