The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition Trophies

Full list of all 10 The Walking Vegetables: Radical Edition trophies - 7 bronze, 1 silver and 2 gold.

  • A New Sheriff in Town

    You've made your way to The Department Radical. Congrats! You are deemed fit for the job. Now, go out there and save the world!

  • A Farewell to Arms

    Exchange your guns for gold, with Smith Wesson's latest invention, The Magnificent Monetization Machine! Available now at your local Shop n' Shizzle!

  • A Farewell to Feet

    Who needs legs, when you have wheels? Tom from Finland has promised to serve as your new chauffeur. He must really like you.

  • That's RAD!

    RadBox holds many wonderful guns 'n' gadgets. One acquired, gazillion to go.

  • Mad Skillz!

    I see you have some skills—nay, scratch that—You have ALL the skills.

  • Saved the World

    ...for now.


    WHAT!? You actually passed the Too Hard Mode!? You truly are the Raddest of them all! Congrats on behalf of the whole development team! You Rock!

  • The Ghost of Runs Past

    Bob the Exploding Ghost is always happy to help you when you're on a hot streak of runs. He's a bit agoraphobic, so better look for him indoors.

  • There Goes the Neighborhood

    Yet another city, fighting carrots and limes, these veggies ain't pretty, but at least this rhymes.

  • The Final Countdown

    Hmmm... compared to the previous cities, this place somehow feels a bit more.... Alieny.