7. The Evil Within The Consequence DLCUpdate notes

Playthrough 1

This will be your collectible playthrough and also the one where you'll get used to the layout of the levels and how to navigate them. Below is the collectible video. I recommend following it so you don't miss anything I mention.

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Chapter 3

As soon as you start off, go to open the door and find yourself back in familiar surroundings. After the change, turn around and examine the wall on the right with your light. This is the combination of the safe on the desk, so go over and open it up for Letter Scrap 1/8. Go into the door on the left and speak to Tatiana. After your brief conversation, the wall breaks down a bit. You'll need to explore the rest of this area to make it crumble entirely. Start by going back into the hallway with the doors, and examine the door on the left with the glow coming from it. After the scene, enter the room and retrieve Research Document 1/8 from the stool here. Now turn around and exit this room, checking every door in this hallway. Now head back to the main hall, going through the iron door that leads to the upgrade station in the main campaign for another cutscene. Go through the left door, back to where the lockers are, for a confrontation with an old friend. You'll get the last scene as you go back to the main hall again, after which you can use your light to create a door in the wall here.

After the TV scene in this room, head straight forward until you reach a room where Kidman talks about the STEM terminal in the facility. Turn around and head right to create another doorway. Go straight from this door until you see a Haunted run away. Follow it until you come to a door you have to force open. After you do so, you'll be thrown into a cutscene. Your flashlight breaks, as does the Haunted. Pick up the chemical lights from the wall behind you, keeping in mind you have to make it through the next sessions using less than 10 of them. Find the right railing, and follow it around until you come to a ladder you can descend.

At the bottom of the ladder, find the Haunted you tossed down here to see he has a bit of a struggle left in him. Stomp him out, round the corner, and duck under the grate here. Go around this area to the right and walk straight, making a left to get into the red door. Hug the left wall here to find a staircase going down, then continue to follow the left side of these rooms until you find more stairs. Eventually, you'll come to a fenced area. Head right in this room to find a lever. Pull it for:

Now make your way back up in the light, pausing to grab the axe from the corpse at the top of the stairs. In the next room, a door will fall over and attract the Haunted. Hide from them, and move back to the ladder, the same way you got to the door in the first place. At the top of the ladder, head all the way back to the door you passed earlier with the hand scanner next to it. Then use it and head down the stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs, move the container right in front of you. Move in front of it, and use the hand scanner in this new area. Then go through the newly opened door and grab Research Document 2/8 from the desk in front of you. After the scene, the room changes around you. Head through this new door, go right, and end up facing Shade again. Watch it open the door for you, then immediately attack as you pass through. Run straight and to the left, entering an office room. Go up to the door and scan your hand, then spend the time dodging our old buddy by sneaking either around the cubicle or desk near the scanner. Once the door opens, run around the room to the right, and open up the vent in here.

In the next area, Shade is on you immediately, so run right and scan your hand before it catches up to attack. This room is exactly the same as the one from The Assignment, so use the same tactic of hiding behind the servers, walking around them until the elevator comes. Inside the elevator, crouch down, and avoid the shoe coming from above you. Exit the elevator and run down the bloody hallway into a Cadaver filled room. Bait the Cadavers into attacking, running into the hallway you came from, forcing them to explode before reaching you. With the Cadavers dead, duck under the grate to the left of the shelf to open another sealed door.

Go forward and around this room into the doorway here. Grab your new flashlight and keep it equipped to open up the hallway in this room. Proceed down it, making a left as soon as you open the door. Examine the safe here, and match up the blood on the dials to the blood on the safe itself for Letter Scrap 2/8. Go downstairs, and use your light to create a scene in this room. Then find the combination to the door on the board to your right. After opening the door, check the cart halfway down the hall for Research Document 3/8. Proceed on to the STEM terminal, going behind it to force open the door here.

In this next room head forward until you come to a ladder you can climb down (?) for a long time, eventually ending at the KCPD. Go up the stairs through 2 doors here, and you'll find yourself in a scene. Go right and immediately right again to find a door to enter. Use your light to look through the window for the combination to the safe in the room with you, which you can open now for Letter Scrap 3/8. Leave this room and make a right, following the path here for another scene. Repeat this process for a 3rd scene, making sure you pick up Personnel File 1/3 from the desk to the right after the scene ends. Head through the doors one more time for a scene.

Go down the stairs and jump down onto the collapsing building. Go onto the beams here, heading left, and getting the tutorial to shoving enemies (its the same thing as sneak killing) so be sure to introduce it to the nearby Haunted. Make a right afterwards, then a left down the stairs. On the right side, on a machine, is Research Document 4/8. Go down the stairs and drop down, moving right in sneak. Watch the Haunted here, moving close to him as he stupidly approaches the ledge. Shove him off when he stops to admire the view. Turn around and watch the Haunted here, shoving him when he turns around and gets close to the ledge as well. Hit the lever here, moving across the beams and climbing up the HOTEL sign across from it.

Head left through the hole in the wall, and be sure to acquire Personnel File 2/3 from the doorframe on the left. Move to the vending machine, and go left to the safe here, thinking of it as "If the buttons are ordered from 1-16 with 1 being the top left and 16 being the bottom right, the order is 3, 9, 16, 6, 1." courtesy of Senyth. Pick up Letter Scrap 4/8 from this safe. Now go to the vending machine and hit it 15 times. After doing this, turn around ,and go to the right to watch a painting fall from the wall. Go up to it and interact with the hole in the wall. This does absolutely nothing for gameplay, but it's funny as hell. After that wonderful detour, turn back around and force the doors open at the end of the hall. In this room, grab the first fragment from the right. Now, duck under the wall to the left and run around the side of this room. At the top left desk of this office area contains the other fragment. Just avoid the Haunted here, which is rather easy. Return to the sculpture after getting the 2nd fragment, putting both on it and using your light to open the elevator here. Head inside for a scene.

Exit the elevator and melee the planks in your way here, moving along the given path until you get to the gondola area after seeing Sebastian. Run right by the SWAT Haunted here, as it can't hurt you much. In the little shed at the back of the area, you finally get a gun and some ammo, so use the first bullet on the barrel by the SWAT. His death brings in a few more Haunted, so use barrels or bullets to dispatch them. Go into the room they burst from for some ammo and a lever that stops the gondola. This will spawn a few more Haunted for you to kill. Proceed over the gondola, follow the hallway, and launch into a boss battle after the scene.

Shade is rather easy to kill. When it doesn't have you in its line of sight, move out from cover and shoot the light. It isn't able to be injured anywhere else or when the light is off, so keep strafing around a pillar until it loses you, shoot it, and repeat. After 4-5 shots, Shade finally falls. Stomp out it's face, then head down the hallway here for another scene. This puts you into another forced running section, where you start by running forward. Take a right at the shutter. Go straight until the intersection here, where you'll go left, left, right as the boards get thrown up around you. After the boards, run right for:

Chapter 4

After losing your gun to the surprise of no one, head right to find a Ruvik portrait. Interact with it to burn it, and then duck down under the burnt painting. Continue on, seeing the elevator Seb shoots fall in front of you. Crouch after the elevator, picking up Research Document 5/8 from the desk to your right after dropping down. Continue on ahead, watching as Leslie runs to the right. Follow him, watching the scene as he runs into the next room. Now, from this point on, you can't kill any enemies or be spotted (indicator turns red) until you get to the end of the hotel. Start off by moving around the table, getting the Haunted to commit to one side. Move up and to the right, moving to the back of the dining room to find a bottle. Toss it as far back as you can, getting the Haunted here to run around the tables. When it's clear, burn the portrait to free Leslie and move through the doors.

In this next hallway, move straight until you see a Mobius symbol on the wall. Use your light to open it up, and then check the wall for a number and color. Move around the room to find the yellow number on the painting and the blue one to right. Use these to open the safe in here for Letter Scrap 5/8. Leave this room, and take 2 left turns, dropping down to a lower floor when you can. Make another left here, following the cat to Research Document 6/8. Leave this room and head right, forcing the door open into a freezer. Pick up the bottle on the right here then go down the stairs on the left, sneaking to avoid the Cadaver. Move to the back left of the room, into the vent, carefully. After coming out into the meat locker, toss the bottle to the far right hand corner, moving in to pick up the key card from the left. Now head back, being careful of Cadavers, and then move the container on the right to attract all of them to you. Stick to the wall on the right, moving back to find the card reader on the door. Use it and escape this room. Continue on, spotting the dumbwaiter on the wall behind some crates. Hit the switch below the green light for:

Proceed on until you find the kitchen, which is a tricky part to overcome. Sneak down and grab the bottle on the right, moving up when the coast is clear. Before reaching the portrait, toss the bottle far left into the room. This should distract the Haunted and allow you to burn this first portrait. Now turn around, sneaking, and get to the back of this room where you had come from. Watch the Haunted on the right, checking left for that Haunted as well, running straight and ducking under the grate here once they turn away. Move left in here, popping out of the grate when the Haunted leaves to burn portrait 2. After this, turn around and re-enter the grate, following it all the way straight. Peer out the hole, and when no Haunted are looking, sneak out and go through the left door to burn the portrait and get a scene to end this section. Now, very importantly, examine the dumbwaiter in this room before leaving. It contains a safe, similar to the other light safe we did earlier, with the combination being 2, 5, 13, 11, 16, 4. This gives you Letter Scrap 6/8. Now move out and head down the hall with Leslie for stairs that lead to double doors, a cutscene, and:

Walk into the light and through the double doors for a scene. You're back in Beacon. Head right, avoiding the Haunted that are wandering the area. Wait behind the cart with the bottle (or toss a bottle far left) for the Haunted to move past it, then go to the door Leslie went through and force it open. Smash the monitors in the security room to open up the way to proceed, so head back and down the new stairs here to find the morgue. Use your light to create a scene on one of the slabs here. After it's done, ride the elevator up a floor for another scene. Head through the double doors, make a left in the hall, and pick up Research Document 7/8 from the cart right in front of you.

Head right and down the stairs, and then go left and use your light on the table in the back. After the scene, use your light to the right, then back to the left opposite side of the table, and then finally through the sliding doors. This will change the area, so now you can break the boxes on the left to find a solution on the wall for the safe in the back right corner of this room. Open it up for Letter Scrap 7/8. Go to the door in the back, following the path Sebastian took all that time ago in Chapter 1 of the main game. Move past the grate here into the door for a change of scenery. Go up the stairs and to the back, finding the vent on the left. Go through it for a scene.

Move up to the door the Haunted shot through, going in when it's safe. Take the axe off the wall and sneak up on the Haunted for a kill to take his weapon. Pick up shells from the front of the room, and then shoot the lock off the door to proceed. I personally did find the need to kill everything in this room, so start with the 2 Haunted on the ground floor. Another 2 will rush down the stairs, so kill them as well. Pick up the ammo in here, then proceed up the stairs and to the left. Blow up the Cadavers here, then proceed through the vent. Use your light on the Mobius symbol to open the vent to the blood pool, then drop down.

Run around the pool and grab the ammo from the cart, blasting the Cadaver as soon as it comes up on the railing. Run and jump right, immediately getting onto the ladder before the Haunted attacks. Move ahead, blasting the head off the Haunted here and blowing up the Cadaver crawling up on the right. Another Cadaver will come up on the right here, so blow him up, move into the gate, and skirt past the awakening Haunted here. Move down the hall as the area changes once again.

Move up for a scene with The Administrator, then use your light to open the path past the gate here. Go through it, then examine the table next to the save point on the right for Personnel File 3/3 and:

Collect the ammo and move down the escalator, then out the sliding doors. To the right is a safe. Match up the blood on the dials again for Letter Scrap 8/8. Assemble the letter in the Archive menu for:

Now, walk to the double doors ahead of you. In this area, off to the right, is a room with Research Document 8/8 on a desk. Snag it for:

Move to the end of the hall and call the elevator. Hold out here against some Haunted, but make sure you save at least one shotgun shell. Just stand with your back to the elevator, only firing when the Haunted get too close. Take the elevator up when you can, watching the scenes. At the top of the elevator, you'll see Leslie run into the next room. Go to Ruvik's brain in the middle of the room, and put a shell into it for:

Now follow Leslie for a scene and to initiate a confrontation. The first part of the fight is quite easy. Stand in place, waiting for all the shadow clones to close in. When they vanish, run around a bit. A single shadow will appear to grab you. Shoot him when he does. Repeat this process a few more times, using your light on the symbols on the ground for more ammo if you need it. After this, you'll be put in another area, fighting against 2 Kidman clones. They like to get in close to grab you. Discourage them with the shotgun. Shells can be found by using your light on some walls, so look for the symbols here. Run around this area, getting the clones to charge you before shooting them at close range for maximum damage. Once both are dead, you'll be taken to another area.

Use your light on each pillar for shotgun ammo. In here, you have to run forward and duck behind the cover here when The Administrator sends out a shockwave. Start by ducking down on the right, wait for the wave, and then break away and run to the next piece of cover. After the next wave, charge him to initiate the final stage of the fight. 2 large hands will emerge behind him, one of which will lift itself up to reveal the nail symbol. When it does, shoot it and run to the opposite side of the walkway you're on. Each hand only needs 2 shots each to be put down, and ammo can be found on both sides of the walkway with your light. After both hands are down, use your shotgun on The Administrator himself. You'll find yourself in a corridor. Walk up to the enemy on the ground, and after some dialogue, pull the trigger for a few scenes and:

Playthrough 2 - KURAYAMI

KURAYAMI mode is exactly the same as a normal run of the game. The only difference is that the environment is much darker, with the only illumination coming from your flashlight and the occasional enemy. If you need help navigating a part, refer back to the normal walkthrough above and follow it just the same. Completing the game on KURAYAMI will unlock:

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