2. The Walking Dead General hints and tipsUpdate notes

This is a walk through guide to completing The Walking Dead: Season One, I'll be doing a Chapter by Chapter breakdown and doing my best not to give to much away! Unfortunately it WILL HAVE SPOILERS (not a lot I can do about that). But I'll be putting all the different choices in there and such.

For the bullet point walkthrough:

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This is just a quick description of how I will write things so you will understand what I mean.

The name of an item/person means you should interact with them. A direction in brackets after an item is a description of where the item is. E.G. Answering machine (left) mean that you should go left to find the tool box.

Something written in quotation marks, "like this", represents a dialogue option that you should choose.

"Any" means that any dialogue option is okay.

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