The Longest Five Minutes (Vita)

PlayStation Vita

The Longest Five Minutes (Vita) Trophies

Most Earned

Item Store Boy
Item Store Boy15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Yanagi before departing.
The Cowardly Ninja
The Cowardly Ninja15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Kogure before departing.
The Magic Scholar
The Magic Scholar15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 5 Greet Chloe before departing.
My First Adventure
My First Adventure15TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 7 Travel through the moss-covered cave.

Least Earned

Zenigata30TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 64 Capture the escaped prisoner.
Unknown King
Unknown King30TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 66 Obey the "King"'s orders.
Quiz King
Quiz King30TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 64 Complete step two of Fancy Man's quiz.
Quiz God
Quiz God30TrophyTypeRPG Lv. 66 Complete step three of Fancy Man's quiz.
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