The Inner World (EU)

The Inner World (EU)

PlayStation 4

The Inner World (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

Pigeon-Tunnel15TrophyTypeYou put the pigeon through your special windsock-pigeon-tunnel. Although you couldn’t catch it this way… nice try!
Schnapps-Dealer30TrophyTypeFind some alcohol in the garbage and try to palm it off on the garbage dealer.
King of Sins
King of Sins30TrophyTypeYou thoroughly talked to Ottilie about sins. Your pure soul is a just a tiny bit more corrupted now.
Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos
Chapter 1 - The quest for the Silver Fosfos92TrophyTypeComplete the first chapter!

Least Earned

Just a scratch
Just a scratch31TrophyTypeYou just shot a healing-laser in the back of Asposia’s greatest despot. A really disputable achievement. Nevertheless: 20 points, just for you!
Contributor to the Encyclopaedia Asposia
Contributor to the Encyclopaedia Asposia187TrophyTypeUnlock all trophies to officially earn the prestigious title "Contributor to the Encyclopaedia Asposia". With this title you'll be able to contribute to the next edition of said encyclopedia as you proofed your deep knowledge of the asposian world and its inhabitants.
The Royal Toilet
The Royal Toilet31TrophyTypeHand over brown guest passes to Steve!
Mr Wise-Guy
Mr Wise-Guy93TrophyTypeComplete the game without taking hints from the help system. In other words: don’t press L2.
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