2. The Evil Within General hints and tipsUpdate notes

Stealth can be your friend! As the game goes on, you are often forced into combat more and more, but the earlier levels and some later sections are better dealt with by either sneaking by enemies or running right past them. I'll be sure to point out when this tactic worked for me.

Do not be afraid to use Agony Bolts! There are quite a few sections (especially on your upgrade-free playthrough) where running away to make a few bolts can help clear out a room or save your life. If you pick up parts as you see them and disarm traps regularly, you should always have an abundance of bolts.

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Use bottles to your advantage! Tossing a bottle to distract some Haunted while you completely bypass them works wonders, or a bottle to the face followed up by a knife in the throat to deal with a lone enemy can save you some ammo.

Look around! Desks, cabinets, and crates are likely to contain supplies or gel, so when time isn't a factor, be sure to investigate areas thoroughly to get what you need.

The most solid piece of advice I can give you: Matches. Upgrade them, use them, cherish them, love them. Matches are your best friend in this game, especially on AKUMU, and having 15-30 on you will get you out of more jams than you ever thought possible. A great tactic I discuss in more detail later in the guide is the shotgun/match combo. Being hunted by a horrible horde of Haunted? Use the shotgun to knock at least one down, run in, drop a match, and burn the ones on the ground and any of their friends nearby. This technique saves ammo, bolts, and time. Learn it quickly, and use it often.

Take breaks! The game is frustrating, with even common enemies on lower difficulties having the ability to instantly kill you. If that wasn't bad enough, EVERY enemy on AKUMU will instantly kill you. If you need to put the controller down for a little bit before it gets flung out the window, take some time off.

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