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The Night Journey
Type Game
Publisher University of Southern California
Platform PS4
Discovered 10 Mar 2021
Last check 10 Mar 2021
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Release date 26 Jun 2018

Explore a vast, mysterious landscape on a spiritual journey. Immerse yourself in the visual artwork of internationally acclaimed media artist Bill Viola and the interactive designs of the award winning team at the USC Game Innovation Lab. Discover the secrets of this seminal experimental art game, re-mastered with new Bill Viola footage for PlayStation®4.

The Night Journey (2007-2018) was one of the earliest experimental art games conceived. It uses both game and video techniques to tell the universal story of an individual’s journey towards enlightenment. The game design explores a challenging question: what is the game mechanic of enlightenment? How can we model such an intensely personal yet archetypal experience?

The game has been exhibited in galleries worldwide and was awarded IndieCade’s “Most Sublime Experience” award. The project stands as a milestone in the search to expand the boundaries of what game experiences may communicate through their game mechanics and world design.

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