The Mooseman (EU) Reviews

  • SolaceCreedSolaceCreed142,156
    17 Nov 2019
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    Side scrollers tend to be very fun, frantic and the half decent ones border on the sadistic. The Mooseman isn't any of those things. A beautifully told story (bizzarely told through the Russian language as boxstandard) has it's good points. You can turn on text based narration to English, but the voice acting still rattles on in the native language of the story being depicted. It's not such a bad thing, at least, it isn't the worst artistic mechanic, it's just a very odd choice.

    The best bit is making you work for collectibles, which a lot of side scrollers don't seem to do anymore. You have to solve puzzles to find most of them, although some are a bit awkward to find without looking them up or playing dead in random places. The vast majority of them, however, are in little sidepaths or following puzzles cut in to the stone.

    That aside, not much is to be said about gameplay, which does feel like it has heavy influences from Limbo or Black The Fall, it's a simple enough game to play, without too much description neccessary. You do get powers at checkpoints in the game. Such as the mask which lets you see both worlds by taking it on and off, which is also crucial to solving puzzles and finding collectibles or the staff can produce shields to destroy or deflect enemies in the world.

    The artstyle is georgously done, it has again a similar style to that of Limbo and plays with light and dark contrast really well, to give the world a bit of flesh. The tone is capsulated very well within the art style and although you can turn up the brightness, it loses a lot of its impact on the story.

    It won't be on any must play lists, it certainly isn't the most fun side scroller but it does have a good story to it and although the sheer number of collectibles does seem to detract from it in a game that's barely an hour long even if you don't collect the tokens. More for the arthouse crowd than anything else. It is a very quick platinum if you're a serious hunter, though.