8. The Evil Within The Executioner DLCUpdate notes

Playthrough 1

This is the playthrough where you'll get the majority of the Torments, all of the collectibles, and as many memory tokens as possible. You'll also want to quickly learn the strategies for killing the boss enemies you'll be facing here.

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Start off by grabbing the Mobius file off the door, exiting this room, and smashing the barrels here for memory tokens. These are the equivalent of green gel in the main game. Run right and get up to the gate, kicking it down and moving forward to be introduced to combat. Attack the Haunted here until you are prompted to grab and throw him. Once you do, damage him some more to be prompted on executions. Perform your first execution here for Torment 1/18. You're going to want to perform executions at every given opportunity, both for extra tokens and related trophies. Move inside and be sure to pick up Diary 1/14 from the floor in front of you. Go into the room on the left for Diary 2/14 on the sink, a save mirror on the wall, and an upgrade station to the left. Exit and go up the stairs to be introduced to scanning with cn_L2, so scan the statue here for Diary 3/14. Go back don the stairs for a Mobius file, which unlocks the left door in this hall.

In this room, scan the portrait on the left for Diary 4/14. Go through the door on the right, duck under the trap, and move into the next room for an enemy. Try to knock him down for an execution for Torment 2/18. If not, no worries. Many, many opportunities will arise throughout the DLC. Go through the door and portal in this next room to confront the Sadist. At first, 2 Haunted will spawn in. Execute them after a few attacks. Once both are dead, the Sadist spawns in. Rush him with a sprint and hit (cn_L1 + cn_R2) to stab at him. One of these, followed up by a swinging hammer will disrupt his chainsaw attack and knock him back. Press on him, making sure you're in front of his face the entire time, and he'll be dead before the other Haunted spawn and before he can even hit you.

Back in the main hall, you'll acquire the chainsaw for purchase. Go into the shop and purchase dynamite, a wire trap, and the chainsaw. Upon exiting, you'll notice that the execution chamber in this area is now open. Enter it, chainsaw at the ready. The Haunted will come from the top and sides here, just run around killing them all with the chainsaw. Your first kill counts as Torment 3/18, and the other 9 will net you:

After finishing the chamber, re-enter it immediately. Throw down a wire trap for the first enemy here, then run up and execute him when he gets caught in it for Torment 4/18. Throw down another one and equip your dynamite. As soon as the next Haunted walks into it, throw the dynamite and blow them up for Torments 5-6/18. When the 3rd wave of Haunted spawn, you'll notice some have red pustules on their skin. These will explode when thrown or turn into cadavers if not completely destroyed. Attack one of these Haunted until it can be grabbed, then pick it up. Carry it around until two of its buddies cluster together, then throw your Haunted at them to blow all 3 up for Torments 7-8/18. Execute the rest of the Haunted and exit the chamber.

Upgrade and save if you'd like, buy some more dynamite, and then pick up the Mobius file. This opens the right door, so head into it and deal with the 3 Haunted in here. Go left until you find yourself blocked, but luckily, you can use your magical teleportation by suicide Keeper power to move past the debris. In here, scan the piano for Diary 5/14. Enter into the next room here, and head through the portal to start the Zehn fight. Run down, and jump onto the harpoon gun, firing it into the Giant when he breaks free from the chains. Once he falls over, run over and hit cn_S on him for a powerful club attack. Run past him to the other harpoon gun in the area. Get on it and kill the Haunted here for Torment 9/18. Coax Zhen into following you around to the left, hitting him with the harpoon gun here as well. Club him again, and then wait for him to recover. Use your dynamite now. Getting caught in the blast will knock Zhen down for another easy club. This should be the death of him.

Back in the main area, grab the Mobius file. Head upstairs and to the left, clearing out the Haunted with executions in the library and bedrooms here. Down the hall and to the right, head into the bathroom on the right. Kill the Haunted, and scan the tub for Diary 6/14. Now move past the ghost into the bedroom. Scan the foot of the bed for Diary 7/14, then turn around and head to where you saw the ghost. Scan here and enter this door to begin the Joseph battle. Joseph is a tough enemy, he can shoot you from far, axe you up close, and throw a molotov if you're pressing him too hard with attacks. Run to the right to begin this fight, waiting for Joseph to drop down to your level. Once he does, rush him with your stabbing hammer attack or by using dynamite. There's a health kit in the right corner of the area, near the back, if he becomes too much to handle. Chase him around the area, knocking him back with stabs whenever possible, attacking until he falls.

NOTE: On NG+, simply run right and wait for Joseph to follow you down. Once he drops to the first floor, use your RPG to knock him down, and keep firing before he gets up. After 2-3 shots, he will be dead with no hassle at all.

Back in the main hall, you will have unlocked molotovs for purchase and the hallway behind the painting. Run down the hall, and enter the portal. Keep on running, stopping to pick up Diary 8/14 from the floor in front of you. The walkway in front of you will collapse, but luckily you are a magically teleporting Keeper. Get to the other side, and then drop down into the hole here for:

  • Home Invasion

    Clear the first and second floors of the manor house in The Executioner.

    Home Invasion
    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Main Storyline - These trophies are gained automatically by progressing through the main game mode.

Keep moving on until you see the safe room door on your left. Enter it and pick up Diary 9/14 from the shelf on the left. Save, upgrade (be sure to buy some Molotovs), and exit. There is a new execution chamber here, and you should really give it a shot. Upon entering, throw down a wire trap to catch the first Haunted around. Throw your new Molotov at it while it's caught for Torments 10-11/18. Now run around the room and damage some more enemies, picking them up once you can and tossing one into the spike structure in the middle of the room for Torment 12/18. Attack and damage another Haunted before throwing him into the moving blades in the back of this arena for Torment 13/18. Kill 8 more enemies in this fashion in order to unlock:

Once you get it, kill all of the other Haunted in this chamber with executions. If you've been executing diligently, you should have or be close to unlocking:

Once this chamber is cleared, collect your tokens and pick up the Mobius file from the wall ahead of you here. This will open up the path on the left, which you can now take. Upon entering, go left twice and scan this corner for Diary 10/14 on some corpses. Move through this room and into the next, taking a left here. Follow the path until you get to the heated plates. Run left, right, and down the middle to avoid the plates. Continue following the path here until reaching a rotating bade trap. Hit the lever on the right to raise it. Once it's up, run under it and to the right, then left, then pausing near the 2nd set of traps. Once you can run right, do so, and hit the lever here to make them retract. Turn around and run straight to pick up Diary 11/14 from the floor in front of the stationary blade traps. Turn right twice and enter the portal through the door to start the RPG Sadist fight. The RPG Sadist can somehow burst fire his single-shot weapon and is deadly at both close and long range. Start by rushing up the stairs at him, using your stabbing and dodging tactic to stay in close without him getting the chance to shoot. If he does shoot, strafe left or right until he either runs away or pauses to reload. Stay on him tight until he dies.

NOTE: On NG+, the RPG is once again your friend here. Attack him up top, then unload with your RPG once he drops down below for easy hits. Just make sure to dodge his shots!

Back in the basement, you'll unlock the RPG. This is important. Purchase it early, and upgrade it as much as possible. Pick up the Mobius file here, and take the door to the right. Immediately in front of you is a table for you to scan for Diary 12/14. Move through this area and equip your wire traps. Teleport through the gate here, and watch the short scene with the Invisible Haunted. Toss your trap down to the left and run right, as this will likely force the enemy directly into the trap for an easy execution. Once it's dead, the door to the Amalgam portal unlocks. Head through it.

This fight, in my experience, is glitchier on the Xbox One than the 360. If you're too close to the cars as they get flung at you, they'll just fly behind you and explode. Stay a healthy distance away from the cars, hitting them back to Amalgam with cn_T. These cars do loads of damage, so make sure to hit them all back. Aim at least one car at a Haunted, making sure the resulting explosion kills it for Torment 14/18. There are exploding Haunted that spawn here as well, so grabbing and throwing them at Amalgam will do wonders. Take out your RPG and kill at least one Haunted for Torment 15/18, the last one possible in this playthrough. Once Amalgam is killed, you can proceed down the hall that has opened in front of you for:

Proceed until you see the ghost run through the wall in the hallway with all the doors. Pick up Diary 13/14 here, then scan the wall to reveal a door. Open it and pick up Diary 14/14 from the desk for:

  • Nosy Parent

    Collect all Daughter's Diaries in The Executioner.

    Nosy Parent
    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Collectable - These trophies are obtained by exploring the game environment to find a set of unique objects.

This room contains a save mirror, upgrade station, and execution chamber. Do this chamber multiple times, mopping up any Torments you need and grinding out memory tokens. At least get enough tokens to fully upgrade your RPG and whatever else you feel you need. I recommend dynamite capacity. Expect another 300-500 tokens to play with in NG+, so no need to overdo it here. Once you're ready, go through the doors for a cutscene to face the Dark Keeper.

The Dark Keeper is a very annoying foe. Head out past the cutscene for him to appear in the stage, then slowly back up. As long as you move slowly, so should he. Back up until you find the lever on the right wall. Hit it, and hopefully, the Dark Keeper will be walking right under the crusher. Stay in this area, moving near the other crusher here as the Dark Keeper respawns. He's smarter and faster now, so wait for him under the crusher. When he lunges to attack, dodge backwards and hit the lever, crushing him before he can fully recover. Now, the real fun starts. The Dark Keeper will summon the arms of Laura to attack you, so evade right immediately to avoid them. Run around the entire arena in a circle 3 times, all the while evading Laura's arms, until the Dark Keeper becomes visible where he first spawned in. Hit him with any attack to get rid of Laura. Now he is incredibly fast, so run close to a crusher and drop a wire trap. Try to bait him into lunging at you or into the trap, which he has a tendency to walk over effortlessly. Once you crush him for the final time, you have reached the end of The Executioner.

Playthrough 2

This is the playthrough where you'll be going through without taking damage but also completing your final Torments. Be sure to start up a New Game +, and if you get hit by an enemy at any point during this playthrough (besides when I specify later), reload your last checkpoint. By now, you should have a very well upgraded set of weapons, so be sure to take out enemies quickly and efficiently. If anyone in particular is giving you issues, refer back to the strategies I listed in playthrough 1.

Be sure to head into the shop to purchase the sword first and foremost. When you encounter enemies, slice one up with the sword equipped, and execute another with it for Torments 16-17/18. The first difference will come when you complete the first and second floors of the house. A small cutscene will show a door unlocking (the one that contained the trap that almost minced up Seb in Chapter 9 of the campaign). Return to that door, have your RPG ready, and enter the portal. This is the same arena you used to battle Joseph, but this fight is a bit easier since Sebastian doesn't have molotovs. Run to the right and hide out away from Seb's view just inside the doorframe. When he drops down onto the ground level, immediately blast him with the RPG. The blast will toss him around a bit, keeping him on the ground. Keep using your RPG to make sure he dies without even getting the chance to stand up. Killing Sebastian will net you:

Now proceed on normally until you reach the last "safe" room, where you can save and purchase upgrades, especially the Golden Hammer. This is right before the hallway you meet the Dark Keeper. In this room, you'll want to


Sorry, was I shouting? Anyway, you're going to want to make a separate save here. Why? Because I think it is legitimately impossible to complete the final Torment (located through the portal in this room) without taking damage. Even if it is, you don't want to spend the time trying to do it anyway. Making a separate save ensures that the run you just did without getting touched is still intact, but you are able to also complete the last Torment without needing to do a 3rd playthrough. After making the new save, jump through the portal behind you to start the last Torment.

Now, keep in mind that when you die, any ammo you expended beforehand will still be missing. However, you also keep your coins for upgrades and ammo replenishing. I had my speed, defense, health, hammer, rocket launcher, sword, and dynamite capacity all fully upgraded by the time I finished, and it will most likely take a few attempts.

You start off with 2 waves of regular enemies. These can be easily dispatched through hammer hits and executions, so take them out with ease. The next wave brings out a SWAT and dynamite Haunted, always from the elevators. Wait for them to the side, follow them, then knock them back before they can use their weapons. Either the dynamite Haunted will drop a stick, or the SWAT Haunted will drop a health kit. The latter would be better for you.

Next up, we have the boss waves. During these waves, regular Haunted will spawn in unlimited numbers, so pay them as little mind as possible. The grabbers will annoy the hell out of you, but taking the time to fight them is usually a waste. Focus on the bosses. You have a Sadist step up first who can be easily dispatched with the hammer. Keep swinging at him, disrupting his chainsaw attacks before he can follow through with them. If you can run at him and use your sprinting stab attack safely, it will cause some serious damage to him. Keep on smashing until the Sadist is ground beef.

His death brings the Giant from the opposite side of the parking lot without the harpoons here to help you. Use dynamite to knock him down, then cn_S to swing his own club for a powerful attack. If you use up all of your dynamite, turn to the sword to chop him up quickly. The sword isn't very useful for much else, so just make sure you're not trying to rush Zhen while he's building up one of his devastating swing attacks.

Immediately after that, you get the RPG Sadist to deal with. Skirt around him as best as possible, going in for a stab or series of swings when he's reloading or just after firing his rocket. After a few good hits, that should result in him dropping his RPG, pulling out a chainsaw, and attacking you. He will be followed by another Sadist, both wielding chainsaws and attacking you at once. Use your hammer on this duo. Dispatch them the same way you've been killing Sadists up to this point.

Now, at this point, almost every boss you've killed has dropped a health pack. Unless you're exceptionally good, you've had to use some. Remember where they are, and know the best way to get to them. From the elevators, Sebastian and Joseph will spawn, both with equal amounts of health. Issue is, Sebastian can take out about a third of your health with one bullet, so focusing on him is the best idea. Unload your rocket launcher into Seb, making him fall and continuing to hit him while he's down. If you can aim your blasts to also keep Joseph down, that'll save you some trouble. When the rockets run dry, turn to whatever dynamite you have left to keep them on the ground. After this, rush in with your sword, focusing on Seb. Make sure to dodge whenever he winds up a punch, because somehow the absolutely useless melee in the base campaign is able to take away half of the Keeper's health in this DLC. Once he's dead, focus on Joseph with the sword, switching to the hammer if it breaks. He will try to roll away to shoot or throw a molotov, but as long as you stay in close combat with him, there isn't much he can do. If he keeps the pressure up too high with the molotovs, break away, and make a run for some of the health packs. After killing the remaining cop, you'll finish Torment 18/18 and unlock:

Completing this Torment will also unlock infinite ammo in the shop. Go ahead and purchase it to unlock:

With that over with, load up the previous save I told you to make which contains your damage free run. The last part of this run is definitely the worst, so enter through the doors, skip the scenes, and get ready for the Dark Keeper.

The Dark Keeper is incredibly fast and incredibly smart. Start the battle off by running forward to get him to spawn, then slowly backing up. As long as he continues to slowly creep towards you, you can hit the first switch and get in crush 1 without breaking a sweat. The next time, he's much smarter. Stand underneath the crusher you spawn in front of when you first enter this area, waiting for the Dark Keeper to make a lunging attack with the sword. When he moves like he's about to strike, dodge backwards, and hit the switch. The act of rushing with the sword and the recovery time needed to move out of the way will likely be too much, and he will be crushed the second time.

This last segment is the hardest part. Immediately dodge the hands flying at you, and run around the square 3 times. When you see the Dark Keeper again, strike him with your hammer. He is much faster and more agile now, so tricking him under a trap will be much more difficult. I backed up, never getting too far away from him, walking him near any of the crushers. As long as he kept walking slowly, I threw down a wire trap to ensnare him as soon as he walked over it. I quickly dashed to the final lever, bringing the crusher down and ending the game. If you get hit any point, you have to restart from before the checkpoint that introduced the Dark Keeper, so it can get frustrating. However, once you succeed, you shall unlock:

Along with a nice, healthy completion of The Evil Within! Great work.

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