5. The Evil Within AKUMUUpdate notes

Below you will find my strategies to conquer AKUMU difficulty mode. For the most part, AKUMU is similar to Survival, with a few major differences every now and again. The main difference is; one hit kills. Anything hits you, you die. I'll put down some basic tips and how to deal with specific enemies and solutions for making your way through changed or very difficult parts of the game, but you can otherwise follow the walkthrough for Survival in this playthrough.

So basically, the game is pretty annoying. You'll die a lot on parts you don't even remember playing through before, and that's alright. The game will try your patience, but you'll ultimately be rewarded with a solid completion. Check out the video guides (linked below) if a part I didn't mention is giving you grief.

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AKUMU translates literally to "Nightmare", and that is exactly what this mode is. 1 hit from anything will kill you, and I do mean anything. You will fall prey to bear traps, enemy kicks, squirming foes, bullets, tossed hatchets, and a number of other things that you previously didn't even think could kill you. This mode has more traps, more enemies, and different enemy placement. Enemies you previously only encountered once, or not until Chapter 11, are now appearing much earlier on and more frequently. Enemies take much more damage, and are much more aware. You'll be spotted out of the peripheral vision of a Haunted constantly, even if you can't see its eyes. Before going into specific tips, here are some overall survival strategies that will help.

- Matches: Matches are very useful when used correctly, saving you a ton of time and ammo. Knocking enemies down with a shotgun blast than igniting them with a match is a strategy I will reference often in this guide and should be mastered early on. Just be aware that enemies on the ground can still squirm violently and kill you, but they are much less dangerous than upright and running foes. Upgrade your match stock early, and try to clump enemies together to take out entire groups with just a few shotgun shells and matches.

- Green Gel: USE IT WISELY! Collect as much as you possibly can, and spend it only on necessary upgrades. Since death is instantaneous, using your gel to upgrade your syringe stock, syringe recovery, or life gauge is useless. Melee also wont serve much help, and the only real skill you need upgraded is sprint time. Stock for Pistol, Shotgun, Agony Bolt, and Magnum ammo are all recommended, at varying degrees. Don't spend 50,000 gel on upgrading magnum stock when there are only a few bullets to even be found during the game. Definitely upgrade the firepower of your Magnum and Shotgun at least twice and your pistol even more so. Upgrading ammo capacity means you can fit more bullets in your gun, and the more bullets that go into your gun equates to the more ammo you're able to have on you, so definitely up the capacity of your Shotgun and Pistol. Everything else is taste.

- Traps: Traps are your friend. Disarm them for parts or lure enemies into them, just move through levels slowly and be aware that there are usually a few around every corner.

-Bolts: Use them, and don't be afraid to whip them up when you have spare parts. Upgraded bolts are incredibly useful, most of which are able to stun (if not kill) large groups of enemies at once. Don't underestimate the power of having spare bolts.

Now onto specific enemy strategies...

Ruvik: The Ruvik clones are tough, especially now that they appear as early as Chapter 3 and appear in Chapters 3, 4, 10, 11, 13, 14, and 15. They are much worse early on, and using instant kill weapons on them such as hatchets and torches is very recommended. If these are not available, use your shotgun to quickly knock him down and throw a match on him before he screams. In later levels, use your precious magnum ammo to take him out quickly, especially in Chapter 11 where you will be fighting 2 Ruviks at once. Also keep in mind that a freeze bolt timed correctly will kill Ruvik, but also freeze the arms he uses. If you catch one by surprise, freeze bolts are by far the quickest and easiest way to deal with a Ruvik.

Invisibles: These guys only appear in Chapters 4, 5, and 14 but are pretty terrible to deal with. The best strategy is tracking them through puddles until you see them get close to you, than firing off a Flash bolt to stun and sneak kill them.

AlterEgo: These creatures are bullet sponges, but are very weak to the sniper rifle. Line up a shot to either head and take them out. This will save you a lot of ammo in your other weapons, especially in Chapters 8 and 14 where they are the most prominent enemy.

Trauma: A Trauma is a large creature with a cross strapped to its back, and the best method for dealing with them is by running away. In every area they inhabit, you can run past them, hit a switch, and quickly leave. Lure them as far away from the switch as possible, use a freeze bolt to paralyze them, than quickly run for the switch and exit.

SWAT: SWAT unit enemies only appear in Chapters 11, 14, and 15 but they are absolute hell to deal with. The best strategy for most encounters is to take cover behind something solid and lob grenades at them. They can take an insane amount of ammo, and grenades aren't very useful in most situations anyway, so definitely use them to weaken and kill SWAT Haunted.

Those are how to deal with difficult enemy types. Now I'll get into a few parts that are rather tough.

Chapter 1: Why Is This Here?

Yes, even the first chapter has awful changes in this mode. After hiding in the locker, make a left and another quick left to get behind some crates. Take the bottle here and wait for the Sadist to walk past your hiding spot before moving out and into the next room. Duck down behind the counter and wait for the Sadist to smash the crates that are blocking your path before tossing the bottle back to where you came from, moving when the Sadist is distracted, and head to the exit when you're in the clear.

Chapter 2: More Than I Remember...

In the area after meeting the first 2 enemies, there are additional foes to deal with before opening the gate. Previously, just passing through this part was an option, but that's no longer the case. Head left and sneak kill the torch carrying Haunted, picking up his weapon. Now move up and hug the wall to your left, moving to the fire. When the 2nd Haunted turns, sneak kill him as well, leaving your torches dropped here. Sneak down and kill the Haunted guarding the road by the fire. Now move back to above the fire, picking up the bottle along the way. Drop the bottle next to the door, sneaking into the door, and grabbing the 2nd bottle. Toss this bottle behind the tripwire, moving to the side to avoid detection, and picking up the bottle you had dropped here. Once you see 4 Haunted gather around the wire, toss the 2nd bottle into the door frame, causing all 4 Haunted to run into the wire and detonate the trap. Catch the attention of the survivors, grab your torch, and run to the bales of hay behind you. Swing your torch on the hay when the enemy closes in to light him up. Now you'll be stalked by another 2 Haunted. Wait for one to wander off into a bear trap and burn him with a match, then use your torch with the other. Now comes the trickier part. Move up, keeping eyes to the left for any Haunted wandering around the house. Find the 2 Haunted on the ground in front of the gate, and burn them with a match. This will awaken 2 more Haunted on each side of you, so run to the left house and duck under the tripwire. At least one Haunted will run into it, allowing you to run left and back around the houses to give the other enemies the slip. If the opportunity arises to sneak kill an enemy on the way back, take it. Otherwise, run to the crank, and get through the gate as quickly as possible.

Chapter 3: The Village

From the part you help Jimenez out of the gate, head left. Run past the window as the Haunted breaks it, and duck under the wire. The Haunted on the stairs will run into it and attract the window breaker and another Haunted. Quickly trip the window breaker with a pistol shot, and then burn her with a match. Go back onto the balcony, and duck down, hopefully unseen by the 3rd enemy attracted by the commotion. When he turns to leave, sneak kill him, go downstairs, grab the hatchet, and jump out the window to head outside. Sneak low and kill the gun-toting Haunted wandering around to the right, then head into the barn, grabbing the hatchet as you do. Go right and burn the Haunted on the floor, which will awaken the 2nd Haunted here. Take care of him with your hatchet. Now sneak right, avoiding the trip wire, and kill the enemy at the wall, giving you a checkpoint. Using your hatchet, rush out and hit Ruvik for an instant kill, quickly moving back to sneak back under the trip wire, making a right there. The window breaks automatically, but beware of the Haunted in the house. Lure him downstairs and either use the tripwire down here or the trap switch to dispose of him. Work your way upstairs and sneak out to the balcony to sneak kill the rifleman. If he spots you, run downstairs and use the switch on the wall to impale him. The rest of the village is a stealthy sweep and clear, sneak killing all the enemies that remain in the houses. If you start to get nervous, you can make your way back to the save room to make a save. I started with the patrollers outside, using a combination of torches and axes to kill them, before moving into the house Jimenez is hiding in for 3 sneak kills, ending with a stealthy sweep of the back of the village. After wiping out the village, make a save, and get ready for the Sadist. Head into the barn, make the maximum number of explosive bolts, and use your shotgun to break the barrier of wood in the back to unleash him. This fight is tough, since your resources are limited. I took him down with 3 explosive bolts and 2 harpoons (it cost me every bolt and part I had), but I was able to kill him before he even finished revving up the chainsaw. You can also use your shotgun, as shells are lying around the village. Once he's dead, finish the chapter.

Chapter 4: Blood Bath

The trouble in this section is when Ruvik sends you into a pool of blood in a small room. You're going to want to raid it for supplies first, and be sure to drain the blood using the lever behind the pillar in front of you. Pick up the shock bolts here and craft some more, as they will be very useful. After taking everything you need, head over to the door that initiates the fight. When the Haunted spawn in, turn to face them. Wait for a few to climb over the fencing here, then plant a shock bolt to hopefully catch 4 or 5 in the radius, and then drop a match on them for maximum effect. Try to lure any remaining Haunted into the tripwire for an easy knock down and burning. Across the way, a Ruvik will spawn in. Switch to your freeze bolts, and wait for him to rush you. If he pauses to scream, use that opportunity to freeze and shatter him. If he continues to rush you, freeze him when he climbs over the fence to reach you. Should you not have been graced with freeze bolts yet, use a shock bolt and match. It's worth the parts. If additional running is needed, get into the room in the back with the staircase and hit the lever on the top for 2 small fire barrels. Kick one over to the ladder, lighting it up when a Haunted tries to climb up to you. Leave the barrel at the edge of the ladder as a gift to any Haunted making their way up, then run/jump across the broken walkway here to shoot the trap on the landing below you when an enemy gets within its blast zone. Then either shoot or burn them. These tactics should make this fight a breeze.

Chapter 5: Something's Missing...

The main issue of Chapter 5 is when you confront Laura. The water tank battle is exactly the same, thankfully, so previous strategies will still work wonders there. When you fight Laura, you will first take note of the lack of barrels, as those have been removed. Laura is also faster and able to take more hits.

Start the fight off by running to where she spawns, dropping a match on the corpse here to burn her before she can even attack. Now quickly head right and duck under the grate here. By now, you should know how to time the match mechanic correctly, because you will need it. When Laura emerges from the corpse here, drop a match to burn her and mount the ladder going up. Ascend the ladder while making sure Laura spawns from the other corpse in this room. You want to be at the top of the ladder right before she emerges. Hit the lever here and drop her into the fire. Run down the stairs here, and pick up the torch, making sure to burn the corpse at the foot of the stairs with a match as she emerges from it, then run down and right, jumping down next to the ladder here. By the time you reach the bottom, Laura will be in the processing of spawning, so hit her with the torch. Move closer to the corpse on the right, waiting for her to emerge, then burn it as she does. When she begins to emerge from the other one, drop her into the fire with the lever in the corridor. Run up the stairs and grab the torch, swinging it at her as she spawns. If all went well, this last torch hit should be the killing blow.

Now, if you messed up with the levers or the bodies too many times and are somehow still alive, use your explosive bolts to do the job. If you have the Fighting Chance DLC pack, the incendiary bolts are essentially just torches/matches. If not, explosives will eventually do the trick.

Chapter 6: Hell

By far the hardest chapter in the game. Before entering the double doors to initiate the fight sequence, make sure your Flash bolts are maxed out and your shotgun is fully loaded, having a few matches also makes a big difference. Take your pistol out and enter the doors. You're in immediate danger as soon as the cutscene ends, so run left and aim for the red barrel. Hopefully, the 2 Haunted slowly walk towards you as opposed to sprinting, so you can easily shoot the barrel and catch both of them in the flames. Pick up the hatchet from the burning Haunted and run to the left window, waiting for the 2 enemies to run up to it simultaneously. Swing the hatchet to kill them both, and then dispatch the one from the right window with a shotgun/match combo. Quickly kick the remaining barrel over to the right window, and aim for it. When the fat Haunted appears, shoot the barrel to put him and hopefully at least one other enemy up in flames. Now for the next few seconds, all that remains is survival. Run from corner to corner, trailing the Haunted behind you, sprinting only when necessary. Once Joseph opens the door, run through quickly to start the next part of this fight.

That's right, you did all that and still no checkpoint! There won't be one until you clear this room as well, which is much more difficult. Run down the stairs and grab the freeze bolt, explosive bolt, and shotgun ammo off the shelf. Then run to where Joseph is. The enemies spawn randomly here, so be prepared for attacks from ahead of you or to your right. If enemies cluster around a barrel, detonate it for some quick kills. After killing the first 3 enemies, equip your flash bolts. Run around the room until Haunted stop spawning in, and then fire off a bolt at the ground. Wait by Joseph, and keep firing bolts when the previous one wears off. Craft more if necessary, as they only require 2 parts to build. Eventually, Joseph will get through the door, and you can run outside for a checkpoint.

There's more! This next section is no real cakewalk either, although much easier than what you just did.

Start off here by grabbing the sniper rifle and hit the safe room if need be, than head left, sneak killing the crossbow enemy when he turns his back. Open the door, and be prepared for a few enemies hiding out in here. Sneak left and kill the enemy wandering around in this room, then head down the stairs and sneak kill that enemy. Pick up the hatchet here, returning to the generator upstairs. Grab the matches and bottle here, throwing the bottle at the foot of the stairs. This will attract 2 Haunted, one of which has a molotov. Sneak kill one, then either burn, shoot, hatchet, or let Joseph handle the other. Once this room is clear, pick up the ammo in here, and equip your newly acquired sniper rifle. Run up the stairs and immediately aim for the arrow box above you, taking the enemy out as soon as he appears. Move left to avoid the arrows, then run to the edge of the stairs. Use your pistol to hit the enemy across the way, below the box, now running to hit a switch. One shot will discourage him, and he'll run off without releasing the horde. Re-equip your rifle and head down the stairs, aiming up and sniping the enemy in the 2nd low box. Quickly sprint back up before you get skewered, and then head over to the bridge, wary of the bomb traps. Now, if you're clear of Haunted, get your rifle back out and move to the middle of the bridge, aiming at the 3rd box. Once it opens, snipe the operator and run LEFT. Once the arrows pass, head across the bridge with your rifle in hand. Aim for the last box, and be sure to take out the enemy as quickly as possible. Once that box falls, sprint across the area, jumping off the ledges as opposed to climbing down the ladders. At the bottom of the area (where you shot the 2nd box from), you should force a checkpoint by making the doors close, and a Sadist appears. Take out the Sadist with the same technique from Chapter 3, and you will be golden. Congrats, because doing this sequence means that you can do the game.

IT'S NOT OVER YET! The final encounter of Chapter 6 is the Sentinel, a very large and fast dog-like creature that can easily tear you apart on AKUMU. Before triggering the fight, make sure your shotgun is fully loaded and that explosive bolts are in your Crossbow. Equip your shotgun and run for a corner. nNw turn around and wait for the Sentinel to charge. When it gets close, blast it with the shotgun to send it sliding on its side. When it's downed, fire off an explosive bolt at it. Head for another corner, preparing for a charge with the shotgun again. Repeat this process while avoiding the bear traps to quickly kill what would otherwise be a tough enemy. Be wary of the bear traps added into AKUMU in this area, as they are more likely to kill you then the Sentinel during this fight. When you are running from corner to corner, stick to the open grey stone as opposed to the grass.

Chapter 10: Trauma

The first issue of this wonderful chapter comes early on, during the blade carousel. Sneak up on the torch Haunted here by hanging to the right, disarming the first wire as you do. Grab his torch and move ahead, being very wary of the hatchet Haunted that will charge you from around the corner. Kill him with the torch and wake up the Haunted in here, which you can kill with your shiny new hatchet. Grab the rifle ammo and head up the ladder. This next section contains fat, gunner, and masked Haunted. Use either a shock bolt or shotgun/match combo to dispatch them all. Switch to your rifle and head left outside, past the bomb trap. 2 snipers are out here, and the first one can be killed very easily. He just stands in the open doorway to your right, across the platform. The other sniper ducks down behind cover but can very easily be counter-sniped when he pops up to shoot at you. Grab the ammo here, move into the left room for some gel and a battery pack, and now backtrack down the ladder...and under the blades.

Stay low by the blades, as they are pretty awful. There are 2 bear traps in this area, and the issue with bear traps is that getting caught on them automatically makes you stand up and become blade bait (if they didn't kill you outright). The positive is, they do the same to Haunted. Either disarm or ignore the trap on the left (disarming a trap will make you stand up for a brief second afterwards, so make sure the blades pass first), and then jump over the wall when it's clear. When the 2 Haunted emerge from the right, make a left (be wary of the bear trap) and sneak behind the tripwire here. When the Haunted walk into it, rush over and burn them when you can safely. Sneak into the next room and watch the hallway for a Haunted on patrol. When he turns his back, burn the Haunted on the ground here, who is conveniently next to matches. Move up and sneak kill the enemy on patrol, and then watch around the corner for the shotgunner. When he turns, sneak kill him and burn his buddy on the floor. Break the crates in here and equip your rifle before sliding the battery pack into place. After doing that, a 3rd sniper will run out from the platform above you. Crouch down, get him in your sights, and line up an easy headshot. With him dead, duck back under the blades and exit this area.

The next problem comes when you fight the Traumas. A Trauma is a large enemy with a cross strapped to its back, which is surprisingly fast. You encounter the first one after powering up the machinery, but killing it is not necessary. Start by equipping freeze bolts in your crossbow and loading up your shotgun. Upon exiting the crawlspace, you'll find a few Haunted have entered the area. Use your shotgun and the bottles lying around to take them out, and make sure they're all gone before proceeding. Equip your crossbow and enter the next area, spawning the Trauma. Run back to the previous room, luring the Trauma with you. Once it enters the larger space, hit it with a freeze bolt, and run by it as quickly as possible. Hit the switch it was guarding, raise the trap, and exit the area.

Proceed through the level as normal until you drop down into the double Trauma pit. This room is much tougher, especially since bear traps and two additional Haunted have been added in on AKUMU. Sneak kill the first Haunted, disarm the bear trap at his feet, and snipe the 2nd, who should be standing right across the way. Lure the Traumas out to the area you dropped in from, as far back as you can go. When they bunch up close, hit one with a freeze bolt, hopefully trapping them both in ice. Quickly run past them, beware of bear traps and explosives, and get to the valve that controls the gate. Turn around and plant a shock bolt on the ground here, so that you can keep them contained and away as you work on the crank. With a bit of luck, you'll be able to open it before the Traumas get to you. Run through this next room, pull the lever, sneak under the trap, and escape the Trauma.

The next issue comes up when escaping from Laura. There are a ton of new bear traps around here, and all will find a way to piss you off. The first one comes in the room where Laura bursts through the furnace on the left side. Right where you enter, on the right, is a trap. From here, there is another one after climbing the ladder in the hall in front of the lever. Disarm the trap when you use the first fire pipe on Laura, hit the switch when using the 2nd pipe, and then skirt around the room until you can run through.

The traps appear again in the main hall that require 3 pipe levers to be shot. One will be to your immediate left and is very annoying. Look left and shoot the lever here, look right, and shoot that easier lever there. Before Laura reaches you, shoot the bomb on the wall in front of you, and move around to bait her to one side of the pipes in the middle. When she's on one side, run up to the 3rd lever and shoot it, quickly running and dropping into the hole on the right. There are more traps scattered around the floor here, the 2 most problematic being on the right side near the fire pipe. Disarming them takes too much time, as Laura will certainly grab you by the time you do, so make sure to avoid them at first, disarming them only if you have Laura caught in fire already. Shoot the right lever and the bomb on the pillar, then lure Laura over to the left pipe, being wary of the trap placed here. When she's caught in the flames, run to the lever and pull it. Now, use your shock/freeze bolts and avoiding skills to keep Laura away until the elevator arrives.

Chapter 11: Hell 2 Electric Boogaloo

This chapter is right on the heels of Chapter 6 in terms of annoyance, mostly because it contains quite a few SWAT enemies, who have no issues with shooting you from a distance for an instant kill. The issues begin after hopping a fence and coming down into an open area with a few Haunted. You can sneak kill the one to your left, but the rest will always just attack you. Use your shotgun or pistol to dispose of these enemies. After testing the door to leave, a few more Haunted will appear and rush you. Same strategy here, make use of your rifle as well, Haunted take a while to jump over objects in the environment, so a headshot is pretty easy to achieve as they clamber over fences. After those few are gone, things get tricky. There is another enemy in the next room, as well as unlimited Haunted that spawn behind the fence. Run in, quickly kill the one enemy in the area, grab the keys, switch to your magnum, and head back to the door. This time, a SWAT enemy will break the door down. Hit him with a magnum shot to kill him as quickly as possible. Now, there will be another SWAT enemy to the left, climbing up to the top of the containers. Quickly put a magnum round into him and sprint for the door. Seb takes forever to open it, but once you're out of this area, sprint to the fire escape and be on your way.

That was the easy part. The fish aren't an issue, just a bit of trial and error. The real problem comes when dropping down to the area where you first met the Ruvik clone on other difficulties. Equip your freeze bolts, and go around as quickly as possible picking up the ammo and burning the bodies scattered around the area. Everything spawns in the same place every time, so if you die, you won't have to go on a scavenger hunt every respawn. Once the bodies are burned and ammo is collected, head for the shutter, and watch the cutscene of Ruvik appearing. As soon as you regain control, hit him with a bolt and pistol. Move around the rest of the area until you find the 2nd clone, and dispose of it with the same method. After killing both clones, all of the Haunted automatically die. Once you've cleared this part, get ready for the next hell.

Your next task will be in a large area, where enemies open a shutter and come pouring out. Start by sniping the 2 Haunted wandering around, and sneak to the right. There's a Haunted sniper at the top of the map, who will have to be dealt with in a unique way. Equip your freeze bolts, and bait the shutter door into opening. Time it just right so your bolt freezes all the enemies in the room, if possible. Now, while they are frozen, run forward to the ladder here and climb it. Equip your grenades, turn around, and run/jump to land on the fence here. Use your grenade to knock the sniper down, and he will glitch through the metal sheet on the wall. Pull out your sniper for a headshot, then drop down, planting a shock bolt near the shutter to interrupt any Haunted coming from that room. When they get caught in the bolt, use your freeze bolt on the group. Kill any stragglers with your shotgun, and then put your freeze bolt back on for the next group. If any SWAT Haunted manage to survive the freezing, lob grenades into the shutter from cover until you take them out. The immediate next part is more of the same, just clear out the room while watching for the new bear traps and hit the switch to activate the gondola... and prepare for terror.

The gondola is absolutely awful. Two enemies rush from the left, but they can be dispatched easily with the barrel on that side. The next attack comes from the right. Aim at rolling barrels and any enemies on the ledge, as they can be knocked over with a single shot. Be sure to watch the left side, as a few SWAT enemies spawn here. Try to take as many enemies down with barrels as possible. If you can knock the molotv out of the Haunteds hands, you stand a decent chance of surviving. Don't be too shy about using your magnum here either, dropping a SWAT Haunted with a magnum round can certainly save your life from errant molotov and hatchet throwing enemies. Once you step off the gondola, you're pretty much out of the woods for the remainder of the game. Congrats!

Inside the gas building, Traumas have been replaced with sawblades. It will be annoying, but you simply have to avoid them as best as possible. The ones with mannequins attached can't fit underneath the crawlspaces you can, so make sure you aren't in their path. Once reaching the ladder and heading up, drop down and head right. Now, in this section, you have to make sure you aren't spotted at all. If a Haunted sees you, they light dynamite and kamikaze the entire building. Sneak around, killing if you can, moving by if it's too risky. Once you reach the key card, grab it and head back. I hugged the right wall and encountered no issues. Before using the card, equip your flash bolts. Upon opening the door this time, a group of 4 sickle-wielding Haunted will attack. Blind and run past them with the flash bolt, climbing the ladder. Proceed as normal through the chapter to end it.

Chapter 13: Boom

Because of a wonderful enemy placed in the hallway, the simple sneaking around method won't work here as well. Start by luring the shotgunner into the tripwire then burning him as it usually goes, then make sure Ruvik doesnt spot you as you sneak through the room and end up on the opposite side of the trap. Equip your freeze bolts and fire at the mined enemy to your left. With him frozen, move up, making sure you wont be spotted by the crossbow enemy in the room on the right. When you're clear, disarm the acid trap and head downstairs. Once you're down, disarm the trap here and watch the left hallway. A Haunted will patrol the area, so be sure to sneak kill him and proceed through the rest of the level normally.

The other small change is that you will need to kill 3 Keepers in the meat locker now as opposed to 2. I used the magnum as I had plenty of ammo, and I also used a shock bolt to destroy the saw blade, as that is more likely to kill you than the Keeper is. Finish the level as normal.

Chapter 14: Cruel Developers

So for the most part, Chapter 14 plays out very much like it did previously. Even the invisible eel thing isn't much of a hassle if you have the firepower to put him on his back and keep him there until he dies (you should have that firepower), with some exceptions. The first one comes right by the stairs where the Ruvik clone wanders, right next to the crucified Haunted. For one, the enemy on the floor in front of the stairs is now invisible, but it can be easily killed by a bottle or flash bolt, followed up by a sneak kill. The real trouble is that some horrible person decided to put a bear trap right in front of the gate you need to open. I walked right into it every single time I did AKUMU. Don't fall for this trickery. Blow up the bomb, and disarm the bear trap.

Another slight change comes immediately after this. The 4 Haunted lying on the rocks here are now invisible, but as long as you use shock bolts and rifle to clear out the sniper, Ruvik, and SWAT Haunted here, they shouldn't wake up until you burn them, which is too late for them to be a threat. The bonus is that you get 4000 gel from their corpses.

The last issue with this chapter comes in the AlterEgo section. After grabbing the first circuit breaker and draining the water, an AlterEgo emerges from the drained room. No big deal, just run past him and duck under the grate for ANOTHER DAMN BEAR TRAP THIS IS RIDICULOUS. Yeah, don't fall for that one every time either. Kill the Alter with a rifle bullet to a brain, disarm the bear trap, and proceed on without frustration.

Chapter 15: Ending Stretch

This starts in the arena after being caught in Ruviks eye. There's no real trick, other than trying to keep the high ground. This is basically the last fight sequence of the game, so you can be very liberal with your ammo. Use as much of your pistol and shotgun ammo as you want on the regular Haunted. Sniping is also recommended. Just make sure you conserve your magnum, explosive bolts, and at least 4 rifle bullets. After the 2nd large wave of Haunted, get your shock bolts ready and lay a trap in the center of the arena, in the large pool of blood. If you aimed correctly, the Ruvik clone should spawn right into the trap, making for an easy match execution. Keep running around grabbing ammo as you need it, putting down Haunted, and trying to burn as many as possible. Follow my Survival tips on where to plant shock bolts to kill clusters. Once the Sadist breaks through the door, shoot at him until he drops the RPG. Once he pulls out the chainsaw, use your normal Sadist-killing techniques to finish him off. In the next room, use your remaining sniper rounds on the 4 Haunted attacking from above.

Dropping down into the next area will be the final fight sequence of the game, against 2 powerful Keepers. Stay put of the small area where they spawn, and stay above them, plugging them full of magnum rounds until you run dry or they die. If they live through your magnum barrage, switch to your explosive bolts to finish the job. If that isn't enough, use all of your remaining trap parts to craft some more. Still not enough? Use everything you've got until they die. After that fight, take solace in the fact that you are now done with combat for the remainder of the game.

After the most satisfying brain stomp in gaming history, take a deep breath, and relish in your unlocking of all:

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