3. The Evil Within SurvivalUpdate notes

Before we begin, I'd suggest having the below collectible video up. I'll list all the collectibles as you come across them in the story, but a visual guide never hurts!

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Chapter 1: An Emergency Call

Once you’re in control of Sebastian, head around to the main doors of the building in front of you and enter. Walk to the other end of the room, and enter the door to the left of the reception desk. When Joseph mentions that the security monitors may tell you something, approach them for a cutscene.

After regaining control, follow the on-screen prompts until you grab the knife. Head forwards until prompted to sneak, and then position yourself to the left of the doorway – do not go inside yet. Wait for the Sadist to move around the table before you sneak forwards, and grab the keys hanging from the meat hooks, above the butcher’s slab. With the keys in hand, head back into the previous room, and make a right to find a door in the far corner. Open the door and head up the stairs. Continue along the path and you’ll soon feel the need to run like hell. Keep going until you find a hatch in the floor. Open it and drop down.

As you slide down, steer to the left and then the right to avoid the grinders. Once you land at the bottom, use the ladder to leave the pit and head through the door. Follow the sewer along, and you’ll reach another short ladder. Use this to exit the sewer and continue forwards. In the middle of the room on the left hand side, you'll find Document 1/16 next to the corpse in the wheelchair.

Turn right at the end to find a door leading to another long ladder. Climb to the top and move behind the fenced in area, looking on the desk for Document 2/16. Search for the red light on the wall to your left, interacting with it to open the door. Continue on and through the next door. Head through the rooms until you reach a locker to hide in. Approach the locker and follow the on-screen prompts to hide.

Once the Sadist has entered and left the room (a checkpoint will occur as soon as he does), exit the locker. Sneak after him, moving past the door, and hang in the corridor to the right. At the end of the corridor, you'll find some crates and a locker. Hide inside this locker. After a few seconds, the Sadist will smash the crates and move into the hallway you're in. Get out of the locker and sneak right, going past the destroyed crates and into another open door, hanging left as you do so. On the floor here behind the crates, you’ll find a bottle. Pick this up, and chuck it out through the door you just entered from after the Sadist enters the room in a rampage. It’s now time to run to the other side of the room, around the furniture, and into the corridor. At the end of the corridor is a door leading to a small room. Head inside and then out through the next door.

Run (well, limp desperately...) down the corridor, around the wheelchairs, and over the gurney. The lift doors ahead of you will open, so head inside. As these cutscenes play out, enjoy the awesome song they composed for the game. Once you’re back in control, run down the hall and turn right. Run through the main doors and back outside to complete Chapter 1.

Chapter 2: Remnants

Once you’re back in control, pick up the green gel and Newspaper 1/21 from the desk next to the bed, walk up to the door to your room, examine the window, and wait for Tatiana. When she opens the door, follow her into the next room, and approach her at the front desk. She will prompt you to sign in, which is this game’s manual save mechanic. After saving, she’ll open an iron door to your right. Head through and approach the chair in front of you, walking behind it for Fragment 1/28. Now sit in the chair for the Green Gel/Upgrade tutorial. Unlock the first upgrade when prompted – this is the only green gel you’ll be spending in this playthrough as it's mandatory and doesn't negate your trophy. Make sure you never sit in this chair again.

Once you’re back in control, look in front of you to find a health syringe (to use a health syringe, enter your inventory by clicking cn_RSc and select it). The game also gives you a tutorial on how to hotkey items to the D-Pad, which I heavily suggest you do. Whatever items you find yourself pulling out the most, assign them to hotkeys. My Survival run items of choice were pistol, shotgun, crossbow, and syringe, but you can do whatever you want. Slightly to your right is a path leading into the woods – follow it. You’ll soon reach a dead animal covered in birds. Approach the corpse for the melee tutorial, and break the crate to your right. You’re going to want to break every crate you can in the hope of receiving items, mostly ammo and green gel.

Follow the path onwards, and turn right when you can’t go any further. Wind your way through the trees, and you’ll see a yellow light in the distance. Head towards it to find a lantern. Pick it up for a short cutscene. When you’re back in control, you can click cn_LSc to turn your lantern on and off. Approach the tent to receive a gun and a very strong nod to Resident Evil. Shoot the enemy in the head to kill it - it’ll take a couple of headshots to kill it, but you only have six bullets, so make your shots count. Otherwise you’ll have to rely on melee, which really isn’t ideal. Once it’s dead, look inside the tent for some crates to smash.

Continue past the tent and through the small opening. Head down the passage for a cutscene and the disarming tutorial. You receive parts for every trap you disarm, which can be used to craft bolts for a future weapon. DO THIS OFTEN! Using your spare parts to craft bolts is often more reliable than the ammo you carry on you, especially in this playthrough.

Keep going, and you’ll soon reach the outside again. You’ll be shown the sprinting tutorial as soon as you’re outside. Ahead of you will be a cart. Approach the body on the other side of the cart for a tutorial on using matches, then pick the box of matches up off the floor. Off to your left is a shed. Enter it for a short scene and Personal Document 1/16. Inside is a mirror that transports you back to the hospital. Hold cn_X to go back to your safe room. Once here, go back to the main hall with the desk. On one side of the room is a magazine stand containing Newspaper 2/21 and the other side of the room has a billboard with Missing Person 1/15. Make note of these locations, as they will often be repeated for picking up the posters and papers. Exit the room through a nearby mirror.

Follow the path outside of the shed to prompt the sneak kill tutorial. Since we will be attempting to complete this chapter without killing, instead just walk up to the Haunted at the door and hit cn_T to melee it. Coax it away from the door, run around it, and vault over the window. Follow the path towards a fire. Behind the fire, you’ll see a small statue standing on a wall. Smash this to receive Key 1/47

Go through the gate and continue onwards. Make sure your lantern is off, and then head up to the haystack for a cutscene. Retreat back behind the hay and grab the bottle lying there. Wait until the Haunted separate a bit before launching the bottle very far right. This will hopefully distract them, allowing you to move right and next to the fire in front of the house for Document 3/16. Don't worry if you get spotted, just run straight down the original path and hop the fence to the right, sneaking as you go on.

Continue right until you must hop the fence again. Sneak forward until reaching a house, avoiding the Haunted on patrol outside. Once in the house, check the chair to your immediate left for Fragment 2/28. Head right, smash the wood on the door, and check the box here for Key 2/47. This awakens the Haunted in this room, so exit and sneak under the tripwire to your right. If the Haunted decides to follow you, they blow themselves up and solve a problem. Head back to the path you came from.

Head down until you find the path you first came from, then move up hanging left on it. You'll see a torch-bearing Haunted wandering around the area. Move up once his back is turned, hanging left behind a pile of lumber. Continue moving up until you find a bear trap to disarm, do so for extra parts. Make your way up and around a corner, slowly progressing as to not attract any unnecessary attention. Sneak under this tripwire when the Haunted to the right isn't looking, making a left to the gate. Start to turn the crank to awaken the two Haunted here.

Run back to where that tripwire was, sneaking under it again. The first Haunted after you will run directly into it, killing themselves. Hide behind the building you came from earlier, waiting until the Haunted decide to wander away. If they're being difficult, you can run out and grab their attention, luring them through the building and then losing them as you make your way back to the crank for cover. You may have to go through or around the other side of the building, dependent on the AI. Once it's clear, go back to the crank and finish winding up the gate. Once you pass through, you shall unlock:

Now, head left into the shed for a syringe and Fragment 3/28. Follow the path until you get to the bridge, then make a run for it to get a cutscene that ends Chapter 2, or Chapter 2-3 as it was called on Gamecube in 2004.

Chapter 3: Claws of the Horde

Once you’re back in control, walk up the stairs and look on the table to your right for a syringe. Smash the crates and continue up the path. Just past this table is a set of stone stairs. At the top of the stairs is a bird. Just past it, you’ll find a load of bodies on the floor and some matches. Burn the bodies to continue on. Head through the door at the top to enter a small village.

In front of you will be a cart. There are two buildings to your right. The closest contains a syringe if you need it. Otherwise, enter the larger building, going left to the safe room door. On the table you'll find Personal Document 2/16 accompanied by Fragment 4/28 on the floor to your right. Jump through the mirror to grab Newspaper 3/21 off the stand and Missing Person 2/15 from the billboard. Follow Tatiana around and be introduced to the lockers, which you should open every time you have keys in the hospital. Save, exit, and prepare for hell.

Heading left will introduce you to proximity bombs, which you can disarm for parts or sneak past. Disarming them is incredibly annoying, and I've never once done it any time I've played the game. Try it out to see if it's for you, then move on upstairs.

Follow the path and get a cutscene with Dr. Jimenez. After a brief exchange, you will use the crank to your right to open the gates for the doc. Once he runs through and attracts the attention of the Haunted, pick up a bottle from the area here (it may be in the room behind you) and move left. An enemy in here will attempt to break the window and crawl in. Once she does, move to the end of the hall and sneak right under the tripwire. Once she hits it, boom. Stay outside on the balcony in sneak mode, as two more Haunted will come to investigate. Once they get bored and wander off, dispatch one with a sneak kill, and then use the bottle you collected to hit the other in the head for.

Move down the stairs, investigate the area for supplies, making sure you pick up the bottle from the table, and then head out of the side window.

Turn left and move down towards the cart, where a rifleman spots and takes a potshot at you. Head left into the barn quickly for cover, then go back into sneak mode. Pick up the hatchet to the right side of this room. Head out the door ahead of you, making a right and sneaking along until you find two Haunted on the ground. Drop a match on one to wake up his buddy, then rush to the other one waking up, and use the hatchet on him.

Turn around to where you came from, moving past the barn door. Disarm the bear trap and bomb chest here to get some parts and ammo. From this point on, make sure you are NOT SPOTTED by any enemies. If the eye on top of your screen gets wide and stops shifting, reload your last checkpoint. Turn around, get to the end of the area you're in, make a right, and start sneaking. Sneak up on the Haunted here, being wary of the bear trap, and stealth kill him. Now comes the tricky part, unfortunately. Backtrack a bit, to the entrance of the barn. Make sure the rifleman is looking away before bolting across to the house on the right, quietly entering it. Sneak down, and dispatch the Haunted here with a sneak kill. Grab the Agony Crossbow and bolts from around this room before heading upstairs. In the first room on the right, there's a Haunted watching the window. Sneak kill it and open the case in this room for the Shotgun. Head back outside towards the balcony, just watch for the Haunted that patrols it. Sneak killing him should net you a checkpoint. Walk through the door around the balcony and check the chair in front of you for Audio Diary 1/10.

With that taken care of, make your way back downstairs quietly, picking up any supplies in this house. Check outside to make sure you're in the clear before opening the door. Haunted have a bad habit of ambushing you here. Make your way back to the house with the safe room in it, going to the window the Haunted broke and jumping through after him, getting a sneak killing for:

Now, the rest of these enemies can be taken out in any order you'd like. I personally went back to the safe room house and sneak killed everything, picking up a torch off one Haunted and using that when I was spotted. From here, I made my way back through the barn, back outside, then finally to the area I got the first sneak kill, through the path behind the building. From this point head left until a window breaks. Make sure the torch Haunted isn't aware of you, hop over the window, and move forward. On the lefthand side there is a Haunted outside on a platform, kill him before sneaking down to kill the female Haunted wandering around. Make your way back inside, catching the attention of torchy. Once he spots you, run into the side room, and sneak under the wire. If he should pursue you, he goes boom. If not, follow him around and sneak kill him. There is another Haunted upstairs that's easy prey for a sneak, as well as the rifleman if you time it correctly. There is another torch next to the rifleman if any Haunted remain. With all the enemies here dead, it's time for some exploration.

Pick up everything you can in this house. From where the rifleman was standing, shoot the statue hanging from a wire on the left for Key 3/47, then go down the stairs and pick it up. From this angle check the top of the wall to your right for a statue containing Key 4/47, collecting supplies as you go. Now make your way to the ladder close to the safe room and scale it to the top for some green gel, ammo, and the important flash bolts. Aim down with your pistol to find the statue with Key 5/47 in it in the middle of the tower. Shoot the statue, then go down and retrieve it. Head back into the barn via the outside staircase, searching the cabinet for matches and ammo. Either disarm or detonate the proximity bomb here, climbing the ladder next to it for supplies and Key 6/47. With all keys here in tow, return to the safe room, open the lockers, and raid them for supplies, making sure you have 2 Harpoon, Flash, and Explosive Bolts before you save. Save and exit the room, and be prepared for the boss.

Heading into the barn and using your shotgun to shoot out the boards here will reveal the Sadist, a strong enemy that you will kill with your knife in this encounter. Using your shotgun, fire 6-7 shots into his body, then switch to your flash bolts and fire one at his feet. As he’s blinded, quickly enter sneak mode to perform a sneak kill. If you’re too slow, or he glitches and teleports away, just get ready with another flash bolt and try again. This will unlock:

Once he’s dead, pick up his chainsaw (and be completely disappointed when you realize it’s not a proper weapon), and open the chest at the back of the barn. Now head back to the gate and use the chainsaw on the chain to open it. Head through the gate to end Chapter 3.

Chapter 4: The Patient

Once you’re in control, head left and run up the stairs, past the door, and crouch down. When the fat Haunted breaks the door down, he should be facing away from you for an easy sneak kill. Investigate the room he was in for supplies and Fragment 5/28. Now follow the path until a spooky ghost breaks down another door, enter this house, and crawl into the crevice on the right, heading around to the bed to find Document 4/16. From here, head back outside and to the left. If you see a Haunted carrying a person to the bonfire, take a shot, and kill the Haunted. The dropped ghost will run into a shed and leave you a generous offering of green gel. Head back into the house on the right, picking up supplies and equipping a flash bolt. Move around to find Valerio Jimenez cutting up a corpse in a cutscene. After the scene ends, flash and sneak kill Valerio for another cutscene and:

NOTE: If your trophy doesn't pop, you may have to watch both cutscenes before and after killing Valerio. Just reload your last checkpoint if it doesn't unlock properly.

Go behind the slab and look at the X-Ray on the table, giving you a hint. Examine the body on the slab and cut into it, digging around until you find Key 7/47. Search the rest of the house as you desire, and then head outside and get into the safe room for Personal Document 3/16. In the mirror, you'll find Newspaper 4/21 and Missing Person 3/15 right where you expect them to be. If this corridor is black and white and very slowly moving, head into the room Sebastian usually awakens in to find Fragment 6/28 in the corner right next to the door. From here, head down to the hall and listen to Tatiana talk about the lack of discharges. Walking back, head into the door on the left that creaks open. Once you get close to the sink, check it for Fragment 7/28 before ending this sequence. If this doesn't happen now, it will in Chapter 5. Exit this room, and follow Leslie and his calls for help through the next area. Move through the house, making sure to check the room in the basement on the left for ammo. Go into the darkroom for a scene, and a new enemy bursting into the room. Equip a flash bolt and fire it at the ground to blind and expose this invisible foe, sneak killing him easily. Go back to, and follow, Jimenez.

After the cutscene, follow Ruvik until you get to a large room. Walk to the right past the dumpster and pull the lever on the pillar to your left to drain the room. Use the lever on the opposite wall twice to drop a corpse, then the statue with Key 8/47 from the chutes in this room. Walk around and grab the ammo you need, especially the new Shock bolt which you should equip immediately.

Approach the door for a small cutscene. Wait for the first wave of Haunted to begin climbing over the railing in front of you, and once 3 or 4 are clustered together, fire a shock bolt at their feet. Drop a match on them for:

Now, run around the area while using the traps, pools of oil, and your weapons to your advantage. If you want a more in-depth strategy for this area, skip ahead to Chapter 4 in the AKUMU mode playthrough. Either way, once the room is cleared, head through the newly opened doors.

Walk down the corridor, taking note of the white door on your right as you go. When you get to the end, you’ll be introduced to Laura. Turn tail and run back the way you came, standing behind the white door. As soon as you can, move through that door and get to the end of the hall. Hit the switch in this room to seal the shutter behind you, giving you a few seconds to replenish your ammo before climbing down the ladder.

Once you’re at the bottom, duck under the trip mine and run forward. Duck under the second trip mine and run into the lift at the end (if you think it’s reasonably safe, try and disarm the tripwires as you go. The parts would be welcome). Once the lift opens, immediately run to the door to your left. After a short cutscene, you have infinite stamina, so run to the end of the corridor.

Start walking down the stairs until Ruvik makes an appearance. Run back up to the top of the stairs, and wait at the door for a cutscene – the end of Chapter 4.

Chapter 5: Inner Recesses

Behind you as you start the Chapter, you'll find Fragment 8/28 on the floor. In the safe room ahead of you, keep your eyes opened for an explosive bolt and Personal Document 4/16. Head through the mirror, use your keys, and be sure to pick up Newspaper 5/21 from the desk.

If you can, create some flash bolts as they’ll be incredibly handy soon. Leave the room, walk down the corridor and enter the second door on your left for some matches. Leave the room and look at the end of the corridor. You should just be able to see a Haunted with his back turned. Approach him and he’ll disappear.

Quickly arm your flash bolts and plant one on the floor in front of you. This will stun the invisible Haunted and allow you to sneak kill him. If you don’t have a flash bolt, you’re going to be pumping a lot of ammo into these guys – don’t waste your newly-acquired explosive bolt, however. It’s not strong enough to kill them, and we’ll be needing it later. Around this time, if you haven't already, you should be unlocking:

Enter the now-open door, head through the hole in the wall of the bathroom, and jump down to the floor below. Smash things up for supplies, and take note of the rat running around with a statue on it's back. Either shoot the statue or the rat for Key 9/47. Smash through the boarded up doorway and take the door on the right. Walk forwards and stand on the mattress. Soon, you’ll see the objects in front of you start to move to the side – there’s an invisible Haunted here so kill it however you can, flash bolts being the easiest method.

Follow the room around to the right to find a red cabinet which contains some shotgun ammo. Head through the nearby double doors, and there’s another invisible enemy in here. You should be able to locate it as it chucks a chair out of its way before attacking. Again, use a flash bolt to kill it. Head around the corner and through the door on the right. Inside this room, there’ll be some shotgun ammo on a desk and a keycard for you to grab off a corpse on the floor. There’s also a syringe on the desk to the side of the corpse.

Now backtrack through the rooms and be prepared when you get to the double doors as an invisible Haunted will walk through them. You can run past this one very easily, so make your way back to where you came from and use the keycard on the locked door in this hallway. Continue through the rooms to see Ruvik walk off. Check the red cabinet behind him for some bullets and then follow. You’ll soon come to a dead end and get sealed in. Wait for some time, and the room will change. Now there’ll be a small square hole in the wall in front of you.

Peer through the hole and a door will appear next to it. Go inside and interact with the table. Press the button on the left to be able to leave. Now exit and peer through the hole in the wall to your left. Open the door and press the button on the left again, along with Document 5/16 behind the slab. Peer through the final hole and, this time, press the button on the right. Before exiting, head over to the shelf on the left for Audio Diary 2/10. Head outside and approach the blood stains on the wall to reveal an exit. Head through the door and continue on for a cutscene.

Heal Joseph as directed by the tutorial and head through the nearby double doors and start to sneak. Time your movement with the patrolling Haunted, making sure to sneak kill it to avoid a big and unnecessary fight. If all the Haunted here wake up, run back to the oil patch right in front of the room they're sleeping in and burn them alive. Continue downstairs for a short scene, before continuing on and ascending a ladder. At the top of the ladder check the floor on the left for Fragment 9/28 and the glass cabinets and desk for supplies. Head into the safe room here for Newspaper 6/21 and a chance to save. Exit this area and prepare for a fight.

The chapter specific trophy here is to not let Joseph take damage, something I strongly recommend you save for your NG+ playthrough when things will be much easier. Either way, you must at least survive the battle.

After a short cutscene, look to the floor below for some chairs. Aim a few feet to the left and chuck down an explosive bolt – this should kill the Haunted going for Joseph, giving you enough time to get down there to protect him. Quickly run across the balcony to the right and jump down as soon as possible. There should be two Haunted walking towards Joseph. Quickly take them down with your shotgun. Now run past Joseph and more Haunted will appear through a cell door. Use your (probably) final explosive bolt to take them out. As soon as you’ve done this, turn around, and run back to Joseph. There should be quite a few Haunted attacking by now, so get your shotgun and matches ready to take them out. Once they’re dead, a Haunted carrying dynamite should appear from the large archway on one side of the room. Use your pistol to shoot his legs out and he should blow himself up.

Now run back upstairs as a bunch more Haunted will arrive from near the door you came through. Shotgun and matches are your best bet here again (though if you happen to have a shock bolt left, that would be even more perfect). Once they’re dead, another dynamite Haunted will appear from behind them, so shoot his legs out with a pistol and make him explode. Another dynamite Haunted will burst through the door opposite this one, so take him out as well. Head back downstairs to the large archway and get ready as a number of Haunted will soon arrive. Take them out as best you can with shotgun and match combos. More dynamite Haunted will appear from behind you, so quickly turn and take their legs out with your pistol, ending this fight.

You can now grab all of the ammo that (hopefully) dropped from the Haunted and also raid the tables and crates around the room. Check the small office off to one side for more ammo, syringes, and a shock bolt. Check the cell to the other side of the water tank to find a small room with some matches in it. Once you’re sure you’ve collected everything from around the room, approach the water tank in the middle and talk to Joseph.

Now you have limited time to accomplish your task. Follow the cables into the cell at the end of the room and head through the doorway in here. Smash the crates and head forwards, killing the dynamite Haunted ahead of you, and continue through the cells until you reach another dynamite Haunted. Kill him and check the open cell to his right to find a hole in the wall. Crawl through the hole and run up the stairs to find a control panel with two dials on it. Set the top dial to 22 and the bottom dial to 5 for a cutscene.

Head back down to the cells the way you came and break them open, since the cutscene de-spawned all the enemies. The first on the left holds Key 10/47. The others can contain much-needed ammo. Head back to the water tank and jump down through the floor. Head through the gap in the wall and head down the passage. Some Haunted will appear ahead of you, and they are very easy to simply run past. Continue through the rooms here until you reach a door just before another hole in the floor. Head inside for more bolt parts, then jump down the hole. Continue forwards, burn the two bodies that drop from the ceiling, and then help Joseph finish off the Haunted attacking him and Kidman.

Approach the large doors and wait for Joseph to decide what to do. After the cutscene, head to the smaller door and go through. Continue down the passage for a cutscene. After this, head straight in front of you for a safe room. Directly to your right on the floor is Fragment 10/28 as well as Personal Document 5/16 on the desk. Head through the mirror and use your keys, as well as picking up Newspaper 7/21 and Missing Person 4/15 from their usual places. Exit the safe area and head down the hallway.

Disarm the tripwire when you get to it. Around the next corner are some Haunted, so be ready to take them down. Check the red cabinet here for some matches. Head back to where the tripwire was and enter the nearby room. Grab the bolt parts and head down the ladder. Walk slowly forwards, and watch out for the spike trap. Kill the Haunted at the end and head up the other ladder. Smash the crates and open the chest (carefully, it’s got a bomb in it). You now have access to freeze bolts.

Head back down the ladder and back up the previous one. Continue around the corner, and stop in front of the open cell door as a trap should trigger. Once it does, it’s safe for you to go through. Check the locker immediately to your left for more bolt parts. Head through the door around the corner. Follow the path, and you’ll come to an oil spill. Walk past it and enter the room here. Laura will now attack, so run back and stand on the other side of the oil spill. Wait for her to walk onto it and watch the sparks and fire fly.

Once the fire has gone, enter the room on the left again. Pick up the bolt parts in the left corner and approach the locker on the right. Open it and immediately start punching as there’s a statue stuck to a crow inside it. Smash the statue for Key 11/17, even if you miss and have to shoot the bird down. Check the cabinet behind you for a syringe.

Leave the room and continue down the corridor. The doorway will disappear behind you. Ahead of you will be some stairs going down. Firstly, turn right at the top of the stairs and approach the body in front of you. Laura will spawn through the body, so quickly drop a match on it as she manifests herself and run to the right. Duck under the grate here to coax Laura into spawning on one of the corpses here, then quickly climb the ladder and pull the lever, hopefully dropping her into the fire. Run downstairs and snatch up a torch just as she respawns, showing her why that was a bad idea by hitting her with your torch. Run to the opposite side of the room now, waiting close to the explosive barrel. When Laura gets close to it, pop a shot off and burn her. Now drop down the ladder close to you, getting Laura to follow. Once again, pull the side lever, and watch her burn. If you missed an attack or she still isnt dead, run up the stairs for another torch. Use this to finish her off. If that still doesn't do it, use the remaining explosive barrels and bodies that can be burned here to get the job done. Killing Laura will get you

Now head around the room looking for ammo and other loot before heading through those double doors. Smash the crates and grab the matches on your way through this corridor and open the doors at the other end. While Ruvik is talking, you have enough time to walk around the edge of the room picking up the ammo. After a short cutscene, you will be attacked by three enemies. To kill these, you have to knock them over then pull the STEM cords out of the back of their heads. Use your shotgun or shock bolts to do so. Once this is done, the chapter will end.

Chapter 6: Losing Grip on Ourselves

Pick up Newspaper 8/21 from the table in front of you, and examine the photos underneath. Head out to the reception desk and enter the corridor to your room. Go to the end of the corridor for a short cutscene. Follow the nurse around the corner and down the stairs. Walk to the end of this passage and into the open door.

Once you’re back in control, use the boxes in the corner to climb out of the room. The case on the table by the stairs contains a harpoon bolt. Go up the stairs and follow the path towards the town in the distance. Halfway down the path, you’ll come to a ruined house on the right. Examine this house and shoot down the boxes on the ceiling for some goodies. Exit this house and make your way to the one further down the path. Check behind the hanging body for a statue holding Key 12/47. There should also be a grenade on the floor. Continue down the path to the gate.

Now, this is the hardest part of the game on AKUMU. If this area is giving you problems, refer to that section of the walkthrough for a very detailed description of how to conquer it. Once inside, you’ll be in a small room. Haunted will continuously come in through the windows, but there’s a neat trick to avoid the worst of it. Kill the first two Haunted that enter (if you have time after, check the corner for ammo) and another three will soon follow. Now what you need to do is walk/run around the edges of the room, in circles, avoiding them until Joseph gets the door open. As soon as you hear Joseph call you, run through the door. You may need to occasionally shoot off a barrel or knock down a Haunted attacking Joseph, in case you get hung up.

Head down the stairs and grab the syringe and freeze bolt at the bottom. Check the shelves nearby for some more ammo and bolts. Continue on to another bomb door. Here, it’s the same as before. Haunted will drop down from the ceiling. Kill the first three, and then start running around the room until the next wave spawns. Once all the Haunted (about 4) spawn in, move to the back where Joseph is and fire a flash bolt at the ground. Keep firing flash bolts at them once they recover, keeping them at bay until Joseph opens the door.

Check the case on the table in front of you for a syringe and a sniper rifle. Oh yeah. Head to your left, and a Haunted with a crossbow will appear out of a door. Use the wall to hide out of his sight, and then sneak kill him when he turns around.

With him dead, move up to the door he was watching. Quietly enter this room and sneak kill the Haunted in here, as well as the one wandering down the stairs below, being mindful of proximity traps. Collect what you need in this room, ready your rifle, and head up the stairs. Watch the box suspended from the tower, and as soon as it opens to reveal a Haunted, snipe him dead. Pull out your pistol and move forward, watching the switch on the left wall. When you see the Haunted run to the lever, put a bullet into him to discourage him from releasing even more enemies. Now run down the stairs with rifle at the ready, quickly looking up at the box here to take out the 2nd Haunted. Run back up, then left, then putting a bullet into the Haunted on the walkway here to knock him over. Sneak by the bomb and ready your rifle, watching the 3rd box. Snipe its occupant when he shows himself, running left to avoid the harpoons. Now, wait on this walkway. Once a few Haunted start to close in on you, an attack on Joseph will knock him off the ledge. Use your pistol or shotgun to dispatch the attacker, then pick up Joseph for

If you fail to get it, you can either wait for a later playthrough or load the previous checkpoint, which will start you back at the first harpoon box. Once this is done, snipe the fourth and final box from the wooden walkway. Once that’s done, quickly craft as many explosive and shock bolts as you can – make sure you have one freeze bolt and a flash bolt as well. Run back down the stairs to the base of the tower, and another Sadist will attack. Your best strategy here is to hit him with a shock bolt, then hit him with an explosive bolt. Repeat this until you’ve used all of them. Now hit him with a freeze bolt. While he’s frozen, unload your harpoons or shotgun (or any other weapon you have) into him. If that doesn’t kill him, hit him with a flash bolt when he thaws out, and sneak kill him.

Now that he’s dead, Joseph will join you. BEFORE GOING THROUGH THE DOOR scavenge around this entire area for supplies. Once you get back to where you first picked up the sniper rifle, use it to zoom in at the tower. Near the top, you should see a statue containing Key 13/47. Shoot it down, and make sure to pick the key up right outside the door the Sadist came through. Head through the door that opens ahead of you and go up the stairs. Grab the matches at the top and set fire to the Haunted blocking the lift. Check the left of the safe room door for Fragment 11/28. Inside the safe room you'll find Personal Document 6/16 on a locker, then jump into the mirror. You'll find Newspaper 9/21 in its usual spot, and you can use the locker keys you had acquired. Exit this area and head into the lift.

Follow the path here for a cutscene, then switch to your sniper, and kill the Haunted before they have their way with Joseph. There’s some ammo just to your left if you need it. Once saved, he’ll drop a bridge for you to cross over. Head over the bridge for another cutscene. A load more Haunted will make themselves known to you. Use your shotgun and matches to take care of them and Joseph will soon have the way forward open. If you want to save ammo, you can just bait them around while you wait for Joseph. Just make sure none run off to attack him. Once that’s done, you’ll get a short cutscene.

Head down the path and through the gate. This area is absolutely full of crates for you to smash, so work your way around, breaking them all, hoping for some ammo. You’ll also find a bomb-chest in a small marketplace. On the right side, on a box, you'll find Audio Diary 3/10. To the left of the diary, you'll find a stack of crates that you can smash to reveal a small crawlspace that leads to Key 14/47. Once you’ve happily smashed and collected everything, you’ll soon find a gate in a stone wall. Head through for a cutscene.

Once you’re back in control, check the chair on the left for Fragment 12/28, the nearby cupboard for a syringe, and the desk drawer for some matches. Head into the next room and through the door to find a mirror. Use it to return to the hospital and open some more lockers, making sure you pick up Newspaper 10/21 from the rack and Missing Person 5/15 from the billboard. You’ll want as much ammo as possible for the next bit. Once you’re done, find a mirror and leave the hospital.

Leave the building and follow the path to the right for a short cutscene. Before proceeding, wait for the lamp nearby to be shot down. If you don’t, it’ll likely be shot down on top of you and cause some real damage. Once the fire’s gone, sneak forward and hide behind the graves. Wait for Joseph to take out the sniper and then continue on. Ignore the enemies that spawn here and keep walking until you are standing on the pressure plate to open the gate to run through before it closes. Smash the crates to your right for a chance at some ammo. Follow the path around and a giant will be released in front of you. Run towards him and immediately turn left. Keep following the path and you’ll enter a larger, more open area, with a statue at the back of it. Head to the statue, and you’ll find a crawlspace inside it.

Inside the statue, you’ll find a syringe and a shock bolt. Poke your head out the side, and you’ll see two giants battering a wall. You should have grenades on you, so slightly leave the crawl space and throw a grenade between both the Giants so you hit them both. Take cover back in the crawl space until they bunch together again. Repeat this with all of your grenades to severely weaken them. Now it’s just a matter of sneaking out, taking one shot at a head with your sniper rifle, harpoon bolts or pistol, then hiding again. Repeat this and they’ll soon die. Once you’ve killed both, you’ll unlock

Now it’s safe to wander around this area, picking up any ammo you find (especially the 2 explosive bolts), before meeting up with Joseph at the horse statue he mentioned. There should be some sniper ammo nearby on the floor and some explosive bolts on a wall around the corner. Pick up Document 6/16 next to Joseph and a small cutscene will occur, before you find yourself back at the hospital. Save, if you like, and then leave through a mirror. Once you’re in control, head down the corridor behind Joseph. Follow this all the way until you reach a large room with four slabs in it. Firstly, check the left side of the room for some body bags moving along the wall. One of these will have a statue attached to it, which you can break for Key 15/47 once it gets close.

To open the way forward, you need to balance the slabs correctly. Each slab is numbered. First, head to the nearby slab 9 and pull the lever. Now head to the other side of the room and pull the lever by slab 7. Finally, pull the lever next to slab 5 to open the way forward. Before leaving, check the cell area on the right side of the room for a load of crates and some harpoon bolts stuck in the wall. Continue forward to find a lift.

Get in the lift to travel up to the next floor. Leave the lift and head through the corridor to reach a lab. Check the shelf next to the desk and the cabinet in the corner for some ammo, and be sure to pick up Document 7/16 from the desk before leaving through the other corridor, making a right when you can. At the end of the hall, next to a corpse, will be Document 8/16. Continue down, past the cute little dog (ha!) in the cage, down another corridor and standing on the panel on the floor to open the gate. Interact with the gate in the next room, and Joseph will open it for you.

After the cutscene, equip your shotgun as the dog runs past you. Watch where he goes and wait. Soon, he’ll rush you. Just as he’s about to hit you, shoot him with the shotgun to knock him over. If he doesn’t get knocked over, you shot too soon. While he’s down, switch to your crossbow and hit him with one of the explosive bolts you collected from the graveyard. Wait for him to charge again, and once again knock him over with your shotgun before hitting him with another explosive bolt. If you have no more explosive bolts, just use your harpoon bolts, sniper rifle or pistol to shoot him when he’s down. Repeat knocking him over and damaging him until a cutscene plays.

Squeeze back through the gate, grab the ammo directly in front of you, and run down the path. On the floor towards the other side will be Joseph’s glasses, surrounded by a blue glow. Keep an eye out for the dog here, but he really isn’t very hard to avoid. Once you’ve got the glasses, head back to Joseph, and squeeze through the gate. Head up the stairs and approach the building, grabbing the gel around the area – this will end the chapter.

Chapter 7: The Keeper

Head towards the altar to hear something from Kidman, grabbing Fragment 13/28 from the pulpit, and then wait for Joseph to sit on a nearby bench. When he does, go and talk to him for a cutscene. The pots in this area can all be smashed for a chance at loot, so keep an eye out. Smash the pot to your right and then continue down the path to enter a large room full of candles. Work your way around to the left, smashing pots as you go. When you get to a raised platform, continue going around it for now. Look out for the motion trap on the pillar nearby. There’ll be some ammo on the table next to it. Before continuing up the large staircase, head up on to the raised platform for some trap parts. Now you can go up the stairs.

Head around the corner, and you’ll see a Haunted in the distance. There are also more Haunted in the room to your left. Kill the first Haunted at distance and then equip your shotgun to get ready for the others. One blast should take them both down, allowing you to burn them. Head into the room they came from for some sniper ammo. Follow the corridor to the end and check the room for some pots and ammo. Leave the room, and you’ll be facing a stone door, with two candles on stands either side of it. Investigate the door to remove a section of it and open the way forward. Inside you’ll find some trap parts, Document 9/16, and a small "safe". Open the safe to receive Key 16/47.

Continue following the way forwards and you’ll find a chained gate down some stairs. Luckily, you’re somehow strong enough to simply punch the chain to bits, which makes you wonder why you can’t just punch everything you come across in this...Never mind.

Directly ahead of you will be a stone tablet. On the right of the wall is a safe room containing Personal Document 7/16. Inside the mirror, you'll spawn directly in front of Newspaper 11/21, with Missing Person 6/15 right behind you. Interact with the stone wall to open the doors to the left and right of you. Firstly, let’s go left.

When you find your way blocked by smoke, use the nearby valve to close the vent. Open the door that’s revealed and proceed onward. As you turn the corner, you’ll notice a body hanging from the ceiling. Bring out your sniper rifle and then edge forward until an enemy appears from the right. Immediately shoot the hanging body in the head. It will fall and spring a trap, leaving both enemies dead.

The AlterEgo's are a lot harder to bring down than the Haunted are, often taking two shotgun blasts to the legs before you’re able to burn them. Luckily, they also have a habit of falling over from time to time, which can save on ammo. They also have a strong weakness to the sniper rifle, with one rifle headshot dispatching them with ease. At the top of the stairs, you’ll find a lever. Pull it to kill some more enemies below you. Open the cell at the top of the stairs and sneak around the electric chair to disarm a motion trap, then pick up the nearby grenade. On the way back down, grab a hatchet from the cell on your right. You can now head back down the stairs and enter the last cell. Inside the final cell, you’ll find trap parts, sniper ammo, and a syringe.

Head back up to the top of the stairs, and turn left to find a ladder leading down. Climb down for a short cutscene. Immediately turn the valve in front of you. Continue on, use the hatchet to kill the enemy that comes around the corner, and then turn the second valve. There’s some pistol ammo and a ladder nearby. Go down the ladder, proceed forwards, and run past the Alters here. They are very easy avoid, being so slow and clumsy. Proceed around the corner for some gel on the left and another crank on the right. Slowly continue on.

Around the next corner is a tripwire. Dismantle it and continue on. Soon you’ll find some crawling enemies, burn them to continue. Continue on and turn the crank to proceed. Just around the corner is a ladder to climb up. Check the nearby slab for a harpoon bolt and then continue up the stairs. Remove the head from the door, and you’ll be back in the room with the large slab. Now continue across the room and go through the right opening. Continue down into the room. Smash the pots around the room and grab the trap parts near the stairs. In the corner of the room, you’ll see a crank which drops a trap. Use the crank and climb on top of the trap. Once the trap is back at its full height, check the pillar closest to the crank for a small statue. Smash it for Key 17/47 and walk off the trap. Dropping down, you'll find Audio Diary 4/10 on the bench next to you.

Head around the corner and approach the candles on the floor. Directly above these is a trap to disarm. From this position, use your pistol to shoot both of the cranks across from you. This will drop a trap and allow you to continue. Once it stands up, snipe it dead. Continue into the next room, and you’ll see a large trap before you and a hanging body. Run across here, and start using the crank. As soon as you do, a group of enemies will burst through the door. Run back across the floor, luring the Alters to you. Once they have grouped up together, drop into the pit with them, and hop back up on the side with the crank, using the lever here to drop a trap to kill them all. There's a tripwire to disarm to the right of the trap as well.

Once they’re dead, head into the door they came from. Make sure your lamp is on and sneak down the steps. To your left will be some trap parts. To your right, there’ll be two tripwires. Continue around the corner and down the stairs to find two motion traps and another tripwire. Around the next corner, you’ll find a statue you can smash for Key 18/47. Now return to the previous room.

Next to the crank is a hatchet, so pick it up. Use the crank to open the door and jump down into the pit. Immediately climb up to the right and pull the lever here. This will drop a trap into the pit, killing the two enemies that got up. There is another enemy by the lever, so hit it with the hatchet. While the trap is down, climb on top of it, and hop off into the hole in the wall before getting crushed by the spikes. Take Key 19/47 from the case here, dropping down after collecting supplies. Make your way back to the trap, and head out the door the Alter was guarding.

Before going any further, we should do some prep work. You should now have enough trap parts to make sure you have at least one freeze bolt, two shock bolts, and a bunch of explosive bolts. These are going to come in very handy soon and later on. Head back into the main room, and place both of the stone heads into the tablet in the center of the room. Go down the stairs and through the door ahead. The ceiling will be covered with falling traps, and the floor is covered with snare traps. Break out of the first snare trap and walk backwards to safety.

As soon as you can, start running forwards under the traps. They will start to fall behind you. You need to run through, doing your best to avoid the snare traps on the floor. They’re reasonably easy to avoid, but the game’s controls really don’t help, neither does the absolutely unnecessary change in camera angle, so be careful. You’ll be glad there’s a checkpoint so soon before this, but it’s still going to frustrate the hell out of you. Once you’re done, approach Leslie, and break open the cage to free him. There’ll be some ammo in the cell. To your right will be a crank, so use it to open the door, and Leslie will head through. After the cutscene, it’s time to face The Keeper. You are only allowed to kill The Keeper twice during this segment, so make sure you only engage him when I specify it. This is the first of the two times you’re allowed to kill him. Hit the Keeper with explosive bolts until he dies (it should only take two), and then craft some more.

A door in front of you will open, and poisonous gas will start to flow in. Run forwards, follow the wall around to the right, and you’ll soon reach a valve. Turn this to slow down the poison. The Keeper will start forming behind you as you do so, but you have enough time to finish turning the valve. Once the valve has finished turning, run around The Keeper and through the circular hatch behind him. You cannot kill him here if you want the trophy. As you pass through the hatch, it will lock behind you. Directly around the corner here is a second valve, so start turning it. Once you’ve finished, the Keeper will form behind you again. Hit him with your explosive bolts until he dies as this is the final kill you can get on him this time. Check the room for supplies before heading back out.

Once he’s dead, head back through the hatch you entered from. Head to the left for a short cutscene involving the Keeper breaking a valve. Head through the gap to the right of The Keeper and then turn right. You’ll see the valve in the distance, covered in a blue glow. Pick it up. There’s also a syringe next to it if you have the time. Turn around and The Keeper should be behind you. Quickly equip your crossbow and hit him with a freeze bolt. Run back to the broken valve and you should now have more than enough time to finish turning it before the Keeper turns up – remember, you can’t kill him here if you want the trophy. If you want to be extra safe, put a shock bolt on the floor near the valve. Once the valve is finished, head down the stairs to your left and through the hatch at the bottom. With the hatch closed, walk around the corner and climb the ladder. Head forwards, follow the on-screen prompts, and then watch the cutscene play out. This will unlock

Continue on, over the trap, and turn left. Follow the path around and climb down the ladder at the end. This will end the chapter. If you did this while only “killing” The Keeper twice, you’ll unlock

Chapter 8: A Planted Seed Will Grow

Before we get started here, there’s a trophy for completing this chapter without using any weapons. We’ll be going for this trophy as it’s actually the best way of progressing through most of the level anyway, so make sure you don't fire any weapon at all, not even bolts. Matches are all good!

In the distance, you’ll see some enemies. Before proceeding, take a look around this section as you’re going to need to know the best places to kite these enemies around. There is a wall that effectively creates two passages leading to the room where the enemies are. Head into the main room and get the attention of all the enemies. Run around so that they all start following you and lead them back to where you started. Once they’re on one side of the wall, you can then head down the other side. At the end of the room, you’ll see a boarded up doorway. Break through this, and there are two more enemies inside. Get their attention, and lure them back into the main room. The previous enemies are probably quite close by now, so carefully lure all of the enemies back to the starting area. If any fall on the floor and can get burned, go for it. Just beware of their insta-kill tentacle.

Once you have them on one side of the wall, you can run down the other side, through the doorway, and quickly interact with the crank to open the way forward. There are also some shotgun shells on the wall to your left. Attached to the chain when you open the door is a statue. Melee the statue for Key 20/47 and proceed down the hall. The next section has a harpoon thrower in it. Ahead of you will be a wooden pillar. Wait for the harpoons to fire then hide behind this pillar – if you’re quick, you can grab a freeze bolt from one side of it. Wait for the harpoons to fire again and then continue onward.

Squeeze through the gap ahead of you and interact with the crank. A load of baby things will fall from the ceiling, so spend some time stomping about on them. Once you’ve killed them off, and possibly spent some time in therapy, check the left side of the room for Audio Diary 5/10 then go back to the crank and open the door. Wade into the water and follow the wall on the right. There will be some mini-waterfalls here. Check the third one for a statue containing Key 21/47. Jump over the obstruction ahead of you and continue onward.

You’ll come to a room with two enemies standing in the middle. Slowly walk behind them and then sprint past. Continue onward, up the stairs, and squeeze through another gap. Keep going, and you’ll come to a small wooden staircase leading to a platform on your left. Head up here to find an explosive bolt. There are also a couple of barrels around this room for you to smash. Head up the stairs at the end of the room to find a body impaled on the wall. Grab Document 10/16 on the floor here, then pick up the plate that’s on the floor nearby. Interact with the door ahead of you and flip the plate so the face on it is facing to the left (and the side covered in blood is facing the door). Insert it to open the way forward.

Follow the path onwards for a short cutscene. Once the environment changes back to the hospital, turn around and pick up Fragment 14/28 from the floor behind you. Continue onwards and through the door at the end of the corridor for another cutscene. Once it’s finished, pick the bottle up from the floor and look at the side of the room where a load of pipes have fallen. Stuck in the upright pipe is a statue. Hit it with the bottle on the floor for Key 22/47, and be sure to grab Personal Document 8/16 from the left side of the room and Document 11/16 from the right, on top of some equipment.

Now leave the room for another short cutscene. Run like hell down the corridor - you have infinite stamina during this bit. Stick to the center to avoid the doors that can get in your way. This will end the chapter, and, if you didn’t use any weapons, you’ll unlock

Chapter 9: The Cruelest Intentions

To start with, there’s some apparent randomness to this level. Haunted can appear in different places, and, every couple of minutes, the screen will turn blue – signalling that Ruvik himself is turning up to kill you. If you see the screen begin to turn blue, find an area to run around and avoid him, as a single touch by him means death.

Once you’re back on your feet, approach the door and talk to the nurse. Exit your room and head to the right. Above the notice board on the wall will be a family portrait. Examine this, then examine it a second time when you’re able. The room around you will change, allowing you pick up Newspaper 12/21 from the desk. When you’re back in control, head through the door to the right of the newspaper stand and continue to the end of the corridor. Once you see Ruvik disappear with a sunflower, check the stone wall on the right for Fragment 15/28. Keep going forwards until you reach a mansion. Open the gates, shoot down the statue in the tree to the right for Key 23/47. Then enter the front door.

On the chairs near the left staircase is a syringe. Head towards the door between the stairs in front of you and turn left. In the safe room, you'll find Personal Document 9/16, which will crack open a mirror that holds Newspaper 13/21 and Missing Person 7/15 in their usual locations. Exit the safe area, and enter the dining room, picking up Document 12/16 from the table. Continue through the door into a corridor. Enter the door on the right at the end of the corridor and disarm the motion trap on the wall ahead of you. Turn left again and head into the next room. There may be 2 Haunted eating a corpse here. If they're here, drop a match on the body to burn both Haunted as well. You’ll find some bullets on the oven to your right. Turn left and go through the door next to the barrels. At the top left of the shelf here, you'll find a statue with Key 24/47 in it.

Walk around the shelves to the left, and you’ll find a table with a head on it. Examine the head. Here, you need to place a pin into the correct part of the brain. Listen to the voice-over and examine the diagram on the table. This will direct you to insert a pin in between the two brain hemispheres, about two thirds of the way down – just to the left of the lowest pin. Below is a video showing you exactly where to place all the pins on all the brains for these puzzles.

Once done correctly, a scene will play out nearby. Once it’s over, backtrack the way you came, back out to the entrance hall. This is likely where your first encounter with Ruvik will occur – luckily, you can hide under the table in the dining room until he goes away, or run around in the main hall until he decides to vanish. Head up the stairs in the entrance hall and enter the door on the far left of the landing to enter the library. Walk through the room to sneak kill the wandering Haunted. After it's down, find a ladder leading to the upper area. There’s another motion trap on one of the nearby pillars and some shotgun shells on the desk. Head up the ladder and enter sneak mode. Sneak to the right and there’ll be a body on the floor. It will jump at you, so be sure to have a eapon at the ready. Continue around, and you’ll meet another Haunted coming towards you. Kill it, pick up his hatchet, and look to your left. Underneath the painting, you’ll find the Upper Safe Dial, which we’ll need later.

Go back down the ladder and leave through the door to the left of the one you entered through. Directly to your right might be two haunted – if they’re there, burn the body they're feasting on, and pick up the trap parts. There’ll be another hatchet on the table nearby. If not, head into the room on the left and pick up Document 13/16 from the desk in front of you. Search this and the connecting room for supplies.

Continue down the corridor, past another motion trap, and follow it around to the right. Halfway down the corridor on the righthand side is a bathroom, head into it and check the tub for Fragment 16/28. Head back out and to the right, but as you approach the door at the end, you’ll be dragged back. You need to quickly shoot the red light between the two blades, or you’ll be minced. Now turn around and head through the door you were trying to get to before you were rather rudely interrupted (remember to pick up your hatchet back up on the way).

Inside this room, you’ll see a statue with Key 25/47 on it to the left. Pick it up and duck under the fireplace to your right. Crouch and go through the fireplace to find another brain. There is a shock bolt to your right. Again, listen to the voice-over, and study the diagram on the table. This pin needs to be inserted into pretty much the far right side of the brain, about two thirds up. Check the video if need be. Once this is done, head back through the fireplace for another scene. Check the armoire next to the door for a syringe. Leave through the door.

Turn immediately to your left and follow the corridor all the way to the end to reach another door. Enter and listen to Audio Diary 6/10 on the night stand here. Walk around to the other side of the room. Here you’ll find another motion trap and a boarded-up door. A Haunted will smash through the boards and open the door, revealing you're back at the top of the stairs in the entrance hall. You can now open the double doors in the center at the top of the stairs. Once inside, look under the painting to your left to find another safe dial. Aim upwards to find a statue nestled in the ceiling, and shoot it down for Key 26/47. Head back into the entrance hall and go down the stairs.

Now you can enter the door underneath the right-hand staircase. Once inside, there’s some matches on the other side of the room and a syringe on the small desk in the center. Go through the door nearby and kill the Haunted inside. There’s some ammo to your left. Now go back in the previous room, head down the corridor to the left of the door, and follow it to the end. To the left of a piano will be a picture with a safe embedded into it. Below the safe, be sure to get Document 14/16, then insert both of the dials. Set them to 11 (top), 2 (bottom), and the safe will open a doorway. Go through the doorway and through the door at the end of the short corridor to find another brain room. Once again, listen to the voice-over and examine the diagram on the table. This pin goes on the left side of the brain – about half way between the two pins already inserted and a little to the left. Check the video to be sure. Head back to the piano for another scene.

Go back to the entrance hall, and you’ll now be able to enter the door on the ground floor, in the center between the staircases. Once it’s open, head down the corridor. Continue on until you meet Ruvik for a pretty awesome scene. Approach the desk in front of you for a cutscene. Look to your right for a shock bolt on the bench in the corner. Head down the stairs and follow the corridor around. Head up the stairs at the end, and continue until you reach another door. Open the door and head inside. Once you’re back in control, head down the corridor to your right to find another door. Head inside for another short scene. You now need to navigate across the room, avoiding all of the tripwires. Stay crouched and you should be fine. If you move quickly, there are scattered supplies off the beaten path you can snag.

Once you’re on the other side, head through the curtained doorway and approach the mannequin. Once the scene changes, run forwards, and grates will slam down in front and behind you. Follow the grates around to the left and then back to the right. A grate will slam down in front of you – look closely, and you’ll see a lock and chains on it. Shoot these to open the way forward. Now, keep working your way through the grate maze until another chained door slams down in front of you. Shoot it to continue. Watch the floor for some bear traps, and there’s a motion trap on a nearby pillar, so tread carefully. Keep going through the grates, and you’ll reach whirling blades of death on the other side of the room. You need to pass by these, so hug the wall opposite them, and continue on. Once you’ve passed the blades, another chained grate will fall in front of you. Shoot it open, and head left, through all the heads. Now you need to sprint down this pathway before the heads crush you between them.

Once you are back in the room where you avoided wires, turn around and pick up Fragment 17/28 from the desk behind you. Move past the curtain and head into the door for another scene. Scavenge around the barn for ammo which you'll soon need, then enter the doors for a series of scenes that end when the barn goes up in flames. Once the scenes are over, look around you to find a crank wheel. Turn this to move a cage all the way across the barn. There’s a lever right next to this. Pull it to lower the cage to the floor. Enter the cage, turn around, and shoot the lever. This will raise the cage back to the ceiling.

Once at the top of the lift, head right to the bales of hay. Burn the bales with a match to reveal a statue containing Key 27/47. Now interact with the window to initiate a fight with a group of Haunted, making sure to avoid the blood mist as you kill them with your usual methods. Clustering up a group of 5 or so then using a shock bolt works wonders here. After killing a few, the barn scene ends, and you find yourself in familiar territory. At the end of the hall in front of you, enter the room through the bookcase on the right and end this chapter.

Chapter 10: The Craftsman’s Tools

Start off by heading forward and going down the ladder, continuing on past the scene between Jimenez and Ruben. Grab Document 15/16 from the desk on the left, then head into the safe room. Pick up Newspaper 14/21 from its usual place, use your keys, and examine the cell door being hit. After the scene here, exit through a mirror. Continue on, breaking crates, and picking up ammo as you do. In the next room, head down the ladder, and immediately go into sneak.

Go to the left wall and disable the trap here, hang left, and walk into the doorway. Break the crates and statue, picking up all the supplies and Key 28/47 before heading back out. Head down this corridor, making a left into a short hall to grab some green gel. Head through the double doors at the end of the hall to experience more absolute hell.

Immediately go into sneak when the doors close behind you, sticking right. Dismantle the trap here, and continue sneaking right until you can get a kill on the torch Haunted here. Once he's dead, you can hop a small brick wall for some harpoons in the center of the room. When moving through the next small area, you'll be spotted and attacked by Haunted. Deal with them using the torch, grab the rifle ammo from the table, and head up the ladder. Past the crates, you'll encounter a group of enemies. In such close quarters, shotgun/match combo or shock bolt is the way to go. Speaking of bolts, if you've been diligent about their use, you should have or at least be close to

  • Full House

    Kill 5 enemies with each type of Agony Bolt.

    Full House
    Offline Game Mode - These trophies require play in game modes that do not require a connection to any live services, such as Play Station Network.Single Player - These trophies can be obtained by a single player.Cumulative + - These trophies are obtained by repeatedly performing the same action or set of actions over time.

NOTE: Keep in mind that this trophy is buggy. I've unlocked it multiple times, each time by using different methods. Sometimes, you must shoot the enemies you've flashed/shocked as opposed to burning or stabbing them. Sometimes you must let frozen enemies shatter on their own instead of breaking them yourself. If you have the Poison or Incendiary bolts from the DLC, 5 kills with those will count towards this trophy as well, but are not required for it. If you haven't gotten it and are absolutely sure you've met the requirements, try using the bolts and killing the enemies differently. Harpoon and explosive bolts are special in that there is no debate as to whether or not you got a kill using them, so have those as your foundation and work from there.

Grab any supplies you need and head left onto the balcony. Look across and to the right of you and counter-snipe the 2 enemies here, picking up the pistol ammo behind you if needed. Now exit the balcony and head left into the back room for the battery you need to progress. Climb back down the ladder, making sure you duck down before exiting the room, as you'll now experience the spinning blades of fun.

Stay crouched here, and move ahead. After a blade passes the top of your head, mantle over the cover here and get back down. As you move ahead, some Haunted will rush you from the door you need to get in. Try to bait them into the tripwire across from you, even if they survive the blast the act of them standing up will leave them vulnerable to the blades. Once they're dead, sneak into the room they came from, grabbing the matches from the barrel. Check around the corner for an enemy, and burn the "corpse" on the floor if its safe. Move up when you can, sneak killing the Haunted here. Continue sneaking up until you see a Haunted with a shotgun. Sneak kill him and the other "corpse" laying here. Break the crates, grab the bolts and gel around here, and insert the battery.

Head back the way you came, exiting into the blade room but hanging right now. Get through the open doors for a satisfying checkpoint. Keep going then head left into the room here for Fragment 18/28. Stock up, exit, and head down the ladder here.

Follow the path here, grabbing the handgun ammo and shotgun shells laid out for you, especially taking care to take the shock bolt. In this main hallway area, look left for a spiked ceiling room. Using your pistol, shoot the statue sitting in here from outside. Sneak down, get inside, grab Key 29/47 and the green gel if time permits, then get back out of there. Take the lefthand door in this room, and get ready to run. Sprint left, through this room, hanging left, and grabbing the battery pack off the table here. Turn around, run through the door behind you, make a left, and then sprint through this next room until you hit a checkpoint. If you die from this point on, all of the enemies behind you will have de-spawned, so you can go back and grab the shotgun shells, handgun ammo, rifle ammo, and matches in the previous rooms without hassle. This also works on AKUMU, saving you a fight against 5 Haunted and a Ruvik clone.

Duck down and undo the wire waiting to spring a trap on you here, inserting the battery pack. Make your way back out, into the waiting arms of Haunted. I used a shock bolt on the whole cluster here, but shotgun/match works here as well. Continue backtracking until another Haunted rushes you from the corner. Kill it, then equip a freeze bolt. The shutter in this area will roll up to reveal a Trauma, a massive enemy that is a horrendous bullet sponge to deal with. Run back to the area behind the spinning blades, and wait. When the Trauma turns the corner, hit him with a freeze bolt and quickly sprint back to where he came from, pulling the switch here to raise the trap on the right. Immediately after crossing it, a plate will hit the wall here. Pull out your pistol and shoot the statue behind the plate, then sneak under the plate and grab Key 30/47. Sneak back out and run across the plate to the door before being crushed.

Move through this area until the series of plates hits the wall. Sneak under them to the right and go up the ladder, grabbing the explosive bolt on the right as you make your way down the path. Sneaking under a grate, you'll come to a room where Seb asks what kind of place this is. It's hell, Sebastian. Hell. On the right, you'll find some matches. Immediately after them, to the left, pick up Fragment 19/28 from where it's propped up against the wall here. Before dropping down, make sure you have maximum freeze bolts and get ready for what comes next.

Grab the syringe here and sneak through the righthand doorway, stealthily killing the Haunted here. Now run out to the door, turning tail back to where you dropped down when the Trauma jumps out from the side. Once both Traumas are swinging at you in the back room, hit one with a freeze that will hopefully catch both in the radius. As you run back to the wheel that opens the grate, plant a shock bolt somewhere the Trauma would need to cross in order to reach you for safe measure. Once the grate is opened, quickly hit the lever inside and sneak under the spikes here. Catch your breath, hit the lever to your right, and prepare for more.

Down these hallways, things will get tossed around. Once you reach what appears to be a hospital room, check the bed on the left for Audio Diary 7/10. Make your way around the corner for a safe room containing Personal Document 10/16 and a mirror back to the hospital where you can pick up Newspaper 15/21 from the desk and Missing Person 8/15 from the billboard. Use your keys, save, and exit.

Continue on until you see Laura crawling about. Move past her and go down the stairs, hitting the lever on the floor. She will rip open the grating here and come for you, same as she did in Chapter 5. Avoid her by baiting her around this area until the gates are raised enough to sneak under, then keep on moving. Keep pressing on until you come to a hall, and then run as fast as possible down it. Make a sharp right when you can, avoiding the Haunted that kicks down the door. After locking Laura out, grab some matches from the table on the left and keep on going.

You'll come to a lever that shows you just how long it takes to turn off fire in the world of STEM. Use your pistol to shoot the switch above you, turning off the fire in front of you. Grab the handgun ammo and move on, watching as Laura drops down in front of you. Run left and make a sharp right into this room, moving up to the next lever. Hit it, and then start baiting Laura around this room. Sneak around the center area as much as possible to avoid too many issues with her lunging at you with her impossibly long arms. On the opposite side of this room is a pipe with a switch you can shoot. Lure Laura under it and shoot it to make it rain fire on her. Once the fire blocking the path is off, run to the ladder and climb it.

Laura will be right on your heels, ripping the fencing away and chasing you down this new hall. Run to the end and turn around, sights on the switch. When Laura reaches it, shoot the switch and hit her with fire. As she burns, hit the switch next to the blocked path. Bait her around this area until the flames die down, hitting her with the other switch as well to keep her in check. Once the path is open, run to the right and get locked in a room. Hit the switch directly above you to open this door, granting you a well deserved checkpoint.

In this new room, you're going to take a quick 4 shots and head out. Look right, shoot the switch on the pipe here. Turning left, you should see the bottom of the switch sticking out of the pipe. Shoot it. Now shoot the bomb on the wall in front of you, and avoid Laura as she is now likely closing in. Run to the room the bomb was guarding, turn left, and look up to hit the final switch. Quickly run right and into the hole. There's an opportunity for a key and a chapter specific trophy here, but they are nearly impossible in your current state, so save it for your next run. Once you drop down, run at Laura, and drop a match right as she spawns in. Look left and shoot the bomb off the pillar here, then turn around. Look left and up, shooting the switch on the pipe here. Run to the right corner and aim at the switch above you. When Laura approaches the pipe, shoot the switch. Once she's immobilized, run to the lever on the left, and pull it to begin the extinguishing of the flames in the door. If you see Laura spawn from a body, burn it if you're close enough. If not, bait her around the room or use shock/freeze bolts to keep her at bay. Once the passage is clear of fire, run to the elevator for a scene.

Upon exiting the elevator, check the door on the left for Fragment 20/28. Head down the hallway for a revelation and massive change of scenery. The safe room door will be coming up to your right, useful as always. Inside you'll find Newspaper 16/21 and Missing Person 9/15 in their usual places. Save and exit by talking to the man behind the locked door again, and get ready for even more hell.

As you make your way through these rooms, pick up the bolts and gel along the way. Crawl under the grates here, being interrupted by Amalgam on occasion. Upon exiting into a parking garage, pick up the shotgun shells across from you and let the battle begin.

Amalgam is a very difficult boss if you try to fight him head on. The key to this encounter is maintaining stealth. Stay hidden behind the pillar here as his eye pops out and looks around. Pull out your rifle, and catch the side of the eye while it's turned. Run up with your shotgun and try to take off one of the three heads here, then turn around and run across the parking lot when it starts to wake up. Quickly turn the corner and duck under the car to your right. As long as you weren't spotted, Amalgam will walk away. Once it does, ready your rifle, and hit the eye again, repeating this process until it turns a blue/purple color. Hide under the car again, but this time, Amalgam will jump on top of it. Get out from under the car, fire an explosive bolt, and run across the lot to the other cars. Repeat this process until you're either out of bolts or Amalgam is dead. If you happen to run out of cars before either happens, plant a shock bolt on the ground, and unleash hell with your shotgun until it falls. Killing Amalgam will give you a lot of gel to pick up, access to all the supplies in the garage, and

Which is odd, because it is in fact, the last Amalgam you'll ever see, let alone fight. Anyway, head into the elevator to finish this incredibly long and taxing chapter.

Chapter 11: Reunion

After the intro cutscene, swim forward and to the left, getting up to the car and crossing over the water. Head right until you find the carousel, and watch the horses. One of them will have a statue on top of it, be sure to shoot it down and pick up Key 31/47 off the base of the carousel. Turn around and follow the crumbling streets here, moving past the bus and walking into the building here.

In the small living room area, raid it for supplies, and head right into the small side room. Open the case on the desk here for the magnum, a very powerful and necessary weapon. Be sure to pick up Fragment 21/28 from the wall next to the magnum case. Now head out and turn right into the hallway. Follow the path set by the building collapse, squeezing through the corridor when you must. In the next area, scavenge around for supplies before moving ahead. You'll be attacked by a fireman Haunted. Put a pistol shot into his leg to trip him up, then another shot into the canister to detonate him. After this, move on, and mantle over the van and fence.

Drop down and start sneaking left. Surprise the Haunted on your left here and kill him, making your way down. Quickly ignite the body on the ground to burn the Haunted feasting on it. Move about this area however you see fit, trying to sneak kill the other 2 Haunted here and picking up the supplies around this room. Examine the door here to see 3 more Haunted burst into the room, be ready with your shotgun and matches to take them out easily. Slowly move ahead into the door they came from, as you'll have another Haunted waiting for you around the corner. Dispatch him, grab the matches and rifle ammo here, equip your shiny new magnum, and pick up the key.

As soon as you have the key, turn around. A SWAT Haunted will kick in the door, drop him with a magnum shot before he can aim at you. Run out and follow the fence maze back to the door, looking up and firing another magnum bullet at the SWAT Haunted ascending the ladder. Open the door with the keys you just grabbed, running past the bus and onto the fire escape. Head up first, picking up the bullets at the top of the landing here. Now head back down, drop down, and follow the blue container to drop down again. When the street crumbles beneath you, swim to the back of the area and push the statue here near the car. Hop up onto the car once the statue is close, and smash it for Key 32/47. Drop down into the water and walk up the pipe here.

After being introduced to the lovely fish, shoot the bodies here down into the water. Jump in and swim to the car in the middle. Now quickly shoot down the hanging bodies here, then run and jump to the right to move across the car and billboard walkway before jumping into the water and swimming up the concrete slope. Once you're up the slope, run in front of you, and break the crates here, grabbing anything within. Equip your magnum and drop down.

You're on limited time here, so run to the right and grab the matches out of the carriage and magnum ammo out of the case on the ground. Burn any "corpses" on the ground, as all but the woman next to the carriage will come back up in a few moments. Once you reach the shutter, the Ruvik clone will appear. These are tough enemies that are best dealt with by using your most powerful weapons before they can send out their Laura arms. Drop him with the magnum quickly, with either one smooth headshot or a body shot and match. Once dead, the other Haunted here will automatically die. Go around picking up the ammo and green gel remaining here. Once you're done go through the shutter, and be instantly teleported into the mirror.

Go through the hospital here, grabbing Newspaper 17/21 and Missing Person 10/15 from their usual spots. Open up the lockers you can, make a save, and head back out through the nearest mirror.

Head through this next room and equip your sniper rifle. Aim down to the shutter doors, sniping the Haunted patrolling here. Go down to the right side and break the crates here, picking up any supplies they contain. Aim left and snipe the Haunted crouched here for an easy kill. Make sure you're equipped with the maximum number of freeze bolts before stepping up to the barrier that the Haunted was hidden behind. When the shutters open, fire a freeze bolt in the middle of the group, freezing all the Haunted here. Reload, wait for them to shatter, then repeat this process until you run out of bolts. Duck down and switch to grenades, holding cn_L2 while crouched to aim it over the cover. Once the shutter lifts up to reveal a SWAT, lob the grenades at him until he dies. With him gone, pick up any supplies in the area and head up the ladder, across to the next area.

Drop down here, picking up the grenade from inside the pipe. You'll need them. Ascend the ladder on the other side of the area, equipping your grenades and cranking up the generator. Once the generator activates, crouch down and lob grenades at the 2 SWAT enemies that are making their way down, hopefully killing them. Clear this area out using whatever weapons you're comfortable with, I recommend the sniper, pick up the supplies here, then climb the ladder and get in the gondola. Have your pistol out, pick up the ammo and trap parts in here, and put your RE4 nostalgia cap back on.

Once the ride starts, look left. You'll see a Haunted run out and place himself next to the edge, fire at him to knock him off. Another will come running from the same room and wisely position himself next to the exploding barrel, which you can then detonate for an easy kill. Haunted will now appear on both sides simultaneously, both on top and dropping down below. The key is to shoot them when they are near the ledge for an instant kill, or hit the barrels near them to take out groups. Focus on SWAT and molotov enemies, the hatchets are much easier to avoid. Concentrate on the left side, as it simply contains more dangerous enemies. At the end of the ride, hop down off the gondola and turn right, ducking under debris. Run straight to find some green gel, then backtrack. There's a small gap here you can sprint at and jump across for the coveted magnum ammo. Pick it up, turn around, drop down, look left and crouch for Fragment 22/28.

Make your way around the path, crossing a metal beam to an office building. To your immediate right is a vending machine you can interact with twice, once for green gel and the 2nd time for Key 33/47 in a statue. Turn around and walk through the office, stopping in the safe room on the right for Personal Document 11/16. From the safe room door, head to the back right of the room to find Audio Diary 8/10 on a shelf here. Back on the main path, head left for some ammo and be sure to hit the vending machine three times for green gel and explore all the surrounding rooms for supplies. Heading out into the open, you'll see Kidman being chased by a group of Haunted.

Drop down, and watch the gate on the right in the water. When the gate starts to rise, jump in and swim towards it. If all goes well, you'll be under it before the fish monster catches your scent. Make a left and climb the staircase in this new area, maneuvering around until you can see the rifleman below you on the car. Dispatch him with a bullet. Now work your way back down to the car to the left of the stairs, and climb it. Shoot the hanging body ahead of you, and then jump into the water and swim. Make a hard left, and get up onto the car here for ammo and a breather. Shoot the other bodies hanging to your right, jumping into the water and swimming under the gate as it starts to rise. Once you're clear, make your way up the stairs.

There are matches and a crate to the left here. Take what you need. Pick the bottle up off the floor here, crouching and aiming through the window. Throw the bottle to cluster up the Haunted, then fire a shock bolt to stun them. Run up and drop a match, hopefully burning the whole group. Do what you can against any remaining stragglers. After killing the Haunted here, Kidman will come out and signal the arrival of 3 more foes. She will take one out, and the both of you can easily kill the other 2. Be cautious, however, as a SWAT Haunted is right outside this room by the elevator. Use grenades to down or kill him, then raid this room for supplies.

Go to the elevator the SWAT Haunted emerged from and hit the switch. After a few seconds, the elevator will arrive with a statue that contains Key 34/47. After collecting it, head downstairs, picking up any gel you find along the way. Continue on the path while talking to Kidman, until you slowly creak open a blue metal door. Head left into the alley here and pick up Fragment 23/28 next to the creepy mannequin. Before heading up the stairs, check behind the carts here for green gel, then proceed for a cutscene.

After some dialog, test the door to find it locked. Another cutscene will soon ensue, and you'll be out of the room. Make your way down and through the door, pausing for an indicator that you shouldn't be firing weapons or using matches in this area. Head left to find a syringe near a locker, and then make your way into the main area. 2 Trauma are on patrol, but they're easy to avoid. Sneak under the shelves here, moving only when their backs are turned. When you're in the clear, run to the ladder and scale it. Move down the walkway and drop down in this new area.

Start by sneaking up, stealithy killing the Haunted here. Make your way around this room in any order you'd like, killing with stealth as you go. Once the Haunted here are dead, turn the valve on the ride side of the room to shut off the gas. Break the mannequins back here for access to supplies. Now move into the container, dropping a match on the corpse to kill both Haunted feasting on it, and picking up the key card. Go back to where you dropped down and use the card, scaling the ladder, and reaching a walkway. Equip your rifle, aim up at the crane in the distance, and snipe the statue from the crane. The key comes later, dropping down comes now.

Head right on the ground, kicking in the safe room door for Personal Document 12/16 and access to a mirror. Inside the mirror, you'll spawn in front of Newspaper 18/21 so be sure to pick it up, then use your keys and save. Exit the safe room, heading right to a large container. Search it for some supplies, then head back out and up the stairs to another building. There's some gel on the table here, grab it. A Haunted will burst from the left locker, but he is easy to avoid. Smash the planks here and cross the metal beam. On the other side, be sure to pick up the gel from the right side of the bench and Key 35/47 from in front of the doorway, below where you shot it down from earlier. Head up to the bus to end this insanely long and difficult chapter.

Chapter 12: The Ride

The chapter begins by your bus under attack. The best way to deal with this beast is close range shotgun to the face, avoiding his leg and ducking when need be. Keep up the fire on its face until it begins to drop little worms onto the bus, which can all be killed at once with an explosive bolt or grenade. Keep up the fire on its face until it jumps off the bus, then use the time to pick up all the available ammo and gel that the worms had dropped, as well as the syringes on the bus. After a chase, the bus will park, a crate will get kicked down onto it, and the action begins.

The Haunted start coming from the right, usually with molotovs or dynamite. Shooting these at the correct times will result in a cluster of enemies being killed in the blast, so make sure you line up your kills correctly. A sniping duo will appear above the bus and can easily be counter-sniped or lured to a barrel to be dealt with. Just make sure you watch the sides of the bus for boarding enemies or the errant stick of dynamite. When another large group spawns on the ledge above the bus, run as far front (to the steering wheel) as you possibly can. Only the enemies on the side can hurt you here, so focus on killing them safely from cover. When Kidman calls out an enemy up front, let Joseph kill the Haunted blocking the path, de-spawning all enemies and clearing the way forward.

Continue the ride until the spider creature drops back down. The same tactics work here, so make sure you kill all of the worms when they spawn and keep pressing on with the shotgun or rifle until the spider backs off. Make sure you grab all of the supplies dropped by the worms before the cutscene that unlocks

After the scenes here, get off the bus and head left. Pick up the explosive bolt and bottle here, throwing the bottle at the two barrels on the right. Once a group of 2 Haunted congregate around the barrel, detonate it, and catch both in the fire. Keep sticking left and grab another bottle, squeezing through the cars until you get to another barrel. Hit it with the bottle, wait for the Haunted, then blast it. Move up and equip your rifle, sniping the enemy on top of the truck near the ambulance. Once he drops, continue pressing on until you reach the truck he was standing on. Move around the corner here and shoot the barrel, instantly killing the Haunted in waiting. Run into the ambulance and grab the blood pack, syringe, and Fragment 24/28 here. Then exit and start to backtrack.

After the short scene, head back near the ambulance. Peek out with your rifle from the space between the ambulance and truck, killing the gunner when you have him sighted. Quickly run to the humvee before any other Haunted get on the gun, skirting them around until you can jump up onto the turret. Lay waste to them here, killing them as they come from the left, right, then left again in waves. Once it's clear, walk back to the bus, then double back to the turret to deal with the newest group. During this section, you should unlock

if you had not already. Once the Haunted are dead, pick up anything they may have dropped or any matches left in the area. Now, on the bus, there is a chance for a chapter specific trophy for driving the bus to the end of the highway without hitting a Haunted. It's very finicky, as I swear I've not hit a single Haunted with the bus and yet the trophy didn't unlock. Watch the following video for the best route, and then enjoy your cutscene and end of chapter.

Chapter 13: Casualties

At the start of chapter, move forward to find Personal Document 13/16 from the night table. Once inside the mirror, pick up Newspaper 19/21 from its usual place, saving and using your keys if necessary. Exit and grab the matches from the table in this room, then move ahead. You'll come to a part where an acid trap hangs above the doorway. Work to disarm it. Be sure to pick up the trap parts and gel in the vending machine next to the trap. Keep going until Joseph mentions a subway in the ground, then move right to pick up the handgun ammo on the floor, using your pistol to shoot out the cable of the elevator. Drop down, then move through the vent.

After the vent drop down and see a Keeper carrying a corpse. Disarm the trap here and grab the matches next to you on the nightstand. Move ahead, catch the attention of the Haunted here, and duck into the next room. He will run into the tripwire here, blowing himself up. Grab the supplies in here quickly, then run across the hall, through this next room, and hang near the lefthand door past the acid trap. If Ruvik won't spot you, move on ahead and to the left, taking care to sneak as to not get spotted by Haunted here. Make your way over to the acid trap and disarm it, passing through this area without much hassle and getting a checkpoint at the bottom of the stairs.

Disarm the trap here, go down the hall and take a right. Stay hidden here until The Keeper leaves the area past the acid trap. Look up and shoot down the statue once he's gone for Key 36/47 and be sure to raid the room for gel and trap parts. Disarm the wire traps and acid trap, then crawl into the vent here. Walk around and crawl through the debris on the outside area, picking up the gel as you go. Pick up the magnum ammo from inside the case when you come down the ledges, making a left, and entering the safe room after a short scene outside the door. In the room, be sure to grab Missing Person 11/15 from its usual place. Save, use your keys, exit. In this new room, be sure to grab the gel on the floor, leave, and enter the newly opened door.

Drop down and head right, disarming the Keeper trap here. Shoot the mined enemy down the hall, and be ready to blast apart the one that opens the door in the hall. With them both dead, shoot the statue nestled between the blue tarp and ceiling for Key 37/47. Go into the door on the right, pick up Fragment 25/28 from the table on the left, then make your way through this room picking up all the supplies the developers decided to hand over. Exit this room and head left, making your way through these next few rooms, keeping your eyes opened for trap parts, bolts, ammo, and gel hidden in every corner. When you enter the kitchen, things pick back up.

After the scene, move up into the main kitchen area and pick up the shock bolt on the right counter, then move left and break the statue here for Key 38/47. Turn around and sneak down to disable the floor tripwire, moving ahead and right when the flames die down. Move all the way right while staying crouched. Beware of the spike trap from the right wall. Move past it to unhook another tripwire. Run past the flames here to the acid trap. Turn around and plant a shock bolt on the floor to discourage the saw blades, then get to work on the acid. Once the trap is disabled, exit the room and head right to gather some supplies from the storeroom. Afterwards, equip your shotgun and run down the hall to the double doors into the freezer.

After the scene, anticipate the arrival of The Keeper. Once he's in range, blast him with the shotty. Only a few bullets should drop him, so reload and prepare for another one. There are shells on the left side of the room on a shelf next to the green gel. You're going to wait to skirt around the outside, as maneuvering through the sacks of meat is too much of a hassle. Once the 2nd Keeper is dead, the dumbwaiter light should turn green. If you run out of shotgun ammo, switch to explosive bolts. Interact with the dumbwaiter to escape.

Once you're back in control, scrounge this room for gel and parts. Be sure to destroy the statue in the dumbwaiter next to the one you came from to pick up Key 39/47. Move down the hall into the next area, interacting with the window if you want to see a quick scene. Move ahead, grab the matches from the box, and then go down the stairs and exit the hotel to complete this chapter.

Chapter 14: Ulterior Motives

Upon awakening, head down the escalator. After passing some turnstiles, look up and to the left. Hidden very well above the vent in the ceiling is a statue, which you should shoot down for Key 40/47. To the right of this is an office booth which you should explore, as it contains a medkit, grenade, gel, trap parts, and Fragment 26/28 on a table in the back room. Just be wary of the bomb upon entering. Exit here and head straight and a bit left to find a safe room door nestled here, with Personal Document 14/16 inside. Hop into the mirror, be wary of their trickery to force you into using your gel, and use your keys. After you open some lockers, head into the main reception area for Newspaper 20/21 and Missing Person 12/15 in their usual spots. Exit the safe room after saving.

Make a right here and bait the crossbow Haunted into sticking down a trap, then shoot it. Head into the room and detonate all the traps, collect your gel, and then be on your way down the escalator. At the bottom, wait for the Ruvik to turn around, then burn the body on the ground. Sneak up close to Ruvik before using your shotgun on him before he can call his arms out. At the bottom of the stairs, kill the Haunted before it breaks free of the bolts on the wall. Detonate the trap here, then open the shutter, and proceed on down the hall.

Move into the train car immediately after lifting the gate, taking up position underneath the window. Equip your rifle and pick up the ammo you're crouching on, then pop up to take out the sniper across the way. The sound will attract Ruvik and the SWAT Haunted here, which is a good thing in this case. Use your shock bolt when they are close together near the train doors, and burn them both with a single match, saving a lot of trouble and attention. Now sneak down into the water, burning the Haunted on the rocks as you go. Once you reach the train, sneak onto the platform and grab the matches from the bench. Now sneak through the train cars without hassle from anyone.

Drop down into the water at the end of the train. Shoot the traps in the train car above you to clear the way and blow up the crossbow Haunted inside. Move through that car, jump down, and then move into the next car. At the end of that car, Seb will remark about how there has to be a way up. A Haunted will spawn behind you. Kill him and turn left into that train car for Key 41/47 in a statue in the window to the right. Move out, collect the matches, and burn the webbing blocking the door here.

This part can be pretty easily run past. Sprint down the stairs and make a left, wiggling against the hanging Alter until you move through. Run down some more stairs and hit a switch to turn off the electricity, then run down some more stairs to hit another switch. Keep running until you duck under a blockage and come into a room with a grate on the left. Head into the safe room here for Personal Document 15/16, then jump through the mirror to grab Missing Person 13/15. After picking up the poster, Newspaper 21/21 will materialize behind the reception desk. Now is a good time to check and make sure you've gotten all the papers. When your business is concluded, save and exit through the mirror.

Back in this room, an Alter will break open the vent. Either burn or dodge him and follow the vent into some water. Follow the bends until you see an Alter get grabbed. At the next corner, turn right, grab the gel, bolts, and matches here, then go into sneak. Untie the trap on the floor here, then move up and into the face hall on the right. Snipe the AlterEgo that drops down here, and then burn the webbing behind him. Sneak past the trap to grab the gel and the statue containing Key 42/47.

Move on up the stairs and to the right for supplies, then to the left to pick up the circuit breaker. Go through the newly opened path to turn the valve and drain this area, then run down into it, crouch, and drop down. Another Alter will be grabbed here, a sign of things to come. Raid this room for supplies, burn the webbing in the back pipe, and carry on. Jumping down from the pipe, you'll be in an Alter filled room. Run to the back of it, grab the ammo here, and take out the circuit breaker. This will make the walls close in, so quickly move back to where you came, finding a valve on the left. Plant a shock bolt here as an Alter deterrent, and turn the valve. Upon completion, dodge these enemies on the way back to the newly opened gate. Run down the stairs and into the corridor.

Look up as you walk down the corridor. If you see a slimy thing drooling above you, put a pistol shot into it. This will prevent you from getting grabbed and save you an annoying little sequence. Walk on ahead, picking up the ammo and visiting the safe room for Fragment 27/28 on the righthand side. A boss is coming up, so make sure you're stocked up on all types of bolts (especially explosive) and shotgun/magnum ammo. Head all the way down the hallway here, picking up a 3rd circuit for the box. Insert all 3 near the elevator, then go and turn the crank to initiate the battle. Placing all 3 breakers into the box will unlock

This boss is very tricky, mostly because it's completely random. When he drops down, put all your shotgun ammo as possible into it. It will slide away into a vent after taking enough damage, releasing little exploding worms from wherever it's hiding. Track it down using these worms, then put all your shots into it again, repeating this process. Once you learn it's pattern and watch out for the worms, you can take it down rather quickly. If you make it fall onto its back, pull out your exploding bolts, and stick them all into the creature as it flails around. Once it drops, pick up any ammo from dead worms and gel from the beasts corpse. Killing it will unlock

Once on the platform, turn the crank again without interruption. When you power everything up, run right and duck under the electricity. Pick up the gel, parts, and smash the statue in here for Key 43/47. Head into the room on the right for more supplies, then jump into the elevator and hit the lever to go up. Make your way outside, grabbing gel and breaking the statue next to the train car on a pile of debris for Key 44/47 here. Make your way onto the train, follow the given path by turning around, ducking under, and mantling over the beams. Run when you can, jump through the train compartment, and end up in front of a set of doors. Enter them and find yourself in another STEM room. Watch the scene, picking up the gel and ammo in the room as you do, and then knock down and yank the cords from the Haunted as per the usual routine to end the chapter.

Chapter 15: An Evil Within

You'll awaken in the hospital room. Make your way into the reception area to pick up Personal Document 16/16 from the desk and Missing Person 14/15 from its usual area. Don't freak out, this is the last Missing Person poster you can get in this playthrough. Check your archive to make sure you have all personal documents and 14/15 posters at this point. Head into the back room and open up the last of the lockers, which will definitely have Keys 45-46/47 if you haven't found them by now. Opening these will give you lots of green gel and

After finishing up here, move down the pulsing hallway to find Leslie. Follow him through the hospital, around all corridors until it collapses around you. Once it does, make your way up the hill until you're teleported twice to the doors of Beacon. Move inside, picking up the gel from the table on the left and the syringe, bullets, and gel from behind the desk. Go through the door Jimenez was blocking all those chapters ago, and move down to find a button that leads to a ladder. Head down this long ladder and then make a left at the fork, picking up Audio Diary 9/10 from the barrel here. Turn around and head straight down until you drop into a hole in the floor. Move past the blood pool, go through the door, and make a left. Pick up the parts and gel here, then turn around and head straight until you get teleported. Once you do, turn around and pick up Document 16/16 from the same place you picked up the very first collectible of the game. Break the chains on the door ahead of you, and continue forward.

Through these doors, keep going until you come to a spiral staircase. At the top of these stairs go through the door on the right, making sure you pick up Audio Diary 10/10 from the table on the right. Head back out and go through the other door, then head up the elevator. Upon exiting the elevator, head through the door, and make a left. Go into the door here and follow the stairs down until you come to Fragment 28/28 and a nice supply of gel. This is the last collectible, so check your Archive to make sure everything adds up. Go back the way you came, then search the area after the cutscene for gel and trap parts. Go through the doors here and continue on straight, soon reaching a part with a banging door. Investigate one for a scene, and then leave the room for another scene and the last section of combat in the game.

You'll start off in an area where everything is eyes. Make sure you're fully loaded on shock bolts and dont be afraid to use your parts. There are plenty in this and next area, and this is the last section of combat. Climb the ladder on the right and wait here for the Haunted to spawn in. Plant a bolt below where they drop from, then drop a match and take them all out. Turn around and run to the other end of the arena, firing another bolt at the group of Haunted spawning here. Burn them just the same, and then make some more shocks. As soon as you do, fire one directly into the center of the arena, into the blood. From the center, a Ruvik and a few other Haunted will spawn and immediately get caught in the effect of the bolt. Run in and burn them quickly to clear that problem up.

The next waves will spawn from every corner of the room, so start on the right side. Climb the ladder, wait, and shock the 3 Haunted that drop down here. Quickly run down and shock the 3 fat Haunted spawning from the back of the room, and burn them as well. The next group will come from the left side, but the death of the 2nd group will bring in an RPG Sadist. Take out the Haunted first, with either shotguns or pistol or your bolts. One of them will have a torch. Be sure to kill him and use it to save ammo. If you've been using torches, you should already have

Avoid the RPG by running around and finding cover. With all the Haunted dead, the Sadist will exchange the RPG for a chainsaw. Use your shotgun or bolts on him, everything you got until he's dead. Once he is, grab all the supplies around this room and equip your rifle. Mantle over all the cover to get up to the double doors at the top.

Immediately duck down behind the center piece here. When the Haunted above you light their dynamite, headshot them so that they drop it and kill the sniper next to them. With that group taken care of, make sure you're stocked up on magnum ammo, shotgun shells, and explosive bolts. When you are, move up to the doors and jump down into the next area. Use the lever here to open some doors, go around and collect supplies. Once you have everything you need, equip your magnum and walk forward to face the dual Keepers. When they start moving, they are vulnerable. Put your magnum into them until you're completely dry. Switch to your shotgun or explosive bolts to finish the job. Try to keep a height advantage over them at all times, so run around the pools to make sure you never lose sight of one that can sneak up on you. Collect the gel they drop once they die, and then head through the newly appeared door.

No more combat, but a bit more shooting. These eyes are spotlights in this area, which teleport you back to your last checkpoint if you get caught. The eyes can be shot, however, if you need a few seconds to pass through. Go right, sneak, and hang right until you come to the horizontally moving light. Stick to the left side after this one , sneaking up to a corridor that has 2 spotlights in it moving vertically. Shoot out the first eye, run to the center of the room, then wait for a chance to move up. Duck into the crawlspaces if need be. You hit a checkpoint after passing this corridor.

Go right here, and make your way left through the wires here. In the next area shoot out the eye here, sneaking under the wires until you can hide out by the spikes in the floor. Stay here until the light makes a pass by you, then sneak out past the wires and to safety...sort of. The ceiling drops and rolls after you, so run left and follow the path around the pools of blood. Run right immediately after, and then take the small middle path. After this, you'll be in familiar territory. Head into the building and up the elevator...Again.

At the top of the elevator you'll come to a room with a shocking revelation. Watch the series of scenes here until you're forced to run for your life again. Run right first to avoid the tentacle, then stick to the far left side until you reach the building. In the building run ahead, avoiding the tentacles popping up around you by running left, right, left. After dodging these, you're thrown into a humvee. When the tentacles are targeted, focus fire on them. When you pass by Ruvik's head, concentrate your turret to hit the glass case around his brain. After a few passes around on the tentacle ride, you'll be flung off and gracefully handed an RPG.

The RPG is difficult to aim. Your target is Ruvik's brain, so aim for his head. Even when you miss and hit the body, it can cause him to stumble and fall over, giving you an easy headshot. Once the first hit shatters the case, plant another into his exposed brain to end this part of the fight. After falling, Ruvik will make one more attempt at your life. Put a bullet into him and unlock

Walk over to the brain in the center of the room and interact with it to smash its casing. Then one more time for a curb stomp. After this, watch a few scenes and get to the save screen. Congratulations on completing your first playthrough! You should now unlock

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