The Quiet Man (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed172,050
    04 Jan 2019
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    The premise of The Quiet Man, is actually quite intriquing. There is a major downside (at least if you want to play the game as originally released), the original release had no subtitles of any kind so you could understand the story through the eyes of the deaf lead character. But it forced you to learn to lip read. The concept is clever and a fresh new idea for games, which has been utterly destroyed by creative arrogance that everyone has the option to lip read in their back pocket.

    Even worse is the gameplay, the gold trophy states that you cannot be hit, unless you're insanely good at fighting games, you'll have trouble in achieving this, even if you are, the mechanics are so poor, that you'll still wish the game was never released.

    The update, however, adds in subtitles and eliminates the problems before. Now you have to ask yourself, are you really interested in the story enough to go back through dreadful gameplay and dark and dreery background.