6. The Evil Within The Assignment DLCUpdate notes

Playthrough 1

This will be your collectible playthrough, getting you used to the layout of the levels and picking up all the collectibles. The collectible video is linked below. Follow it to make sure you don't miss anything!

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Chapter 1: An Oath

You start off in the same place the ambulance crashed in the main game. Run forward, taking in the dialogue, until you get to a cave. Head in for a cutscene, and you end up on the ground floor. Immediately turn right and run down the passageway to collect Personnel File 1/3. Turn around and make a right, continuing forward, ducking down and then jumping over the sandbags as the screen goes fuzzy. Melee the planks and squeeze through the tight passage in the cave for a drastic change in scenery.

Here, you will be introduced to the saving methods in The Assignment and The Consequence, the couch. Save if you wish, and then turn around and head right. Continue through the doors here, going straight until you reach another set of automatic doors that are slightly to the left. Hold cn_X near the hand scanner in this next room, then proceed up the escalator for some dialogue and a cutescene.

Upon awakening, move forward and left to find a flashlight blocking the doors. Take it, it's very necessary in this DLC. Move ahead to find someone trapped in a room, head left, and open the vent in the floor. Crawl through it until you reach the end of the vent system, getting out when the game allows you to. Leave this room and make your way through the newly opened door, being sure to grab Research Document 1/7 from the ground near the corpse. Stick to the right and hit cn_O to take cover behind the planter here. Use cn_S to call the Haunted to your location, then break away from the wall to sneak around it and reach the doors it was guarding. Pass through these doors and open the safe on the right (the combination is from the most blood on the number to the least) to find Letter Scrap 1/8. Move the container in here and exit the room.

Grab the bottle in front of you here and wait for the Haunted to the left to move a bit closer. Throw the bottle in front of you to shatter on the wall, then move left and into the vent when he's distracted by the bottle. Crawl around and out of the vent, hitting the switch on the wall you emerge in front of. Go left and interact with the phone here to call the phone in the room to the left. Head out and towards that room, hitting the switch on the green button on the wall near that room. That should lock in the Haunted you attracted with that call and unlock:

Turn around and open the vent behind you, crawling through it and emerging in the storage room. Grab the keycard to the left, then hide in the locker before the Haunted breaks through the door for a short scene. Get out of the locker and head back the way you came, moving past the vent you got out of earlier, making a left at the end of the hall, and using your keycard on the door here. In this next room, scan your hand in front of you. Turn around and interact with the computer, then immediately take cover right where you stand by the desk. Remain in cover until the creature leaves through the wall.

Stand up and use cn_L2 to focus your light onto the Mobius symbol on the wall to open up a door. Pass through this familiar hall, making a left and moving forward as you do. Keep going straight after seeing Leslie, passing through some doors along the way. In the next room, move ahead and make a left, crawling under the vent here. Use your flashlight to examine the paintings here for the combination to the safe on the desk, and then open it for Letter Scrap 2/8. Crawl back under the vent, then quietly sneak into the next room at the bottom of the stairs, grabbing the bottle as you do.

In the next room, duck down and throw the bottle to the smaller room on the left. When the Haunted goes to investigate the noise, lock him in. Now move right across the room and make a left here to pick up the bottle up off the box here, moving left and sneaking into the cubicle here to pick up the keycard on the desk. Sneak back around to where you took the bottle, then move up and stay hidden behind the cubicle. Toss the bottle far back behind the cubicle across the room. When the Haunted runs in that direction, use the keycard on the door and move down the hallway, going through the vent on the right at the end of it. Move through the vent and get a checkpoint upon exiting.

At the bottom of the stairs, shine your light at the model of the nail here to line up the shadow of it with the Mobius symbol on the wall to reveal the door. Go through it and shine your light on the Mobius symbol on the left to reveal a desk containing Research Document 2/7. Pick it up, watch the scene, and then head through the doors and down the stairs. Move past the plastic here and into the next room, using your light to make a projector appear on the stand for a scene. Move out of this room, and make a left into the doorway here, finding yourself in a room full of plastic curtains. Move into each room, 3 total, and reveal the plans on the poster boards with your light. This will trigger another scene that unlocks the door in this room. Move through it, and then open another sealed door at the end of the hall to the left.

Walk down the escalator, trying to scan your hand at the door here. When it comes up as invalid, move to the left and go down the elevator here for a scene. In front of you after exiting the elevator is a computer you need to interact with. Now interact with the head scanner for a short scene. Move into the next room and go down the stairs, into the next room and interacting with the hand scanner. When the Cadaver exits the vent, duck down and sneak into the vent. Move around, avoiding the Cadaver in here, and exiting the vent. Go up to the ladder here, and kick it down to rile up the Cadavers below you. Climb down, get into sneak, and move right. Watch the movement of the Cadaver here, finding an opening to sneak up the ladder when it moves away. At the top of the ladder, pick up a bottle here and solve the puzzle. The key is to make all of the buttons light up. Once you do, pick up Letter Scrap 3/8 from the safe and head back down the ladder.

Distract the Cadavers here with the bottle, and then sneak under the gate. Sneak under the next one, then hit the lever in this room to move the gate along. Sneak under the first one here, then the one immediately to the right. Go left and under the next gate, waiting for the Cadavers to be away from each other before sneaking under the gate closest to you. Once it snaps back into place, go in and to the left to move the container onto the Cadaver in the next room to kill it. Now, head out from this room and sneak over to the right, jumping onto the container once you reach that room.

At the top of the ladder, go through the sliding doors and grab Personnel File 2/3 from the desk in this room, then interact with the scanner on the left. Turn around and use the hand scanner to lower the bridge here. Run across it to the elevator you came from, running behind the Haunted that rushes you from it. At the bottom of the elevator, run back up the stairs and use the hand scanner on the left. Up the stairs in this room, go to the row of cubicles to the left. On the right wall of this upper area. Shine your light on the row of blocks here. The remaining squares is the combination to the safe in the back of this area, which you can open for Letter Scrap 4/8. Go down the stairs here, watching the elevator rise, then make your way down the staircases on the right of the elevator. At the bottom, on a machine to the left, you will find Research Document 3/7. Go through the door in front of you, taking care to avoid the Haunted on the ground, then take a right and force the door open here.

Move up to the hand scanner here, and use it. Shade will emerge from the side wall here, and the trick is just to stay sneak around, using the servers here for cover. As long as you move around the corners and stay out of the light, you'll be able to avoid Shade by sneaking around one server cluster the entire time. When the elevator finally arrives, rush into it and head up. Exit the elevator, turn left twice, and go through the door here. Follow the path until you find Sebastian and Joseph, then approach them for a cutscene and:

Chapter 2: Crossing Paths

Start off this chapter by using your light on the wall here to create a crevice wide enough to squeeze through. Move ahead in the sewers for a scene involving the TVs, ducking under the walkway here for an introduction to invisible enemies. Head right and grab the axe from the steel here, waiting for the Haunted to turn around. Get behind it and sneak kill it with the axe, moving out of the water and into the next room. Past the hallway, into the next room, go to the left an pick up another axe. Get the drop on the other invisible Haunted in this area, waiting for him to turn around after checking out the shelf you're hiding behind. Go straight into the next room, picking up Research Document 4/7 on the desk to the left. Go back out and turn the crank to raise the gate, then drop down and crawl through the pipe on the right.

After the scene, you have some shooting to do. Target the Cadavers when they're close and red and the Haunted as soon as you can get their heads in your crosshairs. When Shade drops down, shoot it in the light to make it flee. After getting back up, head up the ladder behind the pillar on the right, then use your light to examine the pillar over the right railing. This is the combination to the safe right in front of the ladder, which you can now unlock for Letter Scrap 5/8. Climb back down the ladder, then make a right into the tunnel, following it until you yell for Joseph. Stay on this walkway, sticking to the left to find a fuse box and circuit breaker. Pick up the circuit, inserting it into the first slot in the box.

Go through this new area, making a left after the creepy doll in the water. Use your light here to open another tunnel, ascending the ladder at the end of it. Turn around at the top and use your light to find the combination to this safe on the wall, which you can open up for Letter Scrap 6/8. Return to the tunnel, and climb the ladder on the opposite side. Raise the gate in front of the door and proceed through.

Go through this first room, and turn left down the hall, following it to a door. Right next to the door on the outside is a 2nd circuit. Pick it up, and go back the way you came. At the end of the hall, a Trauma will break through the glass. Turn around and run, going back to where the door was. When the Trauma starts to close in, duck under the fence here and keep moving around with sneak, sticking through the right side and ducking under fences. When you get to the door, force it open, and head for the crank. When you start to turn the crank, the Trauma will break the door down. Run back to where you started ducking under the fences, lure it back there, and then repeat the process. Use the crank once you're safe, then get through the door, and return to the circuit breaker.

Back up here, and insert the 2nd fuse into the 3rd breaker slot. You'll see a scene where a door behind you opens. Run to it and enter the tunnel here. Go up the stairs, then head through the red door on the left for a 3rd circuit. Upon exiting this door, Ruvik will seal the exit. A Haunted will burst through the door here, and you're going to want to run past it into the next room. Catch the attention of the 2 Haunted in here, and then run them around until you have all 3 clustered up. Once you do, stand on the trap on the floor, getting the Haunted on it with you. A spike will come up, hopefully killing at least 2 (and likely yourself, but that's alright) and unlocking:

  • Clutch!

    Use a single trap to kill two or more enemies in The Assignment. (Ch. 2)


Now simply bait the Haunted into the traps, running right, and hitting the lever on the wall. Get into the shutter, and immediately hit the lever in here, locking out the Haunted behind you. Use the crank to raise the gate in here, then run like hell to the door. Kick it down, jump, climb the ladder, and insert the final fuse. Get back down the ladder and into the newly opened passageway. Follow this path, open the door, and check the barrels on the right for Research Document 5/7. Jump down in front of you for a scene with Joseph.

After the scene, look right, and open the door with your light. Go up the stairs, opening another passage with your light. In this room, interact with the triangular object all the way on the right. Use your light to complete the logo on the wall to receive Research Document 6/7 from the hole in the wall you opened. Head out and through the doorframe next to you. Follow the hall for a scene and to initiate the boss fight.

You have to complete this fight without using the interactive electrical devices in the area, just by sneaking up on Joseph. You start off with an axe, so follow Joseph around this room in sneak until you get a good opportunity to get behind him for an attack. With one hit in, run right and pick up the axe off the machine in this room, then hide behind the projector. When Joseph moves through this area, get behind him for a 2nd hit. Run through the room ahead of you, swiping the axe from the table here, hiding behind said table for Joseph to wander by again. This final axe will put him down for a cutscene and:

After awakening in the house, move right until you see the shadow rocking on the wall. Go to it, making sure you pick up Personnel File 3/3 from the chair for:

Exit the house and drop down, walking to the statue until you see Leslie. Turn around and go up the stairs, smashing the crates here. Inside one, you'll find another box puzzle, which you need to light up completely for Letter Scrap 7/8. Now return to where you dropped down continuing down this path for a searchlight. Return to the center, placing the searchlight on the table here. Rotate all the searchlights until they're positioned at the pillar, then go near where the 4th table is broken, and use your flashlight to complete the statue and unlock the door. Proceed through it.

Drop down and go straight here, past the scene with The Administrator. Duck under the wall here, continuing on until you find the couch. Right next to the couch is Research Document 7/7, which will get you:

Head back out, going right. Watch the scene with the Haunted here, then proceed through the doors. There's a Mobius symbol on the right. Illuminate it to create a tunnel. Pick up the bottle on the floor here, avoid the Cadaver, and break the wood on the left. Once the Cadavers move to investigate it, launch the bottle into the cemetery to attract the Cadavers and Haunted. If they happen to touch while searching for the bottle, you'll unlock:

Now go out and to the right, taking the double doors here. There's a small hole to the left. Duck down and enter it for an axe on the tomb here. Kill the torch Haunted wandering around, and then climb the ladder behind the building ahead of you. Ring the bell here by interacting with it, then run and jump down back the way you came from, sneaking under the hole once again. Avoid the Cadaver emerging from the tomb, walk to Leslie and talk to him. The Haunted should be cleared out, so you'll get a scene and move through the gate. Go up the stairs until you see Ruvik, and then check the last hole on the left for a safe (bloody fingerprint puzzle again) for Letter Scrap 8/8. Go into the Archive in the pause menu and piece the letter together for

Continue on past Leslie down the path, and make a left to the narrow passageway. Drop down and go to the gate. When Leslie catches up, Kidman will tell him to hide. Use your flashlight to open the right passage, move to the center of the area, and then use it again to open the monument for the Winged Idol. Open the passage next to it, taking the Ox-headed Idol from the monument in front of you and the Cross-bearing Idol from the one behind it. Now return to the gate and place the Cross-bearing idol on the area marked VII, the Ox-headed Idol on V, and the Angel Winged Idol on XIV. This will open the gate, triggering the Giant when you go through.

Simply run left here, avoiding the Giant and faking him out when he rushes you. Run through the open gate. Now, go up the stairs and through the door for one of the most awesome cutscenes in this game, which reveals a lot about the story. After it ends, you'll be stuck in a running sequence.

Run straight to the camera until the floor collapses, then burst through the gate. Run until you see an opportunity to turn left and take it. Continue on until you can run right, and be sure to do so. Next time you need to turn will be a right, then run straight until a scene. After this, just run straight and hug the walls that the shadow claws aren't attacking from. After a few claws, you will burst into the sunlight and receive:

Playthrough 2 - KURAYAMI

KURAYAMI mode is exactly the same as a normal run of the game. The only difference is that the environment is much darker, with the only illumination coming from your flashlight and the occasional enemy. If you need help navigating a part, refer back to the normal walkthrough above and follow it just the same. Completing the game on KURAYAMI will unlock:

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