1. The Beatles: Rock Band Walkthrough overviewUpdate notes

Welcome to the walkthrough for The Beatles: Rock Band. This guide will help you attain all 51 trophies and hopefully we’ll have some fun along the way.

You'll need one (1) full playthrough of the Story Mode. You'll also need to earn 1,000,000 points with each instrument, so once you have obtained the required amount of points with one, you can quickly change instruments and strive towards earning the total with another one. The required score can also be amounted in Quickplay mode.

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There are a combination of Offline and Online trophies, so you’ll either need to find a few friends with the game who will help you out or you’ll need to get lucky and find some people online. As of the year beginning 2012, the community has died out somewhat meaning that finding random people to play with online becomes very difficult. There are still some die-hard Beatles fans that still play the game online on a regular basis, but trying to find a full band is near-on impossible.

As this is a Music and Rhythm game you’re going to need each type of instrument which comes shipped with The Beatles: Rock Band box set, although you can mix and match instruments from other Rock Band or Guitar Hero games. All of which will be listed in the next section of this walkthrough.

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