11. The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time LeftUpdate notes

No Time Left

The last episode begins where the previous one has ended in the morgue, where Vernon and his group were hiding. Unfortunately they have left this place in a hurry. Clementine's walkie talkie "speaks" again, but it turns out that it is not Vernon who kidnapped her at all but somebody else.

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The beginning conversation is the same as the one which the previous episode ended with. It was cut in a moment, when Lee was supposed to answer kidnapper's question, Now we can finally hear the answer to what you said in the previous episode. A choice in the next dialogue(s) has no affect on further events, Kenny tries to cheer up Lee and after a moment the others will join the conversation. Omid looks at Lee's wound and Christa asks about how he feels (if all know about the bite).

After a while attention will turn focus on to the walkers attempting to break inside, Kenny closes the door and order Lee to find another exit from the room (if Lee is here only with Ben, he can encourage him a bit). Inside the morgue you find few objects, you can look at the coolers and Kenny will make a joke about a tunnel. An operating table or scale are hanging in the center, again these are totally useless. More interesting objects can be found on the right side of the morgue, These are surgical supplies laying on the table and cabinets over the table, which can be opened. In the middle cabinet there is a rib spreader, take it and walk over to the lift.

Lee informs the group that he has found an exit and opening the elevator doors shouldn't take long, you'll fail if you try to open the elevator with your hands, same as shooting at it. The only possible option is using rib spreader, after that use crank it to open the door. Unfortunately during this operation Lee starts losing his consciousness and the last thing he sees is his bitten arm, back to living is not most pleasant. Lee hears voices of his group, according to which "something" must be done. This something is a try to cut off his arm choose any dialog option to abort the operation (if Lee is alone, he will just wake up next to the table).

Listen to the conversation of your friends wondering if cutting off the limb will stop the infection. Of course the final decision is yours (I cut it off as Lee passes out less).

Choose any option in a dialogue before cutting of the arm as well as in next two during the operation, after which Lee will pass out again (if Christa and Kenny are in your group despite his initial courage, Kenny will panic and Christa will have to do the bloody job). You'll wake up on the floor with bandaged stump and the rest of group will join you after a moment. Choose any option in the next dialogue after which you'll get to the opened elevator shaft.

In case you DID NOT cut Lee's arm off, Just go straight back to the elevator and work on the rib spreader to open the elevator doors.

After the while all characters climb up the ladder, you take control over Lee and will have to move the correct stick to continue climbing. At some point a walker will fall down from the top, no one gets hurt and a dialogue you choose doesn't matter.

If Lee didn't agree to cut off his arm, a moment later he will pass out and hang on his feet with his head down. After regaining consciousness and choosing any dialogue option, grab a ladder rung when you gain control over Lee. Now keep climbing until you reach the hospital roof. The view from the roof is not very good to be rather honest with you! Lets face it, the area and whole town for that matter is filled with walkers!

After a conversation you have to think what to do next, the first dialogue doesn't matter for further events (if Lee hasn't passed on the ladder, there will be one more also this is insignificant). Just so you are aware, if Lee is alone (if that's what you chose then be aware these conversations will NOT take place).

You can walk to the very right, where you'll find Kenny and a fire escape, which can be used if there was no walkers wandering at the street. If you want, you can talk to Kenny, ask him about using a bell. Return to the central part of the rooftop and head to Christa. From this place you can see a church on the other side of the street near the church you can find a well known mansion. Now you have to get there somehow, optionally you can chat to Christa there is also one dialogue option about using the bell to lure walkers to one place.

It is time to use the bell tower as lure for walkers, unfortunately jumping to the bell tower is not possible as it is higher than the roof. So you have to think of another way. Return to the central part of the rooftop and pick up a ladder, now you can use it to get to the bell tower. After possibly the shortest conversation in the game, Lee decides on going to the bell tower.

Start climbing up the ladder by pressing the correct button to move up it, at some point the ladder breaks up and it starts to folds up. Quickly point the cross hairs and press the correct button and then jump to the edge of the bell tower. Your group will suggest you to find another way down. Unfortunately when you try to open the hatch in the floor, it turn out that it is blocked. So it looks like you have to jump back to the rooftop. But first ring the bell by pulling the rope, walkers will get interested in the loud sound, so now you can return to your group. Choose any option in the dialogue thread and then jump over and get ready to grab the roof! Watch the cutscene and now everybody will appear at the nice homely mansion.

Watch a short cutscene, after which a surprised group stands in front of the shed the one, where a nice working boat was hidden in. First dialogue doesn't matter for the events. If the shed is empty, Omid will find a note inside, Omid will say that Lee is wrong this was Vernon and his group), saying that Vernon is sorry for leaving you and Clementine in such situation (or that you got what you deserved) Lee is sure, that Vernon is not a kidnapper.

Pretty hectic discussion will start now. In the next dialogue choosing "We would've done the same" results in Kenny getting irritated and reminding Lee a situation with an abandoned station wagon (if you didn't take anything out of it).

Christa asks Omid to jump over the fence and let them inside, but the discussion continues. Kenny jumps on Christa, Lee tries to calm down the situation (dialogue option is irrelevant), and after a while they move to the yard according to Christa's suggestion, to continue the argument there. Christa asks Lee about his plans. The argument continues, but it gets interrupted by the appearance of group of walkers, the group decides to shelter inside mansion.

The group hopes that the walkers won't make it inside, but this is a false impression. The sequence of defense against the group of walkers starts with giving orders, Lee commands his group - the number of dialogue options varies but it always starts with Christa, who will remember your choice. Regardless of the size of the group and issued commands, Omid is the last person but he doesn't listen to Lee's orders. The reason is simple a front door is open!! The dialogue options are irrelevant, any of them will make all the group try to help Omid.

Kick the dog door until you cut off walkers hand. In the meantime the rest of your group tries to close the front door, but you have to help him by cutting off more hands. Lee runs to the front door, where you have to chop off more walker body parts. The next dialogue doesn't matter for the action, because after choosing any option walkers will get inside anyway. Lee gets attacked by walker Brie you can chop at her with the meat cleaver or wait until Omid kills her. The entire group runs to the first floor in order to prepare for a proper defense.

Help Kenny to push the desk and then quickly keep pressing the proper button shown on the screen, the group shelters in a corridor where after a while the walkers will appear. Shoot them until your clip is empty, at some point all of you run out of ammo and the only option is escape to the attic. Quickly pull the rope on the attic door, grab the ladder leading up (if you don't make it, Christa will do it instead of you), Lee loses his gun climbing up the ladder.

The group is in a sticky situation they are on the attic, without possibility of leaving it. Omid passes off the hopes of exiting through the window it can't be opened, you can't get to the roof from it and in addition it is located 30 feet above the ground. Watch a cutscene during which nerves of all characters are on their limits.

After a moment Lee start to feel bad. If you didn't cut off his arm, Lee will pass out. If he has no arm then Christa will ask him how he feels, again here dialogue is irrelevant. In both cases a walkie will be active again, Clementine manages to say that she is kept in the hotel, where she used to stay with her parents.

If Lee still has his bitten arm, Kenny will ask him how long they have. Lee has no idea so Kenny concludes that they should have cut it off, at least in such case there would be a chance to stop the infection. Unfortunately it is too late for this now. If Lee has cut the arm off, Kenny will ask if this could work, Lee has no idea but he hopes so.

Action starts to get rather heated, Kenny would like to determine what to do when Lee will suffer from the bite again and possibly turn into a walker. He mentions a situation with Larry (who had to be killed so he wouldn't turn). Of course Christa and Omid have no idea who or what Kenny is talking about, but Lee's answer in the next dialogue is irrelevant. The argument with Kenny enters next level, in next two dialogues also choose any option. The argument reaches its peak and Lee has to decide how to handle it. In some way, the verbal quarrel came to fight. You can grab the bust, in which Omid was interested at the beginning. Lee will throw it at Kenny's direction but won't hit him. If you decide to wait, Kenny will take the bust and throw it at the wall. A result of both actions is the same - a hole appears on the wall and Kenny says that you can break through it.

The group starts discussion, wondering what is behind the wall. It turns out that the mansion is adjacent to another one. To which you might be able to get by knocking a hole in the wall. You can wait idle until the conversation is over, Kenny will get a coat rack trying to make the hole bigger. Or you can grab the coat rack yourself and hit the Wall. The next dialogue is irrelevant, Kenny will work at the wall first and Lee has to rest. The action moves to the other side of the attic. Lee starts a conversation with Omid and Christa. During this conversation you may talk about the Lee's arm if he still has it that is. Lee will say that he is losing a feeling in it and the arm burns. If Lee has no arm, Christa will mention that she still can't believe it and Lee says that he hopes that they got rid the infection along with the arm or at least slowed down the process. The first dialogue about the bite is irrelevant (it differs, depending on whether you told them about the bite or they saw it only in the shed). Omid asks then what you want to do when you find Clementine's kidnapper, here you can also choose any option without consequences.

The next dialogue is more important, because Omid tries to somehow ask Lee what will happen to Clementine, if he turns into zombie. After a moment Kenny appears and asks to change him at the wall, Omid replaces him and the conversation continues, this time with Kenny. If Lee has no arm, Kenny will ask him how he feels, choice of dialogue is irrelevant. At some point Kenny has a break down and Christa asks what happened, The next dialogue is also irrelevant for further events. After a while Kenny gets over it and finds a bottle of whisky and mentions the situation with Lilly and her father, in which Kenny and Lee often had different opinions. Kenny decides to make a toast and give you a bottle, you can drink with him or not (it doesn't matter) and see Christa taking quite a gulp after a moment of hesitation. The peace is interrupted by Omid who got through the wall.

The group has managed to get out of the attic passing through the gate in the wall to the adjacent flat. There are no useful items inside but only a pair of suicides lying on the bed, which preferred to die together instead of coping with walker plague. The first dialogue option is irrelevant, but any option except silence, will result in violent reaction of Kenny, who will accuse suicides with taking a simpler solution. He thinks that one should fight till the end, the next dialogue is also irrelevant for the plot. Kenny will say what he hides deep inside, after that Kenny takes a gun from the bed and your task is to find an exit from the flat. You can look at the window but it is not a good exit. You get more luck with the balcony door at the end of the flat. Open it and the group will decide to go to the River Street by walking over rooftops. The last thing which you have to do is to cross the balcony and get to the adjacent rooftop.

Watch the cutscene and choose any option in the first dialogue. The group continues walking and Kenny suggests using a walkie to tell kidnapper that you're close. After a while you get to the catwalk between buildings you have to press the right button to move to the other side (don't worry, you won't fall). On the rooftop of the second building you see hole leading inside, Omid will notice that it is full of zombies. Choice of dialogue option in this moment is irrelevant. After a while Kenny approaches Lee and taps his shoulder, knocking the walkie out of his hand, it will fall down the hole. The next dialogue doesn't matter for the next events. Someone suggests that the walkie is crucial for their search for Clementine, choosing the person who should go down for the walkie is interrupted by Christa she will just jump down for it.

Unfortunately, you can't reach her you must find another way. Look around the rooftop, on the right side you find a pole, quickly grab it. Once you grab the pole, Lee will approach the hole automatically and give it to Christa. Press quickly the proper button shown on the screen. Unfortunately, when you almost pull Christa out she will fall again. An animation shows walkers approaching Christa, after a moment Kenny jumps inside, supporting his earlier words about saving others with action. Kenny will pick up Christa and you again have to quickly press a button shown on the screen to get her out (this time you must hurry because otherwise you all can die). Christa will be pulled up but Kenny will get lost down there. First and second dialogue is irrelevant for the action (if you want to jump inside, the other two will stop you) and after a moment Omid will ask important question.

  • Mercy

    Complete chapter 4 of episode 5.

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

The three characters will find themselves at the rooftop near The Marsh House, a hotel where Clementine is probably being kept in. The answer for Christa's question whether you want to talk or not doesn't matter. But Christa will keep talking, getting to the question what will happen to Clementine, when Lee is gone. It is time for more actions, the only possibility is to cross a metal banner over the street. In fact the choice who will go first doesn't matter, because the result will be the same. The banner will fall down and Lee gets separated from Omid and Christa, If you decided to go first you have to press the proper button shown on the screen. When you almost reach the end of the banner, it will collapse. Quickly grab a strut not to fall down to your death.

It is time to make some decisions in this rather dire and unpleasant situation, when Lee decides to get down between zombies, you'll have a choice about meeting Omid and Christa later (any option except silence). Lee decides to get to the hotel, by literally cutting his way through hordes of walkers. If he still has an arm, he will pick up the glass shard from the street and take the cleaver. Otherwise he will use only clever (but it doesn't matter for the next events). The next part of the chapter is arcade. Your task is to eliminate walkers by using the clever on them, in fact it doesn't matter which walker you hit, the most important is to actually hit before the walkers get you. After a while you'll get to the hotel, in front of which you'll notice a familiar car.

After regaining control over the character, press the proper button to move forwards. After a while you'll get to the door leading to the room where probably Clementine is being kept. You can try to put your ear to the door but you'll hear nothing, so open the door and go inside. Inside the room you'll notice another door, connected with the rope to the closet. Look at this door carefully, in the same moment you'll hear the sound of closed door after turning around Lee will stand face to face with a stranger. The first dialogue is irrelevant, the stranger mentions that you look terrible (he also notices if you have no arm). The stranger orders you to move to the left and put your belongings on the chest of drawers. In the same time Clementine kept in other room will shout. Unfortunately you are not able to react, all dialogue options except silence result in him putting the gun to Lee's head and telling you to be quiet. Now you are back to giving away your items.

The entire conversation has no influence for further events, it is only about describing the stranger and his actions and showing Lee consequences of his choices and his morality. There are different threads in the conversation, depending on your decisions made in previous chapters, for example taking Clementine to Crawford or leaving her home. If you didn't guess that the stranger is the owner of the car, which your group has looted at the end of the second episode, he will tell you that. It also turns out that the stranger was informed about all you actions starting from that moment, thanks to Clementines walkie. The stranger wants to make a real family for Clementine as Lee is not capable of this. The impression of losing his mind by the stranger deepens when he starts to talk with bowling bag, calling it with his dead wife's name. At this point Lee will notice that Clementine has left the room she was kept in, you can point at any of objects on the chest of drawers with your eyes, Clementine will take it.

After a moment Clementine will approach the stranger, hitting him with an object she picked up (if you didn't point at any object, she will hit him with her fist). It is time for you, quickly tackle the stranger (if you didn't give away your weapon, Lee will him now). Both men will roll on the floor (if you had cleaver, he will knock it out of Lee's hand). Quickly press a button shown on the screen and then the next one. Lee pushes the opponent, who will drop the gun. the stranger will run for his gun, now is your time to subdue him but you have to be super fast. If you succeeded, you'll press him to the closet. Headbutt the stranger and start choking him by quickly pressing the key shown on the screen. If you didn't manage to headbutt him, If you didn't manage to press him to the closet, the stranger will push and shoot but you have one more chance. Quickly punch the stranger and Lee will press him to the closet.

If you want to kill the stranger, keep pressing the button chocking him. If you do not want to kill him then stop the action. In such case your opponent will push you, knocking you down to the floor. Quickly press the button on the screen, after a while Clementine will shoot the stranger, saving your life.

If you have choked Stranger, you'll face one more choice (irrelevant for the plot) you can shoot Stranger or leave him to turn into zombie. If you shoot him, Clementine will comment. If Lee has no arm, Clementine will notice this and say that it looks a bit creepy. Lee answers that he lost his arm in an accident. During conversation with Clementine you can choose any dialogue option.

It is time to leave this place, but before you go to the exit you can look in the bowling bag, inside you'll find chopped off zombie head of the strangers wife. Open the door you came in and prepare to repel attack of the walker. What's interesting is the walker ignores Lee and tries to attack Clementine, quickly shoot the walker. Chop the walker and then scoop him, now smear Clementine three times with walker guts and then watch the end cutscene.

This short sequence is walking through the street full of walkers. Move forwards pressing the proper button o and you are safe here so do not worry, at some point Clementine will stop, seeing her parents turned into walkers. Choose any dialogue option and see Lee passing out again.

Lee wakes up inside the shop, where somehow dragged by Clementine. She tries to revive him, confessing that the walkers she stopped were her parents (your answers are irrelevant for the action). Lee, who has lost his fight with infection (you can see the different color in his eyes), gets nervous when Clementine mentions about locking them inside the shop. After that both of them try to open the door (you can keep pressing the key shown on the screen or ignore it, the result is the same). Unfortunately the door is closed shut, If Lee hasn't cut off his arm he will show now his wound. If he has removed his arm how ever, he will tell Clementine why he had to cut it off. Dialogue after that is irrelevant for the actions, both of them have to find the exit from the store.

Getting weaker Lee needs Clementines assistance, keep pressing the proper button to move forwards. At some point Lee stumbles and the Clementine begins doubting about locking them in the store after all. Keep walking until Lee falls down under the wall, Clementine will ask him to stand up. Unfortunately despite two tries Lee is not able to do this (you can press the button shown on the screen or ignore it, result is the same). A dialogue option you choose after Clementines question, what she should do now is irrelevant for the course of events. After regaining control over Lee, look around the store. The exit is located behind the door in front of you. Unfortunately, Clementine can't break the office door glass with her bare hands.

On the left side, under the counter, there is a baseball bat tell Clementine to grab it. Now you can try to smash the window in the door, look to the right where you can see a chair tell Clementine to use it. Thanks to this she will be able to unlock the door and then open it, there is a walker trapped inside he probably has the keys for the door. Look at the handcuffs on the floor and tell Clementine to grab them, now you can tell her to handcuff the walker or handcuff Lee to the radiator, as suggested by camera zoom. This choice is actually irrelevant, because further actions will roll very similar.

After handcuffing either Lee or the walker guard, it is time to take a gun and key. Choice of dialogue option is irrelevant and the walker will jump on Clementine (if he is handcuffed, he will pull out his arm). Clementine and the walker will find themselves on the floor. You may look at the walker or look at Clementine (twice), but this is not required. After a while Clementine will grab a display stand next to the door, quickly lift your eyes and click it over the display stand. Lee will warn Clementine, who will quickly crawl from under the falling stand. The stand will collapse on zombie and hurt Lee a bit, after awakening you have to help Clementine by giving her the bat or kick it if you're handcuffed. The next dialogue is irrelevant for events, but you'll have to make a final important decision in a moment.

Lee tells Clementine where she can meet Omid and Christa if you picked the right dialogue, if you have picked the proper dialogue when parting with them (at the train or the boat, otherwise he will tell her to find them somewhere around). The last dialogue in the game is irrelevant for further actions, you can only try to cheer Clementine up.

Clementine raise the gun and fires with tears in her eyes (after a while you will hear Lee's last breath), if you decided that Clementine should leave you. You will have to explain why you do not want her to shoot you. Clementine says goodbye to Lee and walks towards the exit, while Lee falls on the radiator and dies then eventually will turn to a walker.

After credits you can watch one more, longer cutscene. You can see Clementine walking through the field. After a moment we can see her resting on a tree trunk. Suddenly she notices two figures walking in a distance. They stop, as if they notice Clementine.

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