1. The Evil Within Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the world of The Evil Within! This survival-horror title is one of the most difficult of the genre on the PlayStation, requiring multiple playthroughs, intensive collectible scavenging, and attention to detail throughout each chapter. There are also 3 DLC packs for The Evil Within, each playing very differently from the main game. Spoilers will be kept to a minimum, so don't worry about reading ahead! In fact, I suggest skimming ahead a bit to make yourself aware of any chapter specific trophies or collectibles coming up.

In terms of fastest completion, 3 playthroughs are recommended. The idea is to get everything out of the way the first 2 times you go through the game, saving AKUMU difficulty for the very end. These playthroughs will be divided up as follows:

  1. Survival difficulty + Collectibles + No Green Gel - Starting off on Survival will give you a nice layout of the game, and since you're not in danger of being killed instantly and not under the restrictions of time, you're free to explore. Grab all of the collectibles and locker keys this time around and hoard your green gel. It carries over to your next playthrough, so you'll be saving time in the long run.
  2. Casual NG+ Speedrun - Now that you're familiar with the game, have vast quantities of gel, and no longer are concerned with collectibles, use this as a mop-up and speedrun playthrough. Grab the NG+ exclusive collectibles, fully upgrade all of your weapons and attributes, and finish any chapter specific achievements you missed the first time.
  3. AKUMU - The grand finale. AKUMU is the incredibly frustrating "One hit, one death" mode. This last playthrough you will be upgrading everything you want, not worrying about collectibles, and dealing solely with surviving this mode.

That's all she wrote. Best of luck to everyone!

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