Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13

PlayStation 3

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 13 Trophies

Most Earned

Going Green with a Hybrid
Going Green with a Hybrid16TrophyTypeLand on the green from over 175 yards away using a Hybrid
Can you give me a Boost?
Can you give me a Boost?17TrophyTypePlay an 18 hole round with Boost Pins equipped
Like a Homing Pigeon
Like a Homing Pigeon18TrophyTypeFrom the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 150 yards out
When do we get paid?
When do we get paid?18TrophyTypeCompete in an amateur championship

Least Earned

Pro Gamer
Pro Gamer611TrophyTypeCongratulations for unlocking all trophies in Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 13!
Unstoppable!49TrophyTypeWin the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Career Mode
Play Date
Play Date44TrophyTypePlay a Four Player online match with all players using toddlers
Child's Play
Child's Play88TrophyTypeComplete an 18 hole online head-to-head match with toddler Ricky
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