The Inner World (EU)

The Inner World (EU)

The Inner World (EU)

The Inner World (EU) Trophies

Full list of all 24 The Inner World (EU) trophies - 8 bronze, 8 silver, 7 gold and 1 platinum.

  • Pigeon-Tunnel

    You put the pigeon through your special windsock-pigeon-tunnel. Although you couldn’t catch it this way… nice try!

  • Fresh Breath

    Eat a mint!

  • King of Sins

    You thoroughly talked to Ottilie about sins. Your pure soul is a just a tiny bit more corrupted now.

  • Trial and Error

    You solved the Mechatre-Puzzle just by trying out things randomly… or by ingenious intuition!

  • Brainteaser

    You smashed a fruit from the tree with your funnel helmet!

  • Windfall

    A fruit from the tree fell down on the ground. Great work.

  • Master of Stirring

    Stir the swamp!

  • Gorf-Scratcher

    Scratch the Gorf’s head!

  • Suicide

    It’s not the best idea to return an old, trigger-happy wind monk’s glasses, who, even though he’s blind, is able to aim surprisingly good at you.

  • The Royal Toilet

    Hand over brown guest passes to Steve!

  • Casanova Casonostri

    Gift flowers to Gorfelina!

  • Hedgehog- Anesthesia

    You tried to put Fonk to sleep using K.O.-drops. That’s understandable, for he’s the nightmare of your youth.

  • Chief of BBQ

    Congratulations! You made sure Dr. Reminepo was getting so many electric shocks that his brain’s probably toast now.

  • Just a scratch

    You just shot a healing-laser in the back of Asposia’s greatest despot. A really disputable achievement. Nevertheless: 20 points, just for you!