3. The Walking Dead Story walkthroughUpdate notes

All trophies are story related which is perfect, no searching for so many items to get a trophy.

A New Day

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The game starts with Lee Everett and a Sheriff's Deputy having a chat about things and you have to press different buttons to get different responses from Lee to the Deputies question's cn_X cn_O cn_S cn_T (I've rarely used the cn_T button on the game for the dialogue. After a while a walker comes into contact with the front of the car, then the Deputy loses control and crashes down an Embankment, Lee is knocked out. After coming round you have to kick out the window, line the stick up to the required position and press cn_X 3 times! Lee then comes out the car and you move the cn_LS and guide Lee to the other side of the wreck. You will notice the Deputy on the ground not moving, ignore him for a minute and pick up the shotgun shell (you are going to need it). Now go over to the Deputy and grab the keys to remove Lee's handcuffs.

Now they are removed the "dead" Deputy will attack you, it scares Lee and he falls on the ground. you move back to the car and on the left and side of you is the shot gun! PICK IT UP!!! Lee then drops the shell so pick that up again quickly and then shoot the Deputy. A cut scene then comes along and Lee gets chased up the hill by walkers. Now the cut scene is done its time to check out the house.

Enter the house and check out the answering machine it has 3 messages on it, listen to them and then look around the rest of the living room. You will then hear "Daddy?" come from the kitchen, go and check it out. Examine the kitchen drawers (next to the cooker) is the walkie talkie, you share some dialogue with Clementine, turn around and there is Sandra! escape her and Lee slips in a pool of blood, Sandra then tries to attack Lee again so press cn_X when the cross hairs are over her, Clementine is at the sliding door holding a hammer. Use the cross hairs and make a grab for the hammer and then smash Sandra's brains in with it. for that you get this.

Now talk to Clem and then go down the side of the house, where you will see Shawn and a guy called Chet. You will have a bit of dialogue before moving the car so the pick up can get through. This will unlock you this

When you arrive at the farm you meet Hershel, He starts asking you all sorts of different questions and when you finish go over to the barn and sleep for the night. Wake up in the morning and have a little chat with Clem before going outside and speak to Kenny, then speak with Katjaa and Clem then walk around the side of the house and help Shawn with the fence. Duck is on the tractor. Lee asks Shawn if he needs any help so Shawn says cut some wood and when that is done go and see Hershel in the barn. Go over and speak with Hershel until you hear Shawn screaming. Run over there and this is the first of two major choices in this episode. It is up to you which of the sons you save but it is always Duck who gets saved. This unlocks.

Hershel orders you off his land and you all leave, driving threw Macon the pick-up stops as it runs out off gas. Kenny inadvertently shouts on a walker and that's when the walkers start crowding around you. Shortly after Duck gets pinned down by a walker and a mysterious woman appears and helps with the situation and you all run into the pharmacy, this is where you meet Carley, Doug, Larry and his daughter Lilly as well as Glenn.

Larry will instantly start accusing Duck of getting bitten and saying they should kill him, you can defend Duck and further show you trust Kenny or you can side with the new group either choice is in your hands. Clementine tells you she needs the toilet and you tell her where it is, a walker will be in the bathroom and Lee goes to save her and falls over, crawl over as you select to save her but a bullet goes through the walkers brain anyways.

Talk to the new group to find out where they came from and what they are doing held up in the pharmacy, now you have gained full control of Lee walk around the pharmacy and pick up the energy bar behind Carley, there is another energy bar behind Kenny & his family and another in the shaving needs section near Lilly & Larry. Ask Lilly the fate of the pharmacy owners and then go over to Carley and see the radio she is fiddling with, mess with the dials and then flip the radio over and see it has no batteries. One battery is against the wall on the greeting card rack and the other one is on the floor, return to Carley with the batteries and then move the radio dial until you get a signal.

Now go over to the employees door and enter it, go over to the desk and move it, this is where Clem cuts her finger. Look for a first aid kit it is on the shelf to the right it is red, get the bandage and return to Clem and put it on her finger and then carry on moving the desk so you can try the door it is blocking. Now check the picture on the floor and have a conversation with Carley who knows exactly who Lee is and what he had done, then check the television above the first aid box and grab the remote out of the draw as it will come in handy later. Head out of the office and Glenn should get in touch via the walkie-talkie and tell you his situation which you then go back into the office and speak to Carley.

You are now at the Motel, lean left of the wall and grab the pillow and then go right up to the pick-up truck. Lean out and run over to the walker that is sat up against the car, put the pillow over its face and shoot it, open the car door and then pick up the spark plug and then move back to the pick-up truck. Glenn will break the spark plug so the fine pieces of porcelain can shatter the window and then you collect the screw driver, move back to the car that is ready to be pushed on to the walker and pin him to the wall move back along the wall and then go around the RV where you will be met by two walkers quickly kill these and then you move onto the walker pinned to the wall by the car kill him with the screwdriver. Grab the axe and then go up the stairs and take out the walkers that are gathering around the room and then knock on the door and then have a dialogue with the female in the room. Now you have a choice to make either give the girl the gun or not either way a small scuffle ensues and the balcony collapses and the girl then gets the gun and shoots herself as she is bitten.

Once back at the pharmacy speak to Doug and then go outside and see Lee's brother who is on the far right with the keys to the locked pharmacy door and in front of the gate is a brick and holding the gate together is a combination lock look at each one and then use the remote on the televisions, the remote doesn't work but Doug can program it and then turn the televisions on making a small sound which sort of attracts the walkers. Now break the lock with the axe, push open the door and grab the brick then throw the brick through the window, breaking it and so the walkers can be attracted to the noise it is making. Run over to Lee's brother and retrieve the keys you have to put the axe through Lee's brothers head a few times to kill him and then collect the keys.

  • Hey, Bud

    Complete chapter 6 of episode 1.

    Hey, Bud
    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Now run back into the pharmacy as you attracted a little bit of unwanted attention from the walkers! Go to the pharmacy door and unlock it and the alarm goes off attracting more attention than you ever wanted, Kenny tells people whats needed from them and Lee helps with holding the door closed. Lee tells Clementine to find something heavy enough to hold the door closed and she returns with the stick, Lee puts it through the door handles so it cannot be forced open. Now you have to either save Doug or Carley as both are now under attack, you can only save one and really it does not matter which one you save.

Now you need to save Clem from an attacking walker, once done you need to escape. Once you get to the door Larry tells you that you are not going with them and punches you in the face, a walker then tries to attack Lee and then Kenny comes in and saves Lee from the walker and you need to take his hand to escape.

Once at the motel you need to speak to everybody to finish the end of episode one off.

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