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The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt
Type Game
Publisher Dragoon Entertainment Ltd.
Platform PS4
Discovered 10 Mar 2021
Last check 20 Mar 2021
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Release date 02 Jun 2020

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt is an action RPG with fast-paced combat requiring use of strong offensive and defensive mechanics across multiple modes (Story Mode, Endless Dungeon, Onslaught, Conquest, Heist). Fight your enemies up close, use buffs/debuffs/status ailments to gain an advantage or place effects like tornados, fire, water, death forests, black holes and more onto the battlefield.

The Mittu star system enjoyed a long period of prosperity, and was watched over by three powerful beings who shared their unique skillsets and technologies across three worlds for millenia. From out of nowhere, a Demon Army of immense power appeared suddenly and began invading these planets, slaughtering countless innocents and causing fear and paranoia in the godlike rulers of each world. On the planet of Altair, the first spacecraft in Mittu's history has been constructed, with the hopes that its crew can find something in the Mittu star system to end the war against the Demon Army.

The Demon Rush: Legends Corrupt has 5 different gameplay modes:

Story Mode - A story with an ensemble cast dealing with a demon invasion, as well as war and tensions across worlds

Endless Dungeon Mode - Choose a team of 3 and navigate through procedurally generated dungeons

Onslaught Mode - Solo fight enemies in an arena, with the high difficulty adding high-speed cars as hazards

Conquest Mode - Conquer a procedurally generated world map -- recruit monsters, capture and guard territory

Heist Mode - Split into 3 teams (Ground, Recon and Getaway) to secure an Artifact and escape to the Goal

Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS4™ system and “PS Vita” system versions!

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