9. The Walking Dead Episode 4: Around Every CornerUpdate notes

Around Every Corner

You will begin the fourth episode in Savannah. It does not matter what you answer to the first question asked by Clementine, after that you will need to answer something to Christa's question about Omid's injured leg. It will not matter what you choose in the next two dialogue sequences and how you comment on the appearance of the walkers caused by the ringing of the bell, prepare yourself for a bit more walker killing.

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Aim and shoot the walker who has latched onto Kenny's leg, if you fail to do that in time then Christa will do it. Next watch the cutscene as Clementine is in danger and Ben is useless (as normal), The next task will be something new in the series you need to shoot the zombies who are walking up to you in the head. If you do not keep up they will bite you and that's it you have to start that scene again. Your attention should get focused on the walker who is coming from the left to get Clementine, but you won't be able to kill him no matter how many times you will shoot so do not worry. After a while Chuck will come to your's and Clementines rescue anyway.

After a short cutscene you will find yourselves without Chuck, behind a big house. You can prevent an argument by selecting the option to find a way into the house, but in general your answer does not matter at this point. After a while you'll regain control over Lee, let's start with trying to find a way into the house so be sure to look at the pet door. It's time to look for the dog, so go to the foreground of the screen and then to the right in this way, you'll get to a shovel leaning on the shed. Take the shovel and then go to the background of the screen (where the dirt and cross is). Along the way, you can look also at the fountain (ooo pretty fountain).

While you are digging, Clementine will walk up to you your answer may have an impact on her. When Lee finishes digging, pick up the body of the dog, since the dog's head will fall off there will be no problem with taking the collar. Go back to the back door and use the collar on it. After a brief conversation, Clementine will go through the pet door without Lee asking her to. You can call her and then praise or reprimand her for her actions of going through the doggy door, when she comes back out through the open door.

After entering the house there will be several dialogues none of your answers will really matter. First reply something to Christa accusation that you did not tell her and Omid that the walkie-talkie was working.

Your next two answers do not matter. Next if you hurt Clementine earlier, she will speak with you after the conversations with Christa and Kenny are over. You can apologize to Clementine or not, if you calmly told Clementine that her behavior was careless or you were simply silent, she will now apologize to you herself. After the conversation you will regain control over Lee. It is better not to open the back door instead you can search the kitchen on the right, the cabinet above on the left is empty similarly to the fridge on the right. There is no tap water and the microwave isn't working as there is no power and there has not been any power since the end of episode 1. Instead you can have a look at child's drawing on the refrigerator and at a dog food bag on the kitchen counter. However Lee will not want to take it as he states he is not that hungry.

Go to the left, the overturned chairs and a table are blocking the way. Apart from that you can look at the old grandfather's clock and a bottle of whiskey, but Lee will not take the whiskey. Go to the foreground of the screen and enter the living room Clementine, Christa and Omid are sitting there. You can talk to Christa and Omid exhaust all the topics and then go back to the search. You can look at the picture above the fireplace. First of all however search all the locked rooms, to do so open the door on the left and right side and confirm the chosen action when the scene changes. You do not have to be afraid of anything, as there's nothing behind the door.

Once you've opened two doors the camera will show you the last one in the hall. You need to open it to move the story forward, do it and searching the ground floor will be over, for now you cannot go upstairs. Afterwards you'll be able to ask Clementine who she has been talking to through the walkie-talkie all that time. Your answer may be important here so ask the questions carefully. After a while, her answer will be interrupted by Ben's cry coming from upstairs. Lee will join him and your first task will be simply to climb the stairs leading to the attic. Keep holding the appropriate button down until you watch the next cutscene, after a brief conversation you will have to deal with the next sad situation. Kenny will remind you of what happened to Duck and what decision you took in the previous episode (whether you killed Duck yourself or if Kenny did it, or whether you left Duck in the woods to return as a walker). However it does not matter what you reply to Kenny's question, because the real decision will have to be taken in a moment as soon as you regain control over Lee.

If you want to kill the boy yourself, look at him. After that choose how you will do it you can shoot him, hit him using the tool found in the train or crush his head with your foot. Once you've decided and chosen you will need to confirm this action one more time unless you chose hitting the zombie with a tool. Do not let Kenny do it as it will remind him of Duck!

Regardless of your decision Lee will come outside to bury the body. Point at the grave and when Lee puts the body in the grave, grab a shovel and start digging, repeat the last action four times. Soon after that Lee will see a mysterious person hanging about...... It does not matter what you will shout at this mysterious person, however when it comes to the next dialogue your answers will matter so be careful of what you say!

After that you will have to answer something to Clementine. She will want to go with you and Kenny to look for her parents, Ben will also want to go with you. Again say no as you require him to keep an eye on Clementine and Omid just in case anything happens.

After the conversation with Ben and Clementine, Lee and Kenny will head out for the River.

During the walk to the river you will be able to talk to Kenny. It does not matter which answer you choose in the next four dialogues, when the walkers pass you will reach the river. Kenny will remind you of what you said about his plan to look for a boat in the previous chapter, after that you will regain control over Lee so lets take a look around. Go to the left and Lee should automatically comment on the barricade built with the "help" of some walkers and if he doesn't, you can always look at it as well as the "material" it is made off. But do not try to shoot at the walkers go to the bottom of the screen, that is down to the river and then go along it to the left. Keep waking till you get to the telescope, try to use it but unfortunately, you need to insert a coin if you want it to work.

Go to the right side of the street, toward the car wrecks you can look at the trolley wreck and the car wreck. The newspaper dispenser should catch your eye. Try to open it and when you fail, now break it using the tool taken from the train. Having a coin in your pocket get back to the telescope and put it inside, you will be able to see a few things the river, a building, a bridge. Look all the way to the left, Lee will notice someone dressed in red that will start climbing down the building on the left, you and Kenny will hide behind the rail.

It does not matter what you answer to Kenny. Start walking towards the newspaper stand and once you're there, lean out and get ready to act fast. If you want to beat the stranger place your cursor on the left side of the screen to Block the blow. When she falls, move the cursor somewhere in the middle to make the counter attack. If you fail to block the first or second blow, you'll fall down and be very close to getting killed. But help is on the way and it will be delivered by Clementine (yes you told her to stay at the house). When the moment of silence is over it does not matter what you say to Kenny. After that you will meet Molly. Reply with anything and when Molly asks you again if you really aren't from Crawford, reply with I'm from Macon or whats Crawford.

Then you will get a list from which you can choose the questions one by one. Ask a question about the ringing of the bells and about peeking at you through the fence, after that ask Clementine what she's doing here. Lee will tell Clementine that they didn't need any help, Molly will comment on that if you lost in the fight with her. Finally Molly will ask once again who you are. Reply with what you want, after a while some zombies will appear and Molly will escape to the side alley, the rest of the characters will follow her, it does not matter what you shout as once more it will be Clementines request that will save you and the others.

When Kenny and Clementine find themselves up on the fire escape, try to grab Kenny's hand or just wait. In the first case you will fall down, you have to find another way from now on if you act too slowly, the walkers will get you.

Quickly move the garbage cart in the background. Unfortunately the second alley exit will also get blocked by the zombies, The only way out will be the sewer, try to lift the manhole cover. You won't succeed but Molly will throw her climbing pick down, take it immediately and then pry the manhole cover open. Afterwards keep pressing the button shown on the screen as many times as possible, Lee will open the manhole cover and jump into the sewer saving himself from the walkers.

When the cutscene is over you will regain control over Lee, you can look at the ladder but this way is cut off. Go down the steps and go right along the way, you can look at the grates but you won't be able to do anything with them. You'll reach a tunnel leading down. Lee will topple over if you choose to go in the middle of it, if you go along the left or right side of the tunnel it won't happen. However it does not really matter anyway.

After you've "landed", go to the left and when the scene changes move straight ahead and then left again. Along the way you can look at the pipe on the right, The way out is blocked by a group of walkers. The closer you get to them the more red the screen will become until the walkers finally bite you and you die. So don't go near them instead, enter the low passage way on the left. Go forward until you reach the wheel turn the wheel right to loosen it and then take it with you, the path you came here has been cut off. Therefore go left through the second corridor. When the scene changes you will need to go to the foreground of the screen till you get the passage way that was blocked earlier, you won't manage to open it so you can pry it open. Only then will it be open you'll find yourself in the tunnel you were in a while ago.

Keep going further but do not turn left under any circumstances! If you do that the walkers will get Lee. Instead you should notice the pipe on the right you can attach the wheel to it, do it and then turn it right. As quickly as you can go to the low passage way through the grate you've just opened. Before the zombies get you. Then go to the fork and wait till all the walkers move to the right, only after that can you exit the passage way and enter the corridor. Go left until you get to a dead human body, It's Chuck take his weapon. After the cutscene look at the walkers in the distance and attack them.

Along the way, your leg will get caught by a walker from under the grate. You must free yourself do not SHOOT! Since it won't work anyway, and you will not only lose precious time but also lure the group of zombies that is at the end of the corridor. Instead use the hook of the climbing pick, you will also need to keep pressing the button shown on the screen and then press the next one once.

As soon as the free yourself you will have to deal with yet another walker. Once more you can choose the gun or the pick and again, the shot will lure the group of walkers that is in the other end of the sewer (although this time it will be an effective method). So it is best to use the climbing pick, there isn't anything for you to do in the lower part of the tunnel. You won't manage to open the grate, nor pry it. You can look at the broken ladder but you won't be able to pick it up, as there is nothing else for you to do here, go to the upper part of the tunnel using the steps on the right or left.

You won't manage to open the door on the right neither can it be broken. You can look at the sign, you won't be able to reach the ladder but you can try to grab it with the climbing pick, Lee will fall over which will make the sign loosen. It turns out that there is something behind it after all, move the sign and then go through the hidden passage behind it.

You'll find yourself in a shelter with beds and lots of supplies, you can look at the beds and the food on the shelves. However your main goal is to get out of here so use the door on the right.

Surprise! You'll meet a group of survivors and after a while one of them (Vernon) will point a gun at your head. Your answer here will be important so choose wisely or Vernon will shoot you. But it is not over yet, you still need to take the gun from Vernon and depending on what you selected in the previous dialogue, you can do it slowly and peacefully or not. In both cases you have to do it quickly otherwise Vernon will simply shoot you.

The conversation will go on, the decision you've just taken will run through what Vernon and Brie will be saying. More so Vernon will remember your next replies, at the end you will have an opportunity to ask Vernon to help you get back to the house. Regardless of the answer you've chosen you will put yourself at Vernon's mercy anyway as the sewer system is a sheer maze. Choose the way you'll persuade him to help you, Vernon will believe your lie only if you didn't threaten him earlier. Otherwise you will need to choose one of the other options. Silence is also a good answer, because then Lee will tell Vernon that Omid is injured.

Watch the cutscene and wait until Lee and Vernon are in the house. You'll be welcomed by Molly, who will either mention that she saved your ass or say that she's the person who kicked it (depending on whether you won the fight with her in the previous chapter or not). Your answer will be important here anyways, after a moment, Christa will go down the stairs. If in Vernon believed your lie about the meds (if you told him a lie that is), he will now ask about them. If you remained silent at that time, Vernon will ask about Omid. Anyway you will all go to see Omid, after a brief conversation Lee will come out of the room and then you'll regain control over him. Time to find Clementine (again).

Go down stairs and straight outside into the back yard, go upto the doors on the garage as you can hear a noise and then the doors swing open! O look its Clementine inside the garage. It does not matter what you answer, as well as how you will comment on what she has found in the garage. After a while Kenny will come here as well and he will also be very pleased once he sees what is inside. You will be taken back into the house, it does not matter which answer you choose in the next dialogue or whether you will want to hear the good or bad news first from Kenny. Your next two replies will be rather important so be careful again with what you reply.

When you all begin to get going, Clementine will accost you. Your answer will be important. What is more, the options can lead to an additional dialogue but you can choose any of the answers in that one. It does not matter what you answer to the next question, the choice will be made by selecting one of the two dialogue options.

When the night falls everyone will gather outside. After a brief conversation with Kenny, Vernon and Brie will come to you Kenny, Ben and Christa. Your comment about Brie can be important to whether she lives or dies. If you took Clementine with you, you will have to justify it somehow. Choose any of the answers that yo are given. However, if you left Clementine you will have to say goodbye and select one of the two options to say to her.

You will begin your Crawford adventure in the sewers. If you took Clementine, Lee will give her a double warning and say that they should keep together. Move the manhole cover and then lean out up to come to the surface. Watch the cutscene, then point at the guard and simply walk up to him. If Lee is holding a gun, you'll be able to threaten the guard. It does not matter what answer you choose here as it turns out that the guard is a walker! Quickly hit him or shoot if Lee pulled out the gun, if you do not do it fast enough the walker will have your entrails for dinner.

Once you've found yourselves in the school, choose one of the answers to Kenny's question. It can have an impact on Clementine (if you took her with you), or on Ben.

Confirm or deny what Vernon said (it does not matter). After a while you will find yourselves in the classroom which is also the former Crawford command center. Choose the topics in the next dialogue one by one in any order to find out where you can find the battery, fuel and medicine. After you've worked out the plan you will regain control over Lee. If you do not want to look around the room and talk to Ben and Clementine, go straight through the door. However, if you do want to find out what is inside, there will be a lot to look at. In the right part of the room you can look at the school map right next to the door and the shelf next to it as well as some flag and the rug.

After leaving the room you can look at the photograph and the sign concerning the rules and principles of Crawford. Go down the corridor until the scene changes, you will see Molly in the background. After you've turned right keep walking forwards, you can look at an empty locker on the left. Further to the left there is a playground exit but going out of the school is not really a good idea. Go a little further, the camera will zoom in. On the right you can see the shower and you can try to go inside the bathroom. On the floor there are some shell casings you can look at. While up on the left there is a hole, but you won't manage to get to it. There are some lockers opposite you, one on the left is covered with blood, but you will not be able to open it. If you go left, you'll see Christa and Vernon and you'll also be able to look at the vending machine. There is nothing interesting there so keep following Molly to the right. You'll notice a door leading to the street go through it.

Once you are outside go into the alley, which runs into the background of the screen. Along the way you can have a look at two signs, there is barbed wire on the left and a billboard, but most of all a grey shed you should enter. Look at the upper left corner of the screen and you will see a hole. Look at it and when Lee looks on the shelves, use them to climb to the top. Lee will jump over to the other side of the fence. You can look at the garage door, try to open it and then go into the alley, which runs into the top right corner of the screen. The scene will change and you will be able to look at the fence, but it is better to stay away from it, go back to the garage door. At this moment a body of a walker will fall down and then an enraged Molly, it does not matter what you answer in the next two dialogues.

It's time for a brief fast section, keep pressing the button shown on the screen to raise the garage door. If you hesitate, the walkers will get you and you are dead. After you've raised the garage door Molly and Lee will go inside, Start by talking with Molly and ask her about everything. Afterwards start searching the place, in the right part of the motor shop you can look at the truck and its hood which can be opened. Then look at it again to see if there is a battery, unfortunately the battery won't be in its place. That is why you now go to the left side, here you can look at the raised car and a warning sign. You can also try to open the locked door. Look at the lift panel and use it.

However, to push the plot forward take a look at the hydraulic hose and then try to use it. Your efforts will come to nothing however, now you'll be able to ask Molly for her climbing pick speak with her. Then pierce the hose with the hook, Watch the cutscene and then get to work. If you take too long the walkers will bite both you and Molly. You have to take the battery out of the car. First unscrew and remove the positive terminal and then do the same with the negative one. At the end, take out the battery. To get out of this place, go on the truck using the ladder on the right side of the truck and then shoot out the skylight above your heads. When Molly jumps on the roof grab her hand.

It does not matter what you answer to Molly. Lee will take a run-up and jump and your job is to aim accurately and press the button to take Molly's hand. If you don't do it, Lee will fall down and get himself killed. Watch the cutscene and go to the foreground of the screen, you will move from one action to another. Kenny and Brie have returned with the fuel, but they've got some company as well you have to help them.

After regaining control over Lee keep pressing the button shown on the screen and then press the next one, Since the door will not close in this way you will have to shoot the walker in the head. Pick up the hatchet from the ground, again keep pressing the button shown on the screen and then press the next one to put the hatchet between the handles which will shut the door. The whole group will move to the classroom.

The way Ben will welcome you will differ depending on whether you earlier told him something unpleasant or not. If you did, he will only greet Kenny, if you didn't he'll welcome both of you. When you regain control over Lee, you can have some brief conversations with Clementine, Ben and Kenny and a longer one with Brie. You will be able to ask her about several things. If however, you threatened Vernon when you first met him, Brie will not want to talk to you at all. She will use some bitter words to tell you what she thinks of you. Anyway go into the hallway, follow the already well-known way to the fork but this time turn left.

Instead of Vernon and Christa you'll come across six walkers. When Lee hides behind the vending machine lean out over the top and shoot one of the walkers, the remaining five will start moving into your direction. Point at their heads and first shoot those closest to you.

Select any answer in the dialogue with Christa and Vernon and then start searching for the code. On the left side in the office there is a bed, a photocopier next to him, some documents on the board, a clock above the door, a phone on the desk and a medical file also on the desk. You can speak with Vernon again and exhaust all the topics. Vernon will react differently when you tell him you're grateful that he came with you, depending on whether you threatened him when you first met or not.

Don't forget to pick up the medical file, Lee will find a tape. Go to the right. You will see a first aid kit, drawers, some blood on the floor, a sonogram on the floor. You can also look at the safe and try to use the gun to open it, but this idea will not be praised. If you want you can also speak with Christa and exhaust all the topics. The conversation about Clementine will develop differently depending on whether you took her with you or not.

Most of all however, you should focus your attention on the cam recorder. It is empty, but if you took the tape from the file, you can now insert it and watch it. Get out of the nurse's office and then go to the fork by following the already well-known path leading to the alley by the garage you searched with Molly earlier, again enter the grey shed on the left and try to climb the shelves to go up. Suddenly a walker will attack you, Keep pressing the button shown on the screen and then press the next one to get rid of him. The walker will then start having a television on his head and you'll be able to climb the shelves to the roof of the shed and jump down into the other part of the alley.

Go to the upper right corner of the screen and stomp the head of the crawling zombie-doctor. Afterwards search his body, you'll find the next tape as well as another code, but this one is not the one you need to open the safe in the nurse's office. The code from the doctor is for the locker with the name "Logan".

You'll find yourself back in the school. The code you've just found will allow you to search the doctor's locker, inside there will be a third tape which is a kind of an optional task. Go around the corner and go into the office. You, Vernon and Christa will start watching the second tape straight away. You will discover the combination needed to open the safe, after you've finished watching say anything to Christa and then decide if you want to watch the third tape, or simply exit the room. If you choose the first option put the tape into the camcorder. Thanks to the tape you will know why Molly was so furious at the walker-doctor and hit him so many times.

Exit the nurse's room, go to the fork and then in the direction of the classroom. Molly will jump down through the hole in the roof, your answers will be important here so again, be very careful. If you didn't watch the tape showing Molly and the doctor these options will not appear.

No matter how the conversation developed, you'll both go to the classroom. Along the way you will meet Ben (it does not matter what you'll say to him) who as it turns out took the hatchet from the door. Yes the same that was blocking the door so that the walkers couldn't get inside. (Yes Ben's a moron). After a while, the walkers will invade the school and Molly will start fighting with them. You will regain control over Lee for a while, your task will be to shoot the walker who is fighting with Molly in the head. If you took Clementine with you, she will save Molly. Otherwise to save Molly, you will need to aim at the zombie's head. Be careful if you wait too long, you won't be able to save her.

Anyway, you will all run to the classroom. If Molly is not with you, Christa will ask about her. Ben, in turn will want to tell Kenny the truth that it was him who gave the bandits the supplies in the third episode. Ben will tell the truth anyway and Kenny will get really angry (it's not really hard to blame him). Kenny will cool down he will be calm enough not to want to kill Ben himself. The conversation will continue, Choose any of the answers in the next dialogue. Regardless of the option you've chosen, a vote will begin. If you took Clementine with you, she will ask if she also has the right to vote. If she's not with you then it doesn't matter.

Clementine will get angry with you if you don't let her vote, then the time will come for you to decide.

At this point your conversation will get interrupted by some walkers who will get into the classroom and have a little feast on Brie. The whole group will enter the armory finally, Kenny managed to open the door. Watch the long cutscene and then prepare yourself for some action, a lot of it.

Keep holding down the button assigned to moving backwards, in the meantime every now and then shoot the walkers that follow you in the head. Keep doing that (you will kill about 6 to 7 walkers) until you go to the next part of the action. Watch out for the zombie who is crawling, it may be harder to point at her.

After a short while, Lee's leg will break through the wooden staircase and it will get caught. From now on you need to focus your attention on two things at the same time. First you have to try to pull your leg out four times. Second, you need to shoot the walkers that get closer the more red the corners of the screen become, the closer your opponent gets. You perform each of these two actions on a separate screen, and you switch between the screens by "leaning out" up or down. It's best to finish off all the walkers you can see first and then pull out your leg twice, repeat all this to free yourself.

Watch a short cutscene, the next part of the action will be about selecting and thus eliminating the walkers that have white circles on them, Lee will be walking up the stairs by himself. When you hit the fifth enemy with the hatchet, he will hang holding your shotgun. Simply shoot to get rid of him or wait till he detaches himself and falls down. Finally, Lee will join the rest of the group upstairs. If you took Clementine she will give Lee a hug. Watch the cutscene and then get ready for it.

If you want to let Ben die you simply do not have to help him get out of trouble when the walker hanging on the bell rope will grab him. However I would suggest shooting the walker and making the choice in a moment, to really make ben sweat!

After making the decision the whole group (with or without Ben) will leave Crawford and find themselves back in the house.

Hidden in the closet in the hall (if you told Clementine to run and hide, if she did not come with you). In that case, select any response. Shortly after that Lee will open the door and Kenny will shoot the walker.

It does not matter which answer you will choose near the bed on which Omid is laying on. If you saved Ben, Omid will comment on his sad face and Kenny will explain what happened. If Ben died, Kenny will tell you that you did what you had to do, Clementine will hear this and then run out of the room. You can then say something to Kenny it does not matter what you say to him.

After a while Vernon will ask to have a word with you, your first answer does not matter but the way Vernon will reply will strictly depend on whether you threatened and or lied to him (for example that your group had medicine) when you two first met, or not. After a while Vernon will suggest that he should take Clementine with him. He will justify his offer by being able to provide better conditions for her, again Vernon's responses will differ depending on whether you threatened and or lied to him earlier. If you choose a different answer and you let Ben die, Vernon will comment on that. Having spoken with Vernon you will meet Molly (provided you didn't leave her when she was fighting with the walker). You will talk briefly and then say goodbye, it does not matter what answer you will give her.

The last person to have a conversation with will be Clementine. The first dialogue will cover your future plans and the set of your answers will differ depending on the kind of the plan you and Clementine made on the train. It does not matter which answer you choose.

The second dialogue will be about Ben, Clementine's question and the set of your answers will differ depending on whether you saved Ben or let him die and also whether you took Clementine to Crawford or not. Again it does not matter which answer you choose. The third dialogue will be about Clementines parents. Regardless of the answer you've chosen, Clementine will burst into tears. It does not matter if you tell her something after that or not, go to the last chapter.

Watch the cutscene. When you regain control over Lee, pick up Clementines hat then Lee will go over the fence, you can pick up the walkie-talkie or look at the card boxes. Select any of the options it does not matter really.

After a while a walker will attack you. If you looked behind the boxes, you will have to "look out to the right" to throw the zombie against the wall and then in both cases (picking up the walkie-talkie or looking inside the trash bins) crush the opponent's head with your foot.

After a while Kenny, Omid, Christa and Ben (if he's alive) will join you and you will have to decide whether you want to show them the bite or not. I'd suggest showing them your bite, as it is the key factor that will determine if Christa and Omid will join the search for Clementine in a moment.

This is a the MOST important moment in the entire series. Right now you're about to decide which characters will go with you to the fifth episode, so tell the truth and don't hide anything!

You'll start by talking with Omid and Christa. In fact the biggest influence on their decision is whether you showed them your bite or not. If you didn't conceal it, Omid and Christa will join you regardless of what you choose in the next dialogue. If you concealed the bite however, Omid and Christa will not join you, regardless of the answer chosen in the next dialogue.

The next character to talk to is Kenny. There can be some trouble with him unless you stood on his side completely and in every situation since the beginning of the series (Kenny will call you his friend), which was not always possible. However if you have never sided with Kenny at the most important moments, Kenny will be quite reluctant at the beginning of the conversation. Kenny will sum up your behavior towards him and his family since the first episode until now. If Kenny agreed to help you and Ben survived then Kenny will state that you need to choose between them. There will be an additional dialogue for this of course.


The last character you are going to speak with will be Ben. You will have the least trouble with him as from the very beginning it's you who will decide whether he will go with you or not.

Regardless of who went with you and who didn't, there is going to be the last scene of the fourth episode. You'll find yourself in Vernon and his group's hiding place, which as it turns out is empty. After a while you'll hear something on the radio. Choose any dialogue option wait for a while and then choose another one, it also doesn't matter which one you'll pick. This is how the fourth episode will end.

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