The Cursed Crusade (EU)

PlayStation 3

The Cursed Crusade (EU) Trophies

Most Earned

We Are the Champions, My Friend
We Are the Champions, My Friend15TrophyTypeWin the Tournament of Ecry.
A Templar Rides into a Forest...
A Templar Rides into a Forest...16TrophyTypeClear "Forest Roads" in any difficuty setting.
That Man's On Fire
That Man's On Fire16TrophyTypeAcquire the power Purifying Fire!
Overcompensating17TrophyTypeMaster the Two-Handed Sword!

Least Earned

The Cursed Templar
The Cursed Templar179TrophyTypeClear the game on the "Nightmare" difficulty setting.
Symphony of Hell
Symphony of Hell357TrophyTypeGet all the trophies of The Cursed Crusade!
Gold Before Glory
Gold Before Glory167TrophyTypeFind all the coffers!
Cross the Crosses
Cross the Crosses55TrophyTypeFind all the Blood Crucifixes!
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