The Shoot

PlayStation 3

The Shoot Trophies

Most Earned

1 down 9999 to go
1 down 9999 to go15TrophyTypeShoot your first target
Getting a Foot in the Door
Getting a Foot in the Door15TrophyTypeComplete Studio 101
Man With a Name
Man With a Name17TrophyTypeComplete Outlawed
Robotic Acting
Robotic Acting21TrophyTypeComplete Robotomus Crime

Least Earned

Spinball Wizard
Spinball Wizard194TrophyTypeReach round 30 in Robotosphere
Platinum with a Bullet!
Platinum with a Bullet!1166TrophyTypeAll Trophies Unlocked!
Jive Turkey
Jive Turkey94TrophyTypeGet 3 strikes in a row in Graveyard Alley
Home Run
Home Run85TrophyTypeScore 5 home runs in a single round of Deep Strike
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