Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10

PlayStation 3

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 Trophies

Most Earned

It's All in the Hips
It's All in the Hips39TrophyTypeUse Precision Putter to sink a 30ft putt without Putt Preview, in a Traditional or Online game mode.
Riding Spinnaz
Riding Spinnaz118TrophyTypeSink an approach shot using backspin covering a distance of 5ft or greater in any game mode.
Teamwork40TrophyTypeWatch the credits.
Raindancer42TrophyTypePlay in the rain and score an Eagle or better in any Stroke based Traditional or Online game modes.

Least Earned

Aces High
Aces High92TrophyTypeAce a Par 4 or a Par 5 hole in any Traditional or Online game mode.
The Ultimate Challenge
The Ultimate Challenge81TrophyTypeShoot Par or under on Tour Pro in an 18-hole round, using the Precision Putter, Green Grid set to Off, Very Fast Greens and Fairways, and Long Roughs.
Big Tuna
Big Tuna70TrophyTypePlay an 18-hole Traditional or Online game mode round in FIR and GIR using only tuned clubs.
Blammo!67TrophyTypeEarn the Bingo, Bango and Bongo point on a single shot in the Bingo Bango Bongo Traditional game mode.
All Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 Trophies