3. The Unfinished Swan Story walkthroughUpdate notes

Now before you get started, you should decide whether you want to do your blind run now or later on. I will put it here at the start since it is the first possible trophy. I would recommend running through the first level of the first chapter beforehand so you can get a good idea of both the game itself and the level layout. The idea of this trophy is to reach the end of the first level using a maximum of 3 paintballs. What makes this challenging is that the world you are in is a blank white canvas, except for a few little details to help navigate a little. Ignore any balloons or storybook pages you will see for now as you will be restarting this level after you have beat it blind. The level is pretty short too which is a bonus.

Here is a video by DisturbedCreations02 and it is very helpful. He does two playthroughs of the level: In the first, he marks out a path with paint and tries to walk you through the level as descriptively as possible. Having this playing while you do the level helps you feel like you can see your path. His second playthrough is the blind playthrough. Be sure to turn the volume up a bit and use your ears to help you navigate. With his visual line, you should have no problems at all.

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Now that the hard part is out the way, head back to the main menu and restart the level from chapter select.



You will start off with a completely white screen. To see where you are going, cn_R2 throw a paintball with and it will create a splatter of black paint. Keep throwing them about the place and you will see the outlines of pathways. Eventually you will get some "directions" in the form of yellow swan footprints. While the game is very linear and no directions are really needed, these can help point you in the right direction. Follow these across the bridge crossing the pond and you will reach an area with a statue that has a large gold crown on it. To the left of the statue is a ramp going upwards. Follow this up and around and you will soon see some golden animal statues in the distance. This is where the collectibles begin.

Balloon 1/3 - Once you are in the garden with all the statues, head over to the pig statue. There will be a wall behind the statue - head around to the other side of it and you will see the first balloon hovering above. Fire a paintball at it to collect it. Do not confuse the balloon you see in the distance for this one; that is the 3rd balloon. It can be a bit difficult to see it since it's white, so keep firing off paintballs and you will see it against the black background.

Balloon 2/3 - At the end of the statue garden, you will come across two stairwells. Go behind them and head to the back wall. Turn left and you will see a doorway with a crown above it. Head in here to grab this next balloon.

Balloon 3/3 - Go back to the staircases and go up the right one. You will see this balloon on way up at the top of the stairs on the banister.

Storybook Page 1/1 - After the last balloon, follow the path round and you will see this letter "T" on the wall in front of you. Throw a paintball at it and a storybook page will appear on the wall.


Balloon 1/2 - At the very beginning of the level, jump down and look to your right. Fire off a bunch of paintballs until you can make out a chimney. Walk underneath it and the balloon will be above your head.

Storybook Page 1/1 - Soon after you deal with the first balloon, you will come across a door and a small set of shaded stairs. Head through this door and the Page Letter will be in front of you to the right.

Balloon 2/2 - There will be several panes of glass in front of you once you exit the room. You can make out the next balloon to your right. Fire a couple paintballs over the pane from the doorway and you will grab this one.


Balloon 1/4 - Early on, you will walk up some stairs and see a room with paintings, furniture and some blue balloons. DO NOT enter the room. Instead, turn around and walk to the end of the path. You should see the red balloon peeking behind the buildings.

Balloon 2/4 - Turn back and enter the room. Look to your left and you will see a yellow ladder. At the top you'll see a scale model with the tiniest of red balloons on it. Hit this with some paint to collect it.

Storybook Page 1/2 - When you enter the maze, take the second right and you will see some golden swan prints leading to a letter on the wall.

Balloon 3/4 - Go around the wall that the page is on and you will see a statue with a golden paintbrush. This white balloon is located behind here.

Storybook Page 2/2 - When you reach the "end" of the maze, you'll walk up a staircase and have a view of the entire maze. Turn to your right and the letter will be on the wall above a bench.

Balloon 4/4 - Head towards the hot air balloon and look to your left when you reach the telescope for the final balloon of this level.

Hop into the hot air balloon to finish off the chapter.



Balloon 1/4 - As soon as the level starts, head forward and follow the path around. You will see three red paddles on your left and an open door straight in front of you. Go through the door. Once in the doorway you will see another door, this one closed. Look through the closed gate and you will see a blue balloon that you can shoot through the gate.

Storybook Page 1/2 - Head back to the red paddles that you passed and launch water bombs at them until the bridge comes down. Start walking across the bridge then turn around to find the letter S on the wall.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Follow the path around to the left and you will come across an upside down boat next to some golden footprints leading up. Once at the boat, turn right and follow the path down through the tunnel. You'll eventually see the letter B.

Balloon 2/4 - Head to the right to see a golden doorknob and fire your way through the door and head down the hallway. Once at the end of the hall there will be a golden ladder to your right, climb up the ladder and the next balloon will be right in front of you.

Balloon 3/4 - Keep going along the path and you will come to another set of red paddles. Shoot these until the water level below starts to rise, then jump down. As soon as you have jumped from the boat to the path, immediately turn to your left to see the blue balloon in front of you.

Balloon 4/4 - Head back to the corner and go through the long dark tunnel. Stay to the left and drag yourself against the wall while launching water bombs to find the doorway in the tunnel. Head up the stairs to grab the last balloon in this stage before returning back to the dark tunnel.


Balloon 1/5 - At the start of the level, turn left and locate a golden ladder with a red switch on it. Shoot the switch and climb up to the top. Head across the bridge (there will be another golden ladder to your left) and the next balloon should be visible directly in front of you.

Balloon 2/5 - Climb to the top of the scaffolding using the golden ladders to find a yellow balloon.

Balloon 3/5 - Jump down and head towards the red paddles. Shoot these until the golden ladder is on your right. Once you have done that, turn around and jump across the gap. The next balloon will be right in front of you. Grab this then head across the platform you just turned using the paddles.

Balloons 4-5/5 - After you have crossed the platform, the next the balloons will be right in front of you.


This level introduces a new mechanic where you have to throw water bombs to direct vines. You will use these to climb up and along walls.

Balloons 1-3/8 - Keep going down the pathway until you reach the courtyard and look for a set of stairs to your left. Head up and to your left and you will come across a closed gate with a red paddle on the other side. Try and position yourself so you can fire a water bomb at the paddle to open the gate. Once you have opened the gate, there will be three balloons in front of you.

Storybook Page 1/1 - Back in the courtyard, there will be a red paddle. Shoot this to open the door and enter the dark stairwell. There will be another red paddle at the top; shoot this and all the dead vines will come to life. Jump down and the letter A will be on the wall. Climb up using the vines.

Balloon 4/8 - Head up the wall with the vines and there will be a green balloon in front of you.

Balloon 5/8 - Head up the next wall and there will be a red balloon above you. Use the vines to climb up the arch and you will be able to reach the balloon.

Balloon 6/8 - From here you can see a blue balloon in the distance. Work your way over there using vines. Shoot the balloon then head up the walls with the golden footprints.

Balloon 7/8 - Climb the wall with the golden footprints on them and there will be a metal frame of a whale in front of you. Direct the vines to it and a cutscene will show the vines collecting the balloon for you.

Balloon 8/8 - Turn around and head towards the golden ladder across the bridge, then work your way up the to next red balloon.


Balloon 1/5 - At the start of the level, look to the right and you will see a tree. Climb the ladder on the back of this tree. At the top, the balloon will be on your right at the end of a branch.

Balloon 2/5 - Return to the center of the tree and there is another balloon at the end of the branch across from the top of the ladder.

Balloon 3/5 - You should be able to see the next balloon in the mini-maze from here. Work your way down there using the tree to cross the river. You can jump across the hedges to save going through the mini-maze.

Storybook Page 1/1 - You can see the letter U on the wall behind the statue near the previous balloon.

Balloon 4/5 - Keep making your way through the level, using your water bombs to see where you are going and to bring the vines with you. You will eventually reach a large dining room with a painting of the king. Underneath this is an opening leading up a chimney. Climb up here to the roof then reach the other side of the chimney. Jump up three crates, go to the right and down a set of stairs, and the balloon will be at the bottom.

Balloon 5/5 - Head back to the roof and climb your way up to the broken bridge in front of you. Once you are at the bridge, turn around and there will be a balloon on the other side of the gate. It can move from side to side so keep looking and it will swing by into view.


Balloon 1/5 - As soon as the text pops up on screen with the level name, turn left to find a balloon.

Storybook Page 1/2 - You will see the letter T just a bit further down from the balloon.

Turn around and go down the opposite way. You should see a black and gold telescope up some sets of steps - go up to it. Hit cn_S when prompted and then use the analogue stick to zoom in as far as you can. Here you will see the king sitting by a fireplace.

Balloon 2/5 - Exit the telescope and look to the right of it around the other side of the building. There is a blue balloon.

Balloon 3/5 - Go back a little bit and you should see some blue squared roofs leading down. Once you are on the fourth roof, look over the side of it and there will be a small ledge underneath it. Drop down onto this. This ledge leads to a dark room with a balloon inside.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Keep progressing forward using the vines to cross the bridges. You will eventually reach a gold pipe leading upwards. Go past this and the letter T will be on the wall at the end.

Balloons 4-5/5 - Climb up the pole and you will come across a fire hose. Pick it up. Look behind where the pole is and you will see a balloon on both the left and the right.


Storybook Page 1/2 - You should soon enter a bell tower once the level starts. The letter E will be visible on your right as soon as you enter and walk up the staircase.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Make your way up the bell tower using the vines and you will soon end up back outside. Head around the stairs and you'll see a blue balloon in front of you. Underneath this is a letter W.

Balloon 1/1 - See above.



The first two levels of this chapter are completely different from the others. In them, you are in complete darkness. Not only that, but there are creatures out there that will attack if you are away from a light source for too long. I will try my hardest to walk you through the collectibles here, but given that it is very dark, the directions may not be great.

Balloon 1/6 - Once you start the level, keep walking forward towards the light source (If you can't see it you may need to jump) until you drop down. From here, head to your right and you will come to your first light plant thing. Shoot a paint bomb at the light to illuminate the area a bit more. Just in front of the light there will be a set of swan footprints. Stand on here and look up; you will see the silhouette of the balloon.

Balloon 2/6 - Keep progressing through the level from light to light and eventually you will come to a blue light. There is a balloon just to the side of it.

Balloon 3/6 - Soon you will shoot a round pink light and it will fall down. You need to take this with you by shooting or pushing it. Not long after you start pushing it, you'll pass a snapped tree acting as an archway. The red balloon will be to your left right after you go under it.

Balloon 4/6 - Not long after you will need to push the ball on to a hollowed out log, the balloon is right in front of it.

Balloon 5/6 - This next one is a bit tricky to find. It could be wise waiting until you have beaten the game to get the balloon radar toy to help you out. You will come to a hill in which the ball will roll down very fast. The balloon is halfway down the hill on your left in a corner. The best way to do it is to let the ball roll all the way down, then push it back up. When pushing it back up, look for a small group of trees with a fallen log behind them. The balloon is just past the log.

Balloon 6/6 - After you have got the last balloon you will go through a small tunnel with the ball. The balloon will be above you after you exit. To reach it, though, you will need to head to the right and climb up a couple logs and tree stumps.


Balloon 1/2 - You will be following the pink ball, which is now in the river. You will be on the right hand side of the river. Keep going forward until you see what looks like red spider eyes. Once you see them, look left and the balloon will be on the other side of the river. There is also a frog on a bridge slightly ahead of it in case you miss the eyes.

Balloon 2/2 - After crossing the bridge and falling down a waterfall, the ball will get stuck on a log. Behind this log to your right is a crocodile. Look past the crocodile and you should see the red balloon.

Storybook Page 1/2 - Just after you get the ball unstuck you will cross another makeshift bridge. There will be a wall in front of you with the letter T on it.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Keep going down and you will eventually come to a house, to the right of this house is a wall with the letter T on it.


Balloon 1/3 - Head up the stairs beside the last letter and there will be a window you can jump through. DO NOT go through it just yet! Behind it is a balloon you can climb up to. You should be able to see it from where you are.

Balloon 2/3 - Enter the window thing, turn around as soon as you're in, and look up. There will be a red balloon attached to the window portal.

Balloon 3/3 - You will now learn a new mechanic: building. You will need to build your way up to the house using blocks and platforms that you create. Fire a paintball once at any blue area then decide how wide and thick you want it to be with cn_RS and shoot another paintball to confirm it. To decide how long it is, do the same as before. Once you have built your way up to the house, go to the left side of it and look behind it to find a red balloon. Now build yourself some steps to the front door.

Storybook Page 1/1 - Now that you have some steps built, jump through the door and you will be back at the river with some brand new steps to the real house. Enter the house and go to the right to find the letter B.


Balloon 1/6 - Once you are upstairs, there will be a small balcony to your left. Head out and look to the left to find this balloon.

Storybook Page 1/2 - Turn around and you will see a blue sheet of paper that you need to jump into. There is a letter E just to the side of it on the left.

Balloon 2/6 - You might see this one when you are falling down. When you land, you will see a gold crown on the ledge. Stand up against it and look to the left to spot a blue balloon.

Balloon 3/6 - Once you work your way across the hole in the ground using created platforms, you will exit through a doorway and there will be a white tree with a red balloon tied to it across a couple small gaps.

Balloon 4/6 - In the tower, you will need to find your way onto a broken yellow ladder in the middle of the room. Once you climb it, there will be a table in front of you with a small window. The balloon is just outside this window.

Balloon 5/6 - Near a telescope at the top of the tower, the next balloon is on the top of the round housing. You will need to use the blue side panelings to create a long platform to reach it. You may also need to jump and fire to get to it.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Soon you will be back at the old river house using another platform you recently made to cross it. Keep heading straight forward toward the ocean and the letter O will on a wall in front of you.

Balloon 6/6 - This is directly next to the storybook page to the left.


Storybook Page 1/2 - As soon as you exit the boat the letter F will be visible right in front of you.

Storybook Page 2/2 - Keep walking forward and just as you reach the next area the letter T will be in front of you on a wall. Shoot this and assuming you have collected all of them to this point you will unlock

Balloon 1/5 - To the right of the electrified ladder in front of you there will be a round wooden board partially covering a large hole, the balloon is down this hole.

Balloon 2/5 - Follow the swan prints up the hill until you are facing the lemon, turn around and the balloon will be above you.

Balloon 3/5 - These next 3 will be dependent on your timing. Shoot the lemon and water will start rising from the large hole. Try to move as quickly as possible up the ladder and to the next building. Just before you enter the lit building the balloon will be on the right.

Balloon 4/5 - Stand on the table and let the water take you to the top of the tower. Once at the top turn around and climb up the wall. The balloon will be above you tied to a piece of wood. If cannot get to it in time just let the water get to you and you will start back at the bottom of the tower.

Balloon 5/5 - As you work your way up keep an eye out to your right and you should see this one just below you a little. Just ahead of it is a light and a ladder leading up, if you go past this point let the water take you.



Balloon 1/3 - You will start off in a scratchy looking room. Look for a mirror and face it. Strafe to your right and go behind the wall to grab the first balloon.

Balloon 2/3 - Head through the door and you will be back at the beginning. Keep going forward until you come across a talking statue. It will eventually fall over and break. Turn around to find a blue balloon.

Balloon 3/3 - Keep climbing up until you reach the vine areas from Chapter 2. You will see a giant swan head shortly after climbing onto the vines. When you come to this, look up and this balloon will be above you.


No collectibles in this level.


Balloon 1/2 - Once you have reached a blue floor next to a river, create a box, cn_S pick it up, and drop it in the river. Use the box to float through the river and you will soon see a large teddy bear on your left with the pink glowing ball from Chapter 3. Above the ball is the balloon.

Balloon 2/2 - After the river has ended and you drop down into a church, head out the window above the coffin. Once outside, go to your left and look for a group of gravestones. The balloon is tied to a wooden post beside these gravestones.

Now you just need to walk across the ocean towards the king statue and the kingdom to finish the game.

  • Dreamer

    Finish the King's Dream chapter.

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Now that you have beaten the game and collected everything, there are just two more things to do. You will now have access to everything in the toys menu. The two we want are Sniper Rifle and Pick Up Boxes. Load up Chapter 3 Level 3: Home, This is the level where you can build stuff. Once you have the toys, build a small box and hold it above your head. Hit cn_T to switch to the Sniper Rifle and quickly fire twice in a row. This should send your box flying beyond sight. This can take a couple attempts to get it right, just don't shoot more than twice as this will destroy the box. Eventually it will go flying through the air, unlocking the last two trophies:

  • Rocketeer

    Launch a blueprint box 15 meters high.

    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Stackable - These trophies can be unlocked at the same time as, or in the course of, earning its more difficult or less difficult counterpart.

And there you have it, another completed game and a fun one at that. toast

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