Time Crisis: Razing Storm

PlayStation 3

Time Crisis: Razing Storm Trophies

Most Earned

Prologue Cleared
Prologue Cleared15TrophyTypeClear the Prologue in Story Mode.
Stage 1 Cleared
Stage 1 Cleared28TrophyTypeClear Stage 1 of Story Mode.
Stage 2 Cleared
Stage 2 Cleared39TrophyTypeClear Stage 2 of Story Mode.
Prison Lockdown
Prison Lockdown43TrophyTypeEliminate more than 7 prisoners in the Prologue.

Least Earned

Storm Razer
Storm Razer1507TrophyTypeEarn all trophies.
Maintaining the Peace
Maintaining the Peace114TrophyTypeClear Sentry Mode by eliminating all militia troops (limited to All Stages mode).
Perfectionist674TrophyTypeScore a perfect on all Sentry Mode stages (limited to All Stages mode).
Consistency Counts
Consistency Counts221TrophyTypeClear all stages in Sentry Mode with a total score of 100000 points and an accuracy of 70%.
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