The Longest Five Minutes (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

The Longest Five Minutes (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Item Store Boy
Item Store Boy15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Yanagi before departing.
My First Adventure
My First Adventure15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 7 Travel through the moss-covered cave.
The Cowardly Ninja
The Cowardly Ninja15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Kogure before departing.
The Magic Scholar
The Magic Scholar15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Chloe before departing.

Least Earned

Zenigata32TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 64 Capture the escaped prisoner.
Wash Yourself
Wash Yourself32TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 23 Regent learns an important lesson.
Villagers' Wound
Villagers' Wound32TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 3 Remember what happened five years ago.
Unknown King
Unknown King32TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 66 Obey the "King"'s orders.
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