2. The Beatles: Rock Band General hints and tipsUpdate notes

First things first, you’ll need your instruments. They are; a guitar, a set of drums and a microphone. Below is a list of peripherals which will work with The Beatles: Rock Band. This also includes a list of instruments from the Guitar Hero series and other external developers:


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Rock Band Stratocaster
Rock Band 2 Stratocaster
The Beatles: Rock Band Hofner Bass
The Beatles: Rock Band Gretsch Due Jet
The Beatles: Rock Band Rickenbacker 325
Guitar Hero 2 X-Plorer
Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul
Guitar Hero: World Tour Guitar
Guitar Hero 5 Guitar
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Guitar
Mad Catz Telecaster
Mad Catz Precision Bass


Rock Band Drums
Rock Band 2 Drums
The Beatles: Rock Band Ludwig Drums
Guitar Hero: World Tour Drums
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Drums
Band Hero Drums
Rock Revolution Drums
Ion Drums


Rock Band Microphone
Rock Band 2 Microphone
The Beatles: Rock Band Microphone
Guitar Hero: World Tour Microphone
Band Hero Microphone
Lips Wireless Microphone
Singstar Wired & Wireless Microphone
Mad Catz Controller Microphone
PDP Microphone

Note: Rock Band 3’s guitars and keyboard are not compatible with The Beatles: Rock Band

There is no set order in which you can earn the trophies, but I’d recommend playing through the storyline first so as to get used to the songs and their rhythms, especially if you are new to either the Rock Band series or to the Music and Rhythm genre as a whole.

This game is aimed at both beginner and expert level players, but to earn all of the trophies, you’ll need to be able to play all instruments to a decent standard and you’ll need to be a pretty competent singer. The trophies shouldn’t be too hard to earn as the earlier ones are fairly simple, even for sub-par players.

You’ll also need two friends who can sing harmonies to a good standard in order to earn a trophy tied to using vocal harmonies. Along with this, you’ll also need 3 microphones, so you’d better get spending some of your heard-earned moola.

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