The Flame in the Flood: Complete Edition Reviews

  • shenkopotamusshenkopotamus200,195
    06 Dec 2020
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    I suspect the reason the ratio for this game is so high is that it is so buggy. I really enjoyed the game until it broke my spirit. I have done two playthroughs now and both bugged out on me. The first was a campaign that I completed. Once you finish the campaign you are supposed to be able to select a checkpoint to restart at. This glitched and I kept respawning at the end island. In this game when you die any items stored in your companion dog carry over to your next play through, which can help immensely for stocking up on food or warm clothes to go for tricker trophies. Since I couldn’t respawn at a checkpoint after completing I couldn’t load up my dog and kill myself. So I decided to go for the 200 mile on endless mode trophy. It was going great until my raft randomly fell off the map 107 miles into my run. Not only did I waste all of that time, but I can’t open my inventory while on the raft so I again can’t transfer food and clothes to my dog. If you are lucky enough to avoid these problems then the game is great.