The Station (EU)

PlayStation 4

The Station (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Into The Unknown
Into The Unknown15TrophyTypeDock with the Espial Station
Access Granted - Mila
Access Granted - Mila19TrophyTypeRetrieve Mila's Access Bracelet
Suspect Aiden
Suspect Aiden42TrophyTypeOpen Aiden's locker
Access Granted - Aiden
Access Granted - Aiden24TrophyTypeRetrieve Aiden's Access Bracelet

Least Earned

Thorough Investigation
Thorough Investigation85TrophyTypeCollect all of the audio logs
Suspect Mila
Suspect Mila85TrophyTypeOpen Mila's locker
Puzzle Master
Puzzle Master85TrophyTypeComplete all of the puzzles
Mission Accomplished
Mission Accomplished180TrophyTypeComplete the game
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