4. The Evil Within New Game +Update notes

This run will be in New Game + on Casual, with speed and collectible/achievement mop-up being the name of the game. You're going to want to play very differently from your Survival run, as now you'll be able to destroy enemies with only a few pistol shots. With speed as your main concern, I'll only highlight a certain few portions of this run that should be taken into consideration.

The first is in the beginning of Chapter 2 when you first wake up in the safe room hospital. Make your way over to the billboard in the main hall to pick up the NG+ exclusive collectible, Missing Person 15/15. This should net you

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If you haven't gotten it, check the Archive section of the pause menu to find the collectible(s) you're missing, and make it a point to pick them up during this run.

Once you get the chance to return to the safe room later in this chapter, make use of the 500,000+ green gel you should have acquired during your Survival run. I focused on Attributes first so I had enough health and stamina to do this run quickly, then moved onto stock for increased ammo, before finally focusing on the individual weapons I used the most (Crossbow, Pistol, Shotgun). If you had sufficient gel from your last run, you should now unlock:

  • Hardbody

    Fully upgrade all of Sebastian's attributes.

    Offline Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Shop - These trophies can be obtained by purchasing an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.


If you had enough for 3 weapons, great! I personally didn't, but you should definitely have all upgrades by the time this playthrough is over. Later on in this chapter, after opening the gate from the houses, comes the part before the bridge you normally avoid. I used the amount of weak enemies here to my advantage by pulling out my shiny new RPG. I stood away from the crowd and fired at them until they were all dead. I then turned my attention to the spawning groups of 3. I unloaded into them all until I got:

After unlocking this, I reloaded the checkpoint and ran at the crowd again, this time using a single pistol shot to weaken them before finishing them off with a melee. This may take a few reloads to get, but eventually, I unlocked:

Now reload your checkpoint and continue on to the next chapter to make sure you didn't add in any unnecessary time.

Now the next stop is in Chapter 3 where you can bypass the majority of the fighting in this chapter as long as you have upgraded and powerful weapons. As soon as you reach the village after letting Jimenez through the gates, you can run straight to the barn and use your shotgun to free the Sadist. As he struggles out of his chains and to rev up his chainsaw, you can already have unloaded enough bolts or shells into him to take him down immediately. Once he dies, all of the Haunted here get de-spawned. Use this spare time to do the trick in the below video for an additional 100,000 gel, a very useful acquisition in this run.

Next up is Chapter 5 and the trophy for getting through the Kidman rescue without Joseph taking damage. It's easy enough. Start off by running left and jumping down, defending Joe when you can with the shotgun. Make use of your matches, and don't be afraid to use shock, freeze, or flash bolts to give you breathing room against groups. After dealing with the already present group, the door behind you gets knocked open. After dealing with those enemies, the righthand side door bursts open with another few Haunted. For both waves, have bolts at the ready to kill them all immediately to prevent hassle. After this, a dynamite throwing enemy appears in front of you. Simply shoot him in the legs and wait for the dynamite to explode. This will give you a checkpoint that you can reload from should Joseph get hit.

Grab a hatchet off the floor and run upstairs. A group should spawn from the left and kick down the door. Swing your hatchet to kill them all immediately, and then turn around to kill the dynamite Haunted spawning there. Grab the hatchet from the group you just took out and head back downstairs. Another group of 4 will spawn, including 2 fat Haunted. Use your hatchet on the smaller ones, then shotgun/match the big guys. With them dead, 2 more dynamite will spawn in the area. Eliminate them and proceed with the level as usual. After setting the safe dial correctly, you will unlock

Everything else proceeds as normal until you reach Chapter 10, and hopefully by now, you have lots and lots of upgrades. When you fight Laura, get to the part where you're facing her in the pit with the lever and the furnaces on either side of you. After using the valves to unleash fiery hell upon her, get out your shock bolts. Fire a shock bolt at the ground and back up, getting your RPG ready when she gets caught in the shock. If you're lucky, you can get off 2 RPG shots before she breaks free. Repeat this process until you run out of bolts or she dies. If you run out of shock bolts, switch to explosive to finish the job or a freeze/RPG combo. Whichever method you choose, you will unlock:

and access to the final key of the game, Key 47/47. Be sure to pick up the plethora of goods next to the elevator before heading down in it. Also, if you haven't already, you should be very close to unlocking:

In Chapter 13 when you're in the hotel, during the first combat section, you can lure the first shotgun Haunted into the tripwire, and then move up and to the left. Keep hugging the left wall, and exit the door when Ruvik enters the one on the other side of the acid trap. Now you can hug the left wall and move up, disarming the 2nd acid trap without ever being seen and passing through to the next area, skipping lots of sneaking and combat. Later on in the chapter, you'll only have to kill one Keeper for the dumbwaiter to arrive and carry you to safety.

That's all there is to this playthrough! At the final results screen with your time/deaths displayed, as long as your time is under 5:00:00, you will receive:

Now, for me, I didn't have enough gel to fully upgrade my character. You could go back and do the 100,000 gel trick in Chapter 3, farm Keepers in Chapter 7, or replay Chapter 15 for the kill bonuses. No matter which way you grind out your gel, you should already be really close to unlocking:

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