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Posted on 02 October 17 at 17:01
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House Of The Dead Overkill. A B-movie spoof rail shooter with a mature rating. blood! Guts ! a sweet and humourous soundtrack and more f-bombs than Gordan Ramsey after someone burnt the rice.

Well a Guy called papa cesar has created a virus that turns people and animals in to zombies " Mutants don't use the Z word!!"

Sorry Agent G!

Well a Guy called papa cesar has created a virus that turns people and animals in to mutants.
With each of the characters own personal reasons for stopping or killing papa cesar.
The dialogue between the cast being very tougue and cheek. Even through the action the banter is just a riot

In the playstation version you have two extra levels playing as varla guns and Candi Stryper.

You begin playing as Agent G or Detective Isaac Washington ,if you player one or two same as with the girls.

Agent G - experienced but already highly trained and deadly, he graduated top of his class at the AMS academy and is now on his first assignment.

Detective Isaac Washington: A hard-drinking, ladies' man, Washington is also a habitual rule and heart-breaker. He took the assignment to exact revenge for his father's death

Varla Guns: The hottest stripper on the Bayou City club scene, Varla is also the older sister to crippled scientific genius Jasper Guns

Candi Stryper: A young stripper and former lover of Varla Guns' younger brother Jasper. After finding out the death of Jasper, Candi joins Varla to seek revenge against Papa Caesar, Sadly or not depending on your point of view comes across as the a dumb blonde stripper/hooker. Not too smart but damn!!!!!, she comes across as the 1st person to go in to a room after a strange noise has been heard and gets killed (yep that kinda)

Graphics 8/10
Lets be honest here the game aint gonna win no awards for best graphics (compared to wii version) the HD version brings nice visuals bodies exploding and blood everywere is a nice touch. The copy I have brought 2nd hand may I add has the 3d glasses and its nice its like being at the movies and the 3d does make you lean back but after a while it can become a little dull but still adds to that movies charm which is a nice touch.

Audio 8/10
The soundtrack is fun and makes you smile as you go and through the levels theres gold discs scattered around which allows you to play the music at the jukebox in the collectables section.
Now it aint like the star wars theme tune, and espicailly The Brothel Creepers - One Night In Bayou had me in stitches and i was humming it for days.

Gameplay and controllers 6-7 /10
6 is for using a standard controller and a 7 fot the move option. Like Time crisis you can use a controller with a crosshair. It works its quick and very accurate thanks to the cross hairs. But lets face it, This game is an arcade plastic gun kill game so a pad just takes the fun out of it (which will put some players off).

The move controller which I am using playstion sharp shooter which is 12 pounds makes this game fun and I do feel like im in the arcades blasting away. its deafult setup is the pump replaces the shoot off screen for reload and theres a button under the trigger for grenades so it feels very natural.

There is a slight lag and in my case a miss aim but this is only slight. Lucky its not a sniper game or it would kill it for me.

Reply 7/10
There are also a virus you can shoot which will slow the action down people to save or shoot in my case oppsss. Along with money which you need to purchase bigger guns and upgrade exisiting ones.
Leaderboards are nice addition too just like playing an arcade machine along with combo for countious hits without damage being taken can test a lot of players.

Reply well like most games of this style play it enough you know when they show and how etc

so this game really doesnt have a massive reply value.
but to keep you keen theres the challenge modes points survial and mini games too and the directors cut (aint unlocked it yet )

Trophies and collectables
Well theres a lot in the comic book pages, 3d models, audio tracks,posters to collect throught out the game.

Overall 7/10
Lets face facts that HOTD overkill was not gonna turn the gaming world on its head but since you can get the move and the gun attachments pretty cheap now adds a value to this game.

Its just a lot of fun it was never supposed to be serious and its the kinda game you mates come round have a beer (or soda) and blast some zombies "mutants !!!" sorry mutants and enjoy the show.

To me this game is a shining exmaple of an shooter which makes you laugh and even better with friends
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