The Deadly Tower of Monsters Reviews

  • D72shadowD72shadow445,348
    23 Oct 2019
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    This was a free PS Plus game from November 2016. I played 17 minutes of it while getting the first trophy and then it sat in my backlog forgotten and lonely. Almost 2 years later I realized how quick of a platinum it was (5-6 hours personally) and decided to fire it back up.

    Man, am I glad I did. Gameplay is mediocre. Graphics are mediocre although creative. Looking at it in 2019 standards it seems like a very subpar game but there is something appealing about it.

    As a summary, this game is a top down shooter that is based on a 1950s era sci-fi movie having a documentary made on it. The banter between the director and interviewer is hilarious. It is 4th wall breaking. It is dumb at times, but it somehow works. Controls are forgettable and it lags in places that make you wonder what could possibly be causing the lag.

    As a trophy hunter, this game is great. Well spaced trophies. Game seems to be the perfect length for what it offers. There are a couple missable trophies because of enemies not spawning after you beat the game, however you can start a new game and clean them up quickly knowing what you have to do. There are a small amount of well hidden collectables to find, targets to shoot, and rings to fly through.

    This game was enjoyable for me. If you have it sitting in your backlog like I did, play it. It's not going to be your favorite game, but if you like trophies it will most likely be enjoyable for you in some way.

    I gave it 3 stars, which by my scale means I think it is a good game. I've seen online reviews rate it much higher. This is creative. It knows it deserves the fun it makes of itself. And it was a nice experience.