The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk (EU)

PlayStation 4

The Inner World - The Last Wind Monk (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

One doused root lizard
One doused root lizard15TrophyTypeThree times you doused the root lizard with water. No wonder he's mad at you! And why isn't his home overflowing?
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woolington
Chapter 1 - Welcome to Woolington91TrophyTypeYou completed the first chapter! Thanks to Libretta you managed to escape from the Conroyalists in your patched-up cable car just in time!
If at first you don't succeed
If at first you don't succeed15TrophyTypeFailures won't stop you from trying again - good for you! But now try something else please.
Who cable cares?
Who cable cares?15TrophyTypeWho cares about the cable car model of some weird shopkeeper? You certainly don't! You somehow managed to find the correct settings for the control panel without looking under the sheet in the general store.

Least Earned

Story Wizard
Story Wizard16TrophyTypeYou got Uncle Oboe's adventure story right at the first time! But where's the fun in that?
Return to sender
Return to sender16TrophyTypeBravo! You're a reliable person! Screwdriver, syringe, stapler - no matter what you borrowed, you always return it.
Raft ride
Raft ride16TrophyTypeYou sent a small raft sailing across the swamp. How nice. But now back to saving the world!
Public Enemy No. 1
Public Enemy No. 116TrophyTypeYou disobeyed the system by removing the travel poster in Asposia Central. Congratulations! Consider yourself an outlaw.
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