The Saboteur

PlayStation 3

The Saboteur Trophies

Most Earned

Vive La Resistance
Vive La Resistance15TrophyTypeYou inspired your first area of Paris.
Road Trip
Road Trip15TrophyTypeYou've arrived in Germany with Jules.
Knockwurst15TrophyTypeYou bested your opponents in the bar fight.
Pint and a Shag
Pint and a Shag15TrophyTypeYou got lucky with Skylar.

Least Earned

Complete all other trophies
Complete all other trophies338TrophyTypeComplete all other trophies
Saint Honoré
Saint Honoré28TrophyTypeYou spent 75,000 contraband.
Unnatural Disaster
Unnatural Disaster28TrophyTypeYou completed 212 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 2.
Walking WMD
Walking WMD27TrophyTypeYou completed 239 ambient freeplay in Paris Area 3.
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