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Posted on 20 February 15 at 22:19, Edited on 20 February 15 at 22:23
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While The Order: 1886 isn’t as short as feared by many due to rumors, the quality of the game makes up for it. However, I wouldn’t be one to complain if the game had lasted 2 or 3 more hours.

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London, the year of 1886. An alternative reality to what we know from this dimension is running its course – while everything seems like totally made up, the game drops names and pictures from what we do know. What would happen if Tesla actually was the lead in power, and not Edison? How would it be if the king and queen actually still had knights to keep them safe? Well, welcome to The Order: 1886 where you can experience all of this.

Oh, this is emotional…
You play as Sir Galahad, a very prominent knight very well respected due to his great work within The Order. More often than not, he is the one leading others to a fight. Voiced by Steve West (which seems to be a very good Liam Neeson impersonator! I was fooled!) makes him an even bigger character, as the story progresses, his character really gets to you. It is marvelous acting, and what is even better is the graphics which are near lifelike, including subtle movements in the faces of the characters and that made me hurt whenever Galahad was hurt. I digress. Something is up in London, man-eating werewolf-like beings are emerging and The Order is fighting to protect the public and save lives. But who’s behind?

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I was a little bummed out when the credit started to run on my screen upon finishing the story, but that was more because I was enjoying the story and characters than it being short. The game IS a little short, however, I don’t really mind because I had a great experience playing through it; as Ready at Dawn CEO Ru Weerasuriya said, “Gameplay length for me is so relative to quality. It’s just like a movie. Just because a movie is three hours long, it doesn’t make it better.”

A story being told…
Much of the game is cutscenes, but this is vital to support the happenings in London and within The Order, and some might get impatient and just want to get on with the game. If you have this tendency playing games, I highly recommend you to go and watch a Let’s Play on youtube instead of playing the game yourself. The game is a rather simple shooter with a range of weapons that you come across as you walk and run through the game – and while it might seem open world, the game is far from it – it is very linear. You’ll meet locked doors, fences and trash getting in your way – there is only one way for you to go, there’s no map and no direction markers for you to follow either. However, there’s the occasional room where there might be a collectible for you to nab.

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Collectibles is a mix of audio logs (which I haven’t listened to yet at all), weapons and a bunch of papers and photos. You have four slots available for your weapons; one hand weapon, one primary weapon, and two slots for throwing weapons like grenades. The gunplay is marvelous and the weapons themselves are so beautiful to look at, and it makes you wonder what would have happened if technology went down another path. This world feels like plastic never happened, and it is fantastic to see.

I’ll end it here for you to enjoy!
As much as I’d love to have this review be longer, the main thing in this game is the story, and I’d rather have you, dear reader, to enjoy it without knowing too much about it from my review, so I’ll end it here. Voice acting, graphics, gunplay and story have no contenders in recent times. The overall experience is up there alongside Uncharted and The Last of Us. As much as it hurts me, I can’t see this game compete for GOTY status as there is not enough content. Here’s to hoping they’ll surprise us with extended story via expansions.

Hit; The story and graphics are magnificent, acting fantastic and gunplay feels nice.
Miss; There isn’t much content in the overall look, but that does not make the game less good in the grand scheme of things
Need; Extended story. How the game ends might imply more to come.

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Posted on 13 December 18 at 09:20
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Going into this game, I was aware that it had quite a big of backlash for being a short game despite charging "full price". I personally don't care about length, I care about quality. I've played many games that last around the 4-5 hour mark and I've enjoyed most of them, yet there's few 200+ epics that aren't filled will needless grind or busy work, and even many 30 hour open world sandboxes or collect-a-thon platformers are padding out their run time; so this game got the benefit of the doubt from me.

Graphics wise this is a fairly pretty game, but it immediately loses points with me for letter-boxing in order to reduce the amount of screen they needed to render, AND reducing the frame rate to 30fps; especially as the developers then had the bloody gaul to claim they where doing it to be more "cinematic". News flash, this isn't cinema it's gaming. Reduced frame rates categorically do NOT make things look more cinematic, they make them more stuttering, increase input lag, and reduce the smoothness of movement, particularly with the camera which significantly increases the likelihood of screen tearing. This was a very pretty game, but those pretty textures come at a price, and to add insult to injury, the developer thinks you're a fucking idiot when it comes to excusing that price. The music wasn't anything special, and the sound effect where serviceable. On the whole the presentation leaves a lot to be desired, it's compromised to get these extremely detailed textures but I don't feel it was worth it.

This is a standard third person cover based shooter. It's nothing new or original but it is at least fun. This is the same gameplay loop that made 'Gears Of War' on the Xbox 360 a popular powerhouse of the generation and it's no less fun here than it was there. If anything I preferred it here as I felt the steampunk weapon roster was more interesting in general than the over-the-top machismo of the Gears franchise.

This game relies heavily on cut-scenes to tell it's story and that may contribute to the feeling that this is a "short" game, but I feel the scenes are used well. The voice acting is actually top notch and the directing on those cut-scenes gives the whole game a sense of grounding and gravitas. The world building is also exceptional. I'm a sucker for steam-punk urban fantasy so perhaps my tastes are being specifically catered to here, but I loved the style and theming used here. The story builds on the old 1880's London aesthetic and just runs with it. There's traditional elements here that any fan of the genre will appreciate, the only sore point for me is it felt like the ending left things unresolved. A sequel could fill in some of the gaps if they have an additional story to tell, but just an extra 30 minutes of gameplay, or hell a 5 minute cut-scene resolving those loose ends would have made for a far stronger story overall.

Trophy Hunting
The trophies in this one are honestly rather uninspired. They're mainly gold trophies with no bronze trophies at all; and if all you're looking for is to boost your ePeen this is the game for you. If you're looking for extra challenge, exciting rewards for quirky bits of gameplay, or little hidden extras, well you're going to be disappointed. There are some collectables, but they're largely out in the open and you're unlikely to need more than two play-throughs to find them all.

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