The Long Reach (EU)

PlayStation 4

The Long Reach (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

The End
The End30TrophyTypeComplete Simon's Shop Scene
Die Hard
Die Hard40TrophyTypeFall into the vent in Alice's lab
The Stench of Fresh Air
The Stench of Fresh Air45TrophyTypeComplete Institution 01 Scene
Ascend!142TrophyTypeStep away from Alan

Least Earned

Platnum402TrophyTypeGet all the trophies
No Respect for Privacy
No Respect for Privacy201TrophyTypeRead every email
Felling Thirsty?
Felling Thirsty?201TrophyTypeDrink from every cooler
There is No Escape
There is No Escape142TrophyTypeComplete Crackhouse Scene
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