The Dwarves Reviews

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    15 Sep 2019
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    The Dwarves is certainly a game that will infuriate you. Wether on Very Easy or on Hard, you'll have an annoying time.

    Hard mode is fairly interesting and it will be only for the hardcore tactical masters out there. It's the odd blend of mechanics that gets on your nerves however. For example, to pause the battle to issue commands, you push Square. Now, the annoyance comes because it's in a place where you're very likely to press it accidentally. The balance of Hit points also is rather pathetic at times, okay so the game is called The Dwarves not The Humans but the Dwarves have almost twice as much hit points aa humans or the nice Elven lady. Which is particularly annoying as their skills compliment the Heroes skillset. There are no equipment settings so you can't bolster the characters power or health to make them useful.

    Combat is a sort of nod to most other tactical topdown strategy games. Most notably it makes usage of the ideas of Bioware's Dragon Age or Mass Effect. Except there isn't any real story to back up the combat and dialogue options never amount to anything meaningful, other than potentially missing a few achievements. Infact only one option matters in direct correllation to a character within your party and it is entirely missable if you get bored and don't explore the final map.

    Push Square and you pause the game to allow you to look around the battlefield and issue commands. The D-pad allows you to select skills with a push of Cross, you can execute the skills. Triangle allows you to call your party somewhere, but very often they trap you in places making you switch characters. L1 and R1 allow you to switch characters.

    Before you go in to a combat section, you can select items for the Characters to use. Ranging from talismans to potions. The game does occassionally deselect these items though and leaves you to struggle through 100+ Orcs with no healing.

    Unlike Dragon Age, most of the action takes place on the world map and combat only takes centre stage in the final chapter. Which is probably a reason for the very low completion of the platinum trophy.

    Character building is very minimal, which is disappointing for an RPG-style game. Then only two are actually useful. The mage, who can heal everyone when she isn't in combat (another flawed mechanic) and the rogue-type Dwarf you gain early on, who even on hard mode can destroy groups of enemies almost solo.

    What's more confusing is that only two skills are available to chose from every two levels (max level being level 10), and most of these are useless. The only character that seems or feels to get stronger is your mage, who is ridiculously overpowered, but balances a few issues within the combat itself as a result.

    The difficulty isn't the worst part. it's the way the game imposes certain rules on you and half the battles require all four party members to reach the other side of the map. In truth, you can rush most of these maps, but that negates any sembelence of why you're playing in the first place. So, when one party members falls, everyone fails. It's particularly strange that a game based on the mechanics and ideas of games such as Dragon Age that party members cannot be revived during combat. It does add an extra challenge to the game, but allowing to revive a fallen ally at half health at least once a battle, can get frustrating when it's normally the best two who die first.

    Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh on a game almost entirely funding on Kickstarter. It isn't a poorly constructed game, but it's mechanics could have done with a touch up, just to bring it in line with other games of an similar genre.

    Saying that, it isn't a difficult platinum, and if you can force your way through the combat sections, you can have it all done and dusted in under 8hours of gametime. It does reward venturing off the beaten path to make it worth your while hunting down the trophies. Again,it does mean you have to suffer the combat though.