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Posted on 30 January 18 at 06:59, Edited on 30 January 18 at 07:01
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A serious blast, and free to boot!

Playstation VR, and 2 PS4 Dualshock controllers.

Review: The playroom VR is just like the original playroom. It is comprised of a series of minigames that utilize the functionality of the PSVR as well as your controller. Each one of the games doesn't necessarily require 2 people, but a solid chunk of the mini-games is more fun with friends. At the end I was disappointed to have gotten the platinum, just because of how much fun the game really is. The controls are easy to learn for each mini-game. The only thing i wish they would have included is move support. For your consideration, here is a list of the games with a short description.
-Monster Escape - Destroy the city and catch those dastardly robots. There is no escape!
-Ghosbusters! - Catch ghosts with the help of a non-VR player. They will have to tell you where to shoot the stream.
-Old West Sheriff - With the help of a non-VR player, figure out which robot is the culprit, and take him down.
-Robot Rescue - Save all the little robots and store them in your controller. You'll need a friend to get them all!
-Cat and Mouse - Those mice think that cheese is theirs. Not if the VR cat has anything to say about it.
-DLC Toy Wars - Fire on a hoard of pixel aliens. Better played with a friend.

Trophies: The trophies are so much fun to get. They make you do all sorts of different things utilizing the VR or the motion controls on the dualshock. Some of the trophies require 2 controllers, but you can do them yourself if your introverted. Other trophies require a non-controller "TV" player giving instructions that the VR player cannot see. Again you can do these yourself, just be ready to be uncomfortable. At 44 trophies, you can get all of them in 5-10 hours no problem.
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