The Baconing

PlayStation 3

The Baconing Trophies

Most Earned

Tea, Earl Grey, hot.
Tea, Earl Grey, hot.15TrophyTypeProgram a Replicator.
Blade Ruiner
Blade Ruiner16TrophyTypeKill 100 Cyborques.
Stay On Target.
Stay On Target.18TrophyTypeReach Level 20.
Game Over Man!
Game Over Man!37TrophyTypeBeat the game on any difficulty.

Least Earned

Death Blossom
Death Blossom161TrophyTypeBeat the game on Insane difficulty.
Bashing Success
Bashing Success22TrophyTypeShield Bash 1000 Times.
Reflectology41TrophyTypeReflect 100 Ranged Attacks.
Predator40TrophyTypeKill 2000 Enemies.
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