5. The Walking Dead Episode 2: Starved For HelpUpdate notes

Episode 2: Starved for help

You begin the second episode by hitting a walker, who's feeding on a rabbit in the woods. Then you will get to know Mark, a new companion. You'll have a chat with him. You'll say what you think about Kenny and then about Larry.

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The topic of the next conversation will be whether to take a risk and shoot a bird that is sitting on a nearby tree, or not. Myself I'd leave it as Mark misses the shot and well you don't want to alert anybody or anything around. You then hear a scream, you run to where it was coming from and meet David, Travis and Ben the situation is going to get a little more complicated. It does not matter what you reply to the next two questions. After a while, you'll be faced with the first of the five tough decisions in the second episode.

David, the teacher, got caught in the bear trap, unfortunately there's only one way out... you need to chop off David's Leg. If you wait too long, you won't be able to cut David free. In such a case you'll be forced to leave him. As a result of the incident the dark-haired teenager Travis, is going to get injured and Mark will take him to the camp.

After you've returned to the motor inn, get ready for a very lively quarrel between Lilly and Kenny. It does not matter what you answer to the first question (depending on the choice you made earlier, one of the options will be "He would have died if we left him!"about David or "We're the ones that shot him." about Travis). If Carley is alive she will join the conversation. Doug, however, will remain silent.

Yet, the second question will be extremely important. You can take Kenny's side (he will remember your loyalty but do not expect too much, while Lilly will get angry) or side with Lilly (Kenny will stop treating you as a friend of the family, and choosing only this option will make Lilly not be mad at you). You can of course, try to stay neutral or simply remain silent but then Kenny will get angry about your silence. In the case of silence or staying neutral Lilly will be mad at you anyway, although a little less than she would be if you sided with Kenny.

Regardless of the decision you have taken, Lilly with or without good reason will make you responsible for distributing the food rations among the group. It will not be easy, because there are ten people while only four food items. It's time to go around the motor inn and decide whom you'll give the food. You can hand the food out in two ways - either during the conversation (the "Want some food?" option), or by using an appropriate icon. however what you give to whom also matters, for example, Doug or Carley will accept only an apple. Myself personally I gave food to Clementine, Duck, Carley and Kenny. Not playing favorites but I find Larry is an asshole and Katjaa will not take any food.

It doesn't matter with whom you'll start the conversation first. Once there are no more topics to discuss or when you try to finish it, both of them will ask you for an axe. You can either give it to Mark [GIVE AXE TO MARK] or Larry [GIVE AXE TO LARRY]. This choice has an impact on who will soon come to help you, but only if Carley did not survive.

In addition, near the end of the conversation Mark will mention what you told him about Larry in the first chapter of this episode. If it was something offensive, Larry will ask you whether you really said that. Respond with what you like. If you first talked to Mark earlier, speak now with Larry (or vice versa).

Once all of the food has been given out, a scene will play where someone who didn't get food looks sad. It is at this point that Lee goes to check in with Katjaa, who calls Lee and Kenny over.

The person who was saved - David or Travis - has died because of their wounds. Lee will then get the option to say something to Katjaa, but it is interrupted as David/Travis reanimates as a Walker, grabbing hold of Katjaa in the process.

To save Katjaa:

  • Click on the walker's head. Do this twice more to knock it down onto the truck with Lee.
  • You will then have to click its chest twice, once again on the head and also swing it to the side so it can be killed by one of the survivors.

If Lee gave the axe to Mark previously, he will saved by Carley with a gun.

If Carley is dead at this point and axe was given to Mark, he will save Lee.

If the axe was given to Larry, he will kill the Walker with the axe.

Once dead, the group will turn to Ben, angry that Travis/David was bitten when he said he wasn't. Ben will then reveal that the bite isn't necessary to turn into a Walker - all of the survivors are infected.

This exchange is then interrupted by the arrival of Andy and Danny St. John, two local dairy farmers who are in search of gas.

If Doug survived the previous episode, his new proximity warning system will be set off when Andy and Danny come nearby. Starting off a rather unique cut scene.

Promising food in exchange for gas, Andy and Danny are allowed to talk to the group and insist that some of the survivors come back to the dairy farm with them.

Lee must then make a decision about whether to go to the dairy farm or not. If he agrees to go, a few other survivors will go with him.

If you refuse to go to the dairy farm the rest of the group will have a vote that vetoes Lee's decision and Lee will reluctantly give in and go to the Dairy farm with the St John's brothers and a few from the group.

On the way to the dairy if Carley survived, she will talk to you about the conflict in the group between Kenny and Lilly, and then she'll ask you about the murder you had committed before the outbreak of the apocalypse. Your answers are irrelevant. If Doug survived, talk to him about the laser pointer he found.

Then, the newly met brothers Andy and Danny will ask you some questions. In this case your answers do matter so answer them as honestly as possible as the wrong answered could trip you up later, the brothers will remember what you said (or your being silent). After the conversation is over, so is the second chapter.

The brothers will ask you a couple more questions when you pass some bandits and once you reach the gate they introduce you to their mother, Brenda St. John and they show you the electric fences and the generators. Once you gain control of Lee again go over and speak with Mark and take a walk around the surrounding area's to help the St. John's.

While walking down the fence perimeter you come across some fried walkers and discuss things about the dairy and the situation, the topic of discussion will be change to Larry. Again, the conversation may run differently. It depends on what you told Mark about Larry at the start of the game, as well as on how the conversation with Mark and Larry was going along while you were repairing the fence.

In the end you'll get to the last dead walker. You can look at the walker to listen to Mark's comment. First of all however, you need to jump over to the other side and push the wooden fence post. Then keep pressing the cn_X button shown on the screen until you and Mark put the fence back on. Unfortunately, things now go slightly bad for a while.

The electric fence has got switched back on and bandits are firing arrows at Lee and Mark (an arrow hits Mark in the shoulder), Now take cover behind the tractor and follow these steps very carefully. Go to the front of the tractor and remove the choke in front of the right wheel, then go to the back of the tractor and raise the plow with the plow lever and the tractor will of course move slowly down the slope. Move with the tractor and along the way it will stop once or twice, move the obstacles out of the tractors path and then when it hits the big tank or tower thing a cut scene appears.

After a quick chat with the brothers you can either go around the dairy and talk to the other group members or go up to the St. John brothers and go find where the bandits are hiding out. After the cutscene go in the direction of the camp - you don't need to do it quietly, as the camp is empty. You will be able to look around the camp, the best place to start is around table and search the boxes to see if anything is in them. Once a few of them have being moved you will come across a video recorder, which Danny seems to take notice of and seems relieved to know that the batteries are dead so it cannot be used. Now Danny is away from the tent you can go into it, Danny starts a conversation about who is the leader of your group to try and catch you out. While searching the tent you find a bloody bunny and two sleeping bags under the bigger sleeping bag is Clementines hat! Soon after that Jolene shows up and aims a crossbow at Danny and Lee

After answering the first question (which does not matter) there will be a series of several sets of replies and in each set you'll have a chance to kill Jolene. If you want to spare her, choose a different answer, or remain silent and await further developments. If you want to kill her, then aim the cross hairs over her and shoot her. It doesn't matter what you pick as if you wait to long Danny will shoot her.

Upon returning to the dairy, Brenda asks what happens and Danny doesn't reveal exactly what happened at the Bandit Camp.

You can then talk to Brenda further at the house's porch, learning more about the bandits and how Mark is doing. Brenda won't let Lee in to see Mark, stating he has 'to trust her on this'. You can also talk to Danny, who appears to be lovingly carressing his gun. Lee can call this creepy, and Danny will notice his suspicion.

Go to the toolbox on the bench to pick up the "multi-tool". Trust me it will come in handy later.

Once through the gate, talk to Lilly. She will ask what happened at the camp. Lee can state he found a tent, shot a woman or that 'nothing happened'. If you say you shot the woman Lilly will remember this. You can also ask her opinion on the area, and Lilly remarks that they should just eat dinner and leave. Larry is much more approving of the place, stating that they shouldn't be rude. Finish the conversation by asking what Kenny and Lilly were arguing about. She will tell Lee that Kenny thinks the St. Johns are hiding something. Lee says he will go and check things out.

Enter the barn by interacting with the doors.

Duck, Clementine, Katjaa and Andy are gathered around the sick cow. Clementine pets Maybell, who is revealed to be pregnant. Duck also tells Lee that a nearby object is named a salt-lick. If you talk to Duck at this point, he will remark that it smells funny in here. This prompts Clementine to respond with whatever Lee said it smelt like last time they slept in a barn, back at Hershel's farm in Episode 1.

If you choose the right interaction, Lee will give Clementine back her hat. She will remark on Lee's speech earlier, where he said he would find the hat or not. She also asks Lee if he has ever thought about having kids, and also asks if he'd like to pet the cow. Lee declines.

You can also talk to Andy at this point and ask him about when you might eat, how the cow is and also talk about meeting a woman in the woods with Danny. If you ask about the latter, Danny will seem pertubed. Go to the back of the barn and interact with the mysterious door. Kenny will then arrive and state that they're hiding something behind there, saying they have sharp things behind the door. He says that Andy locked the door behind them, and Lee remarks that they can remove the lock and replace it like it nothing happened.

Go out through the barn doors and over to the generator, turn the generator off and then open the small door to remove the drive belt once done move away quickly, Andy then comes out of the barn and starts saying things under his breath about the generator. This is your queue to get back into the barn and then to the locked door, once there unscrew the plate. when the door is opened Andy will come back in and ask what you are doing in the room.

Now go into the house and make an excuse to check the upstairs, follow the cord to a closet door. Interact with the various medical supplies inside to question what is happening. Finally, examine the power cord to switch on a light. Lee sees that the cord is being fed into another room, so head into the nearby bedroom.

Once there, interact with the bookshelf to move it out of the way and discover a hidden door, Open it. Inside, Lee finds Mark who has had both of his legs cut off. In a lot of pain, Mark states the brothers did this to him, and also tells Lee not to eat dinner. Realizing what has happened, Lee then sprints back downstairs to stop the group from eating.

In the dining room a conversation will develop and both the speed at which you came here and the answers that you'll choose will be important. It doesn't matter after you stop or don't stop Clem eating the meat as the next section is pretty much straight forward and in the end up Lee, Clementine, Lilly, Larry and Kenny all end up in the barn locked away.

Talking to Kenny will prompt Larry's heart condition to start, and he collapses to the ground.

Kenny pushes Lee to decide whether to finish Larry off or not. Lilly insists he is still alive, and it is at this point that Lee must decide to help Kenny or Lilly.

You must make a decision to save or kill Larry. Even if you help him Kenny will kill Larry. If you side with Kenny, Lilly will remember.

If you decide to help Lilly, Lee will try to perform CPR on Larry, only for Kenny to kill him with a salt lick. Kenny will remember this.

Talk to Clementine. Console her.

Examine the air conditioning unit. Lee remarks that there should be an air vent behind it. He also says he needs something to remove the screws, and finds that the multi-tool is missing. He remarks that he needs a coin.

Talk to Kenny if you wish. His response will depend on whether you sided with him or not. You can also ask about his family and talk about siding with him, if you did.

Talk to Lilly to apologize for what happened. Lee will ask her coins, and also ask if Larry had coins. He also mentions that Larry had mentioned previously that he kept coins, which was an exchange earlier between him and Mark.

Examine Larry's body. Examine his left pocket. Take the coins. You will also find his wife's wedding ring if you look in the right pocket.

Remove two screws from the bottom of the AC unit.

Send Clementine through.

She will unlock the door for you, and you can now leave the meat locker.

Once outside the door, sneak up behind Danny. Once you get too close Andy will appear and Kenny and Lee will hide in a nearby stall.

Peek through the crack and watch Danny set the trap, talk to Kenny to advise on the best course of action.

Peek again and find Danny has gone missing. Talk to Kenny again and he'll tell you to look once more.

Be prepared to act, As soon as you open the door you'll see Danny pointing a gun at you, so act fast and select the gun to grab it. A sort of fight sequence will now start. The gun will go off, prompting Lee to grab his ears. You should then click on Danny and Lee will attack him with the weapon you choose in the previous area. Danny will then hit Lee with his gun, and Kenny will knock Danny with the barn door and attack him with a weapon. Danny will then walk into the bear trap, which in turn traps his leg and he cannot remove it. As the sequence winds down, Kenny demands to know where his family is and here's Katjaa scream. He runs off to help, while Lee is left behind to deal with Danny.

At this point Danny is acting in a rather strange way shall we say, it is up to you whether you kill him or not but what ever you do Clementine will witness and it could affect her later on in the game so choose wisely.

Lee will then go outside, and Carley/Doug will arrive with Ben. If you kept Doug alive you'll see him shining his laser pen, which he talked about earlier.

If Carley is the survivor her and Ben will approach through the corn. Doug is crouched behind a hay bale near the entrance instead.

Upon talking to the two Lee will advise them to go around the back. You'll then have to move up the house. As you move towards the entrance Brenda will appear and Lee can either lie and pretend to be one of the brothers or alternatively frighten Brenda by saying he left Danny in the barn.

A sequence will now start where Lee has to advance towards Brenda who is holding Katjaa hostage. In order to not die during this section you must remain still whenever Brenda points the gun at you. Not doing so will make her shoot Lee, thus resulting in game over.

Every so often you can talk to Brenda, either trying to be rational or more aggressive. If you are aggressive with Brenda she will shoot you, so choose more measured responses.

As you progress forward you will see a Walker version of Mark at the top of the stairs, trying to get Brenda. Eventually he will grab hold of her and bite her, and Katjaa is released. Lee then hears Andy outside with Kenny, and finds Andy holding Duck hostage. Andy shoots Kenny when he tries to rescue Duck.

If Doug is still alive at this point he will help Lee by shining his laser pointer in Andy's face allowing Lee to charge. Lee and Andy will then fall down the hill through the picket fence after a brief struggle.

Andy will then start up the electric fence and try to push Lee into it. Struggle against Andy by mashing the correct button. If you have a good relationship with Lilly at this point, she will appear and shoot Andy. If you don't she will leave Lee to die and he will fight Andy off by hitting him at the last second.

A sequence will now start where Lee can punch Andy repeatedly in the face. At this point not punching Andy will cause him to uppercut Lee, forcing Lee to throw him into the fence. If you do punch Andy repeatedly, Lee will eventually stop and Andy will try to mock Lee. Lee claims that it's all over and you can tell him that his mother and brother are dead, or repeat the fact that it is over.

Interestingly, depending on how many times you managed to punch Andy his face will be in different states of injury at this point.

Andy will now try to annoy Lee further, begging him to finish it. Lee can now decide whether to walk away, or alternatively can decide to kill Andy.

To kill Andy, you either have the choice of shooting him in the head, or kicking him into the fence. If you decide to spare his life, Andy will be left behind and is believed to be killed by the Walkers that attack the dairy.

In the aftermath of decision the electrical fence will fail, allowing a group of Walkers to attack. Knowing that all is lost, the group leave.

You also briefly see Brenda as a Walker, walking out of the house towards Andy.

The group is now seen walking through the woods. Doug/Carley will apologise for leaving the Motor Inn unattended. If Doug saved you, Lee will comment on him using his laser pointer to save him. Katjaa will also give Lee back his camcorder that he found at the bandit camp. Kenny will then talk to Lee, who states that there will be fallout based on what happened to Larry. In order to improve your relationship with Kenny you can side with him, or choose to more ambivalent.

If you have a good relationship, Kenny will offer to give Lee a spot on the RV. Clementine will then ask if Lee had to kill those men and you can choose a response that affects her opinion of Lee. The group will then hear a noise and find an abandoned car. You can choose to be friendly or aggressive as you approach. The car is absolutely full of supplies. The group must then decide whether or not it is a good idea to take them, prompting another tough choice. Lee must decide what to do with the supplies. Lilly and Clementine don't want to take them while Katjaa and Kenny do. No matter what your decision it will have no effect on future episodes of the game. If Lee doesn't decide to take the supplies, the others will take them instead. They will also find a hoodie, which fits Clementine. If you choose not to take the supplies she won't wear it, but she will if you did decide to take them. The episode winds down with Doug/Carley giving Lee the camcorder, which is now working. It reveals Jolene has been watching them for a long time, particularly looking at Clementine. She's obviously deranged, and claims Clementine needs a mother. The episode ends on a sour note, implying that now that the dairy is gone, the group have a lot to worry about from the local bandits.

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