13. The Walking Dead 400 Days: DLCUpdate notes


  • Ditch the evidence anywhere
  • Chain
  • "Any"
  • Move the cop (QTE)
  • Grab the gun
  • Shoot the walker
  • Shoot chain
  • Pull chain
  • Shoot window
  • Choose whose foot you will shoot off


  • Grab pistol
  • Shoot truck a few times
  • "Any"
  • Open glove box
  • "Any"
  • Look at cloth (side mirror)
  • Pieces of glass
  • Rearview mirror
  • Cracked windscreen
  • "Any"
  • Win two games of rock, paper, scissors. If you lose then you need to quit out and continue to try again. I found that Eddie will usually choose whatever would beat the last thing you chose. For example, when I got the trophy I chose rock first, he chose scissors. Then I chose rock again, he chose paper. I chose scissors for the last game and he chose paper. This may have been just luck but it's worth a try if you're having difficulty winning twice.

  • Turn on the light
  • Search floorboard
  • Pull seat handle
  • Grab keys
  • Escape from grab (QTE)
  • Car door
  • Gear shift
  • Punch attacker (three times)
  • Start car


  • "Any"
  • Kitchen doors (right)
  • Pantry door
  • Alley door
  • "Any"
  • Walk to the farther walker
  • Alley door
  • "Any"
  • Choose to kill him or set him free
  • Choose card
  • "Any"
  • Walk to Roman
  • "Any"
  • Open drawer
  • Grab keys
  • Choose whether to kill Stephanie or let Becca do it
  • Choose the gun or the keys


  • Walk forward until you see the truck
  • Hide

  • "Any"
  • Open door
  • "Any"
  • Run to the truck
  • "Any"
  • Peek over the truck then duck back down
  • Push truck (twice, QTE)
  • "Any"
  • Choose who goes first (I chose Nate)
  • "Any"
  • Shoot at the window until Nate reaches the car
  • Throw gun to Nate
  • Run to Nate
  • Run to oil tanker
  • "Any"
  • Look through window
  • Talk to Nate
  • Jump out
  • "Any"


  • "Any"
  • Run forward (twice)
  • Kick screwdriver (sticking out of the zombies head)
  • Move forward through the cornfield, moving left or right whenever you see a flashlight
  • Rebar
  • Attack pursuer
  • "Any"

After each persons story has been completed

  • "Any"

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