The Dwarves

The Dwarves

The Dwarves

The Dwarves Trophies

Full list of all 34 The Dwarves trophies - 15 bronze, 14 silver, 4 gold and 1 platinum.

The base game contains 31 trophies, and there is 1 DLC packs containing 3 trophies.

  • Hairy Situation

    You got away from your encounter with the woodcutters without a scratch

  • A warm bed

    Your silvertongue has procured a cozy bed in Goodwater for you

  • Making Friends

    Boïndil and Boëndal have joined you

  • Lifesaver

    You have saved a village from an orc army

  • Orcslayer

    You have managed the impossible and saved three villages from the orcs

  • Light into Darkness

    You have discovered the secret fortress of the Thirdlings in Blacksaddle

  • Skilled Bargain

    You have bargained skilfully and receive more money from the smith

  • Bargain like a Boss

    Thanks to your skill the smith has doubled his offer

  • Justice

    You have avenged the trader Mort

  • Ambush

    You have survived Nôd'onns ambush at the vaults

  • Ogre's Death fortress

    You have reached Ogre's Death fortress

  • Silvertongue

    You have answered all three questions after your speech perfectly

  • Wayfarer

    You've survived the underground railroad and reached Weyurn

  • Sympathetic

    Giralda has joined your group

  • Righteous

    You have put mercy before justice

  • A Feast like no other

    You have awoken the Blind Guardian and celebrated a feast in Wackenstein

  • The greatest Battle

    You have vanquished the biggest enemy camp

  • East Ironhald

    You have reached the fortress of the Firstlings

  • Liberator

    You have saved a dwarf from the experiments of the Älfar

  • What needs to be done

    You have killed Giralda and maybe averted great disaster

  • A single Life

    You let Giralda escape and maybe saved the world that way

  • Legendary Halls

    You have entered king Giselbeards legendary halls in the Gray Range

  • Keenfire

    You have forged Keenfire and given hope to the world

  • Old Enemies

    You have defeated Sinthoras and Bislipur

  • Demon

    You have killed the demon that possessed Nôd'onn with Keenfire

  • Footsore

    You have spent 200 days on your great journey

  • Not a scratch

    You have won a battle without one of your heroes being hurt

  • As good as it gets

    You have upleveled a character to level 10

  • Oink, oink

    You have killed 1000 enemies in battle

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