7. The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road AheadUpdate notes

Long Road Ahead

The third episode will start with a conversation with Kenny. His attitude (and what he says and how he says it to you) will be closely related to the choices you took in the previous episodes. Your first response does not matter, but the next one does. The topic of leaving the motor inn in the RV will come back again (as it always does). Once you finish the conversation you regain control of Lee.

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Kenny then proceeds to climb the ladder on the trailer and it then "breaks", so don't try and climb up it as it won't work. Go back to the military jeep and on the front of it is a winch, press cn_X while the arrows are over the winch and then pull it out and attach it to the trailer's axle again with the cn_X button when it tells you to. Now walk back over to the jeep and the winch controls are hanging on the passenger side door, once there again place the arrows over it and press cn_X and the jeep will now be pulled towards the trailer. Climb onto the front end of the jeep and Kenny will offer you his hand, take it and he will try to pull Lee up, Kenny drops him and a quick conversation ensue's and then they try it again this time with success.

On top of the trailer Lee and Kenny hear a woman screaming and this then brings the situation that you either shoot the girl and bring attention to yourself and Kenny or leave the girl and give yourself and Kenny extra time! (choose wisely). Once the decision is made a cut scene appears.

The result of your decision will be the amount of time that you will have to gather the supplies. If you left the girl in one way or another, there will be much more time (enough to take all the items). If you shot her you'll have considerably less time and you'll need to hurry up. Soon as you regain control of the Lee, start to collect all kinds of items. Take the Medicine Box, Medicine Bottle, Supplies, Energy Bar. There are five items on the floor, including the one in the trash, two on the shelves on the left and one on the shelf on the right. If you have already collected all the eight items, immediately look to the right to get to the next part of the pharmacy. In the box there are three items, to the right of the box there's one while on the shelves above three. Take it all the items there is only seven and then go right to the next part of the pharmacy.

Take the item from the counter, and then quickly push the shelf to move it. Inside there are four items, if you go right now you'll get back to the first place with the supplies. But if you have already collected them all (there are twenty items altogether), Lee will admit it and you'll find yourself in the further part of the chapter automatically (or it will happen if you simply run out of time). You will see a message in the top left corner indicating the number of the items you've gathered. It's time to get away from this place. Now look over right and jump over the counter, Lee will get knocked to the floor by the door and you have to press the required button like crazy here but along the way Kenny will come over and help, (depending on your actions back in the barn) if you tried to save Larry, Kenny will look away.

Look slightly to the right and tip over the fridge to block the doorway, you have only a few seconds to do it quickly as the zombies can still get you even though the screen does not go red. Run to catch up with Kenny and you encounter a walker from the crashed helicopter, hit him a few times and then eventually force him into a piece of metal and concrete.

When Lee and Kenny reach the motor inn, a conversation will develop. It will begin with a question about how many supplies you managed to collect from the pharmacy. Reply with what you want, Kenny will tell the truth anyway, Lilly's reaction will strictly depend on the number of supplies. Then the idea of leaving the inn in the RV will return, your answer is important here. If you pick a different answer while talking to Lilly and you told Kenny something completely different at the start of the first chapter, he will notice the fact that you changed your mind. More so there will be a talk about leaving or shooting the girl in the first chapter (Lilly will not be happy if you left the girl be eaten). You can try to explain yourself, but it does not matter what you say to her.

Now Lilly tells you to leave, it does not matter what you respond. You will briefly speak with Doug or Carley, depending on whom you saved earlier and then you'll take control of Lee. At this point if you saved Carley, you can do a side mission. To do so go to the right and climb the stairs on the left. The conversation will start automatically. Carley will want you not to hide the fact that you had been convicted of murder. Respond with what you want the only response that is important is the last one. You can either agree with Carley or not. Whatever you choose she will remember that. If you agree you'll get a kiss. You can then talk to Carley about other things or go and tell people about your past, it would be wiser to let people know about Lee's past so Lilly cannot use it against Lee later on.

If you do tell people then I would advise telling Kenny and Katjaa first and then you can tell Ben if YOU wish to, once you are done go back and let Carley know and then you will find yourself back downstairs, now go talk to Lilly and see what she wanted. She has found a broken flashlight and wants you to find out who broke it and such.

Anyway, you'll go outside and here you'll be suprised by Duck, who will want to help you in the investigation. You can agree (silence means he can help aswell) and then Duck will help you, if you do not agree Duck will still help (even though you said no). If you wish, you can go back to Lilly and tell her about your past, she will not be surprised as Larry told her about it long time ago. However, she will remember what you told her.

Now go to the far left near the fence and you will see some broken glass on the floor to inspect, once done with that go around the corner of the wall and you'll come across a big X on the wall, its a chalk mark but who did it!? Now go and ask about the flashlight and the chalk so speak with Ben, Kenny, Katjaa, (Doug or Carley) depending who you saved and then speak with Clementine (its vital you leave Clem until the end). As soon as you finish talking to Clem, Duck comes up to you and tells you about the gate. Head for the gate. You can high-five Duck by pointing at his hand if you do, you will gain a fan. You can also choose not to do it which would be not cool for Duck. After that talk to him and ask about everything, and then inspect the chalk scuff on the floor. Now push the gate open, after exiting go to the right. Along the way, you can look at the fence (pointless really). Look out for the grate in the wall above the floor, open the grate and pick up the bag of supplies from inside. Watch the cutscene, Lee showing the bag to Lilly. There is a lot of shouting going on outside now, it will turn out that your camp has been attacked by some bandits.

Go towards them and choose any of the options but its safer to keep calm instead of shouting and threatening them, just talk to them until Lilly shoots their leader. Silence means death! Carley will kill two more bandits and then run out of ammo where as Doug will manage to shoot only one bandit so choose wisely when helping one in Ep 1!

At this moment, the action begins and you have to be very accurate. Start by shooting at the fleeing bandit, one (if you saved Carley in the first episode), or two (if you saved Doug in the first episode). One bandit will manage to escape anyway, (dang bandits).

He will call his bandit friends, you will be hidden behind the RV and your task will be to lean out in the right direction and shoot the bandits. Remember that when the corners of the screen are getting too red you have to hide, otherwise you will be shot. On the other hand you cannot let the bandits or zombies get to you, because you can die as well.

First, lean out to the left, you need to shoot two bandits down. They will be hiding behind the cover (you can only see their heads). After a while they will start to come up to you. Once you've killed them, Ben and (Carley or Doug) will run into the RV.

After the cutscene lean out to the right. Kill the two bandits hiding behind the cover (you can only see their heads again). Wait until one runs out to the left and shoot him. After killing the three bandits there will be the another cutscene, Clementine will be safe.

Unfortunately, Katjaa and Duck have been crushed by a zombie, Aim and shoot if you do not save them, Kenny will. The last fight is with the walkers you have to kill four. If you have Carley, she will take care of the left side while you will be able to kill the ones on the right. If have Doug, you need to get rid of the zombies on both sides on your own (one or two on the left, then one or two on the right, etc.). Remember to aim at the head for a kill shot.

After a while, Lilly will run into the RV and you will leave the place. Everybody wave goodbye to the Motel.

A conversation about who is responsible for giving the food to bandits will develop in the RV. Further events will be different depending on whether you saved Carley or Doug in the first episode, Half way through a walker gets stuck under the RV and everybody gets out and Lilly starts interrogating people and questioning there motives and such. If you saved Carley back in Ep 1 then Lilly shoots her, but if you saved Doug instead Lilly wants to shoot Ben and Doug gets in the way and basically Doug gets shot!. Now you can either leave Lilly at the side of the road (I would and did) or bring her with you and worry about who gets it next.

Regardless of what you replied, Lilly will tell everyone that before the apocalypse you had been convicted of murder, the groups reaction to that news and further attitude towards you will depend on whether they have already heard that from you, or not of course, you saved Doug in the first episode, you did not have such an option.

Anyway, after regaining control of Lee point at Katjaa and speak with her. You will learn that Duck was bitten, it does not matter what you answer here as Kenny will refer to your past. The way he will do it depends on whether you earlier told Kenny that you are a convicted murderer. After the conversation with Kenny and Katjaa, you can look at Lilly (if you kept her with the group) and talk to Clementine, its best to talk to Her. Clem then falls asleep and so does Lee, after a while you need to press the cn_X button, don't worry if you can't fend Clem off as it is a nightmare.

Lee wakes up and the RV is stopped, a quick cutscene puts Lee outside and they chat about the obstacle infront.

After regaining control of Lee, go left and get in the RV. If you didn't make Lilly stay behind, you can talk to her (but why would you!?). Look at the console and grab the pencil (it will come in handy, trust me).

At this moment, if you left Lilly behind nothing will happen. Get out of the cabin, and then open the RV door and exit. However, if you took Lilly with you she will break free. Reply what you want to the first question, and then be careful with the 2nd one, regardless of whether you get out yourself or be pushed out by Lilly she will drive off in the RV anyway. Tell Kenny what you want.

Then go to the left and straight ahead, look at the boxcar door, open it and search and take two items from here grab a bottle of water on the right and pick up the map from the floor on the left. You will return to this boxcar later for now, keep in mind that there are three exits in the boxcar. Start walking to the right, you get to Ben you can talk to him. From here you can also access the boxcar. Clementine will not tell you much, show the map to Kenny and give a bottle of water to Katjaa so that she can give it to Duck.

Go to the place where the boxcar is connected with the engine and climb up the ladder. Go right until you come across a series of compartments. Leave the first, the last two are empty. Open the second compartment and take one of the three weapons, it does not matter which one you take as you can only take one. Leave this screen and go to the right, open the cab door having selected a gun or one of the heavy tools and then hit the train engineer or shoot him. It does not matter, because it turns out that its just a normal dead body (I know right!). Talk to Kenny and use all topics, you will talk about Lilly (about leaving her in the RV, on the road or that she took the RV and drove off). You can have a look at the floor on the left, where the rotten lunch is. For now you won't be able to pull the map that is next Kenny instead you can look at the photograph. Most of all however, look at the notepad and use the pencil on it.

You will copy the notes using the same method Clementine did with the leaf, take a look at them and then get out of this screen. To see the notes again, you must use them on the console. The train instructions will help you to set the console in order to run the train.

Directions for the train are:

(6) Down, Down, Up, Up, Up, Down, Up.

(5) Sideways and Up.

(9) Turn it to the left.

(9) Then turn it to the right.

The console for 9 is outside and in the first engine compartment. Now the train should be running!

Try to run the train by using the Throttle, unfortunately this does not work. First you must uncouple the cars, but without running the train it would not be possible. Get out of the engine through the cab door and go left then use the boxcar door to enter the boxcar you have already been in to. Use the boxcar door to come out on the left side go along the train cars, trying to lift and use the coupler bar with your hands will fail because it is broken. Instead use one of the three heavy tools in the place where the cars are connected. Go back to your car through the same box car door.

Inside you'll meet Chuck. Your answer to his question will have an impact on him, after getting off you can talk to Chuck and ask him about everything. If you have not yet taken the map from the train, Chuck will give it to you now. Then you can briefly talk with Ben and Clementine, walk up to the train after that. A conversation will develop between Kenny and Lee, select what you want and then use the throttle in the cabin again. This time, the train will start and you will move slowly down the line.

You will start a conversation with Chuck, You can tell him what you want and also answer what you like to the next question if it comes up. After a while Katjaa will ask you to clean Duck. Look down and pick up the rag and fulfill her request, there are three possibilities as the following situation is concerned you can reassure Kenny or make him angry and in the latter case, either you'll win with him or let him win, if all has gone well you'll manage to convince Kenny to stop the train. If at any time you choose a different answer, calm Kenny down and next time choose a nicer response.

Now the train is stopped it does not matter what you will answer to the first question, but take the next one into consideration. This is when you're making the decision, in the case of options you will be able to reassure Kenny by putting a hand on his shoulder (by starting a conversation with Kenny). You can also just remain silent.

Answer what you want to the first question, and then anything to the next one. If however you keep silent in the second question, Clementine will be very upset. Next, answer to one more question asked by Clementine, finally, Kenny and Lee will go to Katjaa, Duck is alive but he's dying where as Katjaa has committed suicide. Reply what you want in the first dialogue.

You must choose a solution to the situation, if you decided to kill Duck yourself you'll have to shoot at him. After that you will all get back on the train. You'll speak with Clementine and then with Chuck, select any answer and in the next dialogue whatever you choose Chuck will not be happy about it anyway. He will give you some suggestions and explain what you should do, you can then ask him about other things exhaust all the topics and then open the cab doors on the right and go inside the train cab. Exit the cab door and head towards the boxcar, along the way you can talk to Ben for example about Carley or Doug. Exhaust all the topics choose any answers and then enter the boxcar. For now do not talk with Clementine in the boxcar, get to the end of the boxcar and you will be able to look at the Chuck's "house" or "camp" and also take the bottle of whiskey on the right and the scissors from the backpack on the left. Leave the boxcar and head back to the train cab.

Now go back to Chuck, check whether there are any new topics to discuss and then give him the bottle. Chuck will ask if you want to drink and it is up to you whether you decide to take it or not, talk to Kenny and tell him that Chuck has some alcohol. Kenny will get up and get a drink so you'll be able to search the map bin. You need a map if you want to make a plan for you and Clementine, Kenny will come back and you should go back through the cab door on the right again.

Go to the boxcar, Ben will speak to you and confess that he had a deal with the bandits and he was stealing the supplies, if you didn't threaten Ben and you talk to him again, you can choose more responses if you want to talk to the traitor again that is.

You will finish this part of the episode by talking with Clementine. If you want to talk to her more first choose the topics that aren't connected with the plan her hairstyle or learning how to shoot (you can even warn her against Ben, leave these three at the end then pick them one by one. Each topic leads to a different conversation with Clementine.

Teaching Clementine to use a gun. after you've brought that up, Lee will give Clementine a gun answer what you want until Clementine shoots for the first time, be sure to note at where the shot was fired now, you need to use that direction as a basis for making her shoot more accurately. If the shot was done, for example, up and to the left of the target, then tell Clementine to aim higher or lower. If at a given moment Clementine is pointing accurately vertically or horizontally and you don't want her to move the gun, choose keep it steady. If you directed Clementine's pointing correctly she will hit a bottle. You will put another bottle up, Clementine will shoot, correct the shot once more. When Clementine hits two bottles after using Lee's instructions, she will hit the third on her own. Then she will repeat the advice you gave her earlier.

What you will do when you get to Savannah, Clementine will ask you the first question. Although the game does not indicate this, your responses can be important after the conversation, speak with Clementine again.

Clementine's hairstyle. Proceed bravely to get it done by choosing So here's the thing about your hair and then cut hair. You can answer anything to the first question, while cutting the hair, you will speak with Clementine about the murder you committed. It does matter whether you told her the truth earlier or not.

Once you've finished talking with Clementine about all the things mentioned above, you'll hear Kenny's screams coming from cabin. You'll get closer to the end of the chapter.

The chapter will start with a conversation with two new characters Omid and Christa. Next, use the ladder to go up to the bridge. Kenny will not have anything worth while to say at this point. Once you've reached the top you will have to answer a few questions. Answer anything to the first one and when it comes to the next ones it will be the same again.

Here you can look at the orange generator or tank hitch on the right. Open the FRS rear doors on the left and search it, you will find some tape (take it as it will come in useful) You can now leave this place by going down the ladder and exploring what else is around.

Look at the train station in the distance to walk to it and again explore it, at the station you can take a look at four different signs and some paint cans, then look at the roof. Go to the right and begin to walk around the house, along the way you can look at the road sign at the locked door. Go right and keep walking until you talk to Clementine, The last thing you can look at a forklift on the right. It's time to get inside, look at the door you can try to open the door or push/shove against it, but it won't work. Instead look at the window above the door and then boost Clementine up so that she can enter through it. If you run out of time, you won't die Lee and Clementine will simply exit as it is too dark inside. To prevent this situation prop the door by using the heavy tool you took from the train. Only now will you be able to take a look around the station.

Now first look at the gap in the door, you can also look at the blowtorch behind the bars and the shelving area. Do not try to open the steel cage door as it needs keys. Instead, lift Clementine up so that she can look through the gap and now get ready for abit of action.

It's pointless to hit the walkers, as you won't do them much harm. Instead keep moving backwards until you are able to pick up the tool from the train, be careful not to look at tool because the walkers will bite you! Hit the first walker then keep pressing the action button on the screen until you can press the next one. do it to push the walkers back, watch the whole cutscene.

Quickly take the key from Clementine, Use the key to unlock the cage door then open the door quickly and shoot the walker in the head, after a little while Christa will come to the station and try to suggest you messed up. Then grab the blowtorch, now you will have to answer something to Clementine, again your reply does matter here so answer with the most caring one. After the conversation open the door to get to the last chapter.

Use the blowtorch on the hitch. It will turn out that the blowtorch has a leak. Therefore use the tape on the blowtorch, at the end give the blowtorch to Omid so that he can finish the job.

It turns out that there is a large number of walkers coming your way. You can burn them (an optional choice). To do so drop the blowtorch from the bridge, quickly run to the other side of the bridge. Next you and Omid will face a task of jumping from the bridge onto the train that has just started, Omid will eventually push you himself now you face pulling either Omid or Christa into the boxcar first.

The last thing in the episode will be a conversation with Kenny, choose anything in the first two dialogues. Then you will talk about the plan you made with Clememtine. Kenny will agree (if you chose to search for a boat), or not (any other option). The third episode will be over.

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