The Eye of Judgment

PlayStation 3

The Eye of Judgment Trophies

Most Earned

Gatemaster15TrophyTypeFor braving the gateway to battle. (Victory vs. starter deck)
Mourning Ascetic
Mourning Ascetic18TrophyTypeFor training in the rites of the flame. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Fire Crusader)
Okunadan Monk
Okunadan Monk19TrophyTypeFor suppressing the aquatic mutiny. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Water Barrage)
Swordsman of East Reach
Swordsman of East Reach20TrophyTypeFor gaining the recognition of your earthen comrades. (Victory vs. Set 1 theme deck, Earth Emperor)

Least Earned

Divine Summoner
Divine Summoner469TrophyTypeIn recognition of your rank as a true master summoner. (Acquisition of all trophies)
Divine Warrior of Juno
Divine Warrior of Juno226TrophyTypeIn recognition of those truly experienced in battle. (victory in countless duels)
Condemned Biolith
Condemned Biolith74TrophyTypeFor striking fear into the hearts of the heartless Bioliths. (Completion of Set 3 Challenge 5)
Unsinkable Biolith Armada
Unsinkable Biolith Armada73TrophyTypeFor abolishing the Prime Elements. (Completion of Set 2 Challenge 5)
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