Terminator Salvation Walkthrough

3. Story

When starting a new game, pick Hard as your difficulty, of course. The opening cutscenes will play for about two minutes before you start the game's first chapter. If you feel like videos on each level could help you understand a certain part of the game, feel free to consult the playlist link below.

Terminator Salvation | Full Campaign (Hard)

Chapter 1: L.A. 2016

When the game starts, duck behind cover and, moving forward, press cn_X to jump over the short, broken wall. Follow your allies through a ruined building and get ready to move to the evac point, a hotel in the distance. Enemies (aerostats) will appear for the first time as you leave the building you're in; point and shoot as you would with any first-person shooter until they've been defeated. Alternatively, just wait behind cover as your allies do all the shooting. More enemies will appear in the ruins of another structure, and you can do the same thing here. Lead the charge into a small hallway, then run to the other side quickly - a threatening T-600 Terminator.

Outside the hotel, you and your surviving allies will regroup. Meet with a commanding soldier upstairs to see a rather large ship, an HK-Flyer, hovering outside. Take an RPG off the ground and fire rockets at the HK until it's defeated, then look out one of the open spaces for a new path leading off of the hotel. Another cutscene of a terminator walking onto the hotel floor you were just on will occur, ending the second portion of the chapter.

As you evacuate the area, you'll be put on the truck's turret. Fire in spurts and try to maintain the weapon's heat to prevent it from failing; overheating will prevent the turret from working for a short while, which isn't good. The turret cools down very quickly, however, so this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Keeping your health up is more important than keeping the turret cool. Aim at the aerostats flying after you until you hit the freeway.

The HK you shot at earlier will make a return here; aim for its faltering engine and other parts marked for you until all important pieces have been destroyed. Once it crashes, a terminator will hijack a truck and drive after you. Focus all attention on this truck until it's destroyed, then divert your attention to any aerostats in the air until the chapter ends.

L.A. 2016 in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 2: Thank Heaven

Climb out of the sewers and follow your team through some wreckage towards the new evac point. Some aerostats will appear when you reach a building with some broken food stands, clearly placed to be held as cover. A large enemy, a T-7 Spider, will kill one of your team members; reach its back and shoot it from there until it's destroyed. Simply point at the back until its red power source is lit up, then shoot it until it's gone. A few more spiders and aerostats will drop in right after this; hide behind cover away from your team and wait until the spiders' backs are turned so you can destroy them as you did the first.

After working through a few rooms and aerostats, you should find a grenade by a dead soldier. As you leave the building you found it in, aerostats and spiders will storm your position. If necessary, shoot at a spider's front until it deactivates for a second and use that time to try to get behind it. It'll just be a short walk past the spiders to reach the evac point.

Aerostats will attack your new position as you wait for an evacuation. Just take care of them all until you get another cutscene. Your higher up will tell you to head to the roof and use the turret up there to defend the building. The turret can carve through anything, aerostat or spider, which makes you wonder why they aren't using these more often in the war effort. Aerostats might be a higher priority at first because they're more likely to hurt you. If you're having trouble with this section, try to stay on the left side of the roof and use the seven close barrels as cover. As long as you keep killing aerostats, the next phase of the battle should proceed.

When a spider blasts its way onto the roof, two of the aerostats will join its side over there. Hide behind a different piece of cover to protect yourself against the new spider, but make sure you're also protected from the spider down on the ground. After taking down the first roof spider, you should focus on the ground enemies until the two spiders that appear there are defeated. One more roof spider will have to be dealt with before you get to get back downstairs using the new hole in the wall on your left.

A harvester will begin to fire blasts at you after the evac chopper takes off. Move behind cover as you get closer to it until you find a hole in the ground. Walk inside and move into the sewer tunnel to end the mission.

Thank Heaven in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 3: New Acquaintances

After seeing a helicopter crash in the distance, Connor will radio in and inform the crashed soldiers that he's on the way. Have your ally distract the incoming spiders, then take out the pair of aerostats before focusing on the former enemies. Work through the abandoned roads with your ally (or co-op partner) and use the abundance of cover to defeat all of the spiders you come across until you find the crash survivors. Helping them defeat their attackers is actually very easy, as the spiders here will frequently shift their focus away from you; but even then, if they're looking at you, they're not looking at the survivors.

More machines will come in shortly after you meet up with your new crew. Flank around to their left side and fire at their backs when you get the chance until all of the new enemies are dead. After a terminator kills one of the survivors, immediately turn around and run in the other direction until you reach a dead end. Dobkin will take care of your pursuer. Run immediately to the right and up the stairs as soon as the next bit loads in, as three or so terminators will be chasing you now.

Dobkin will periodically make pipe bombs for you to throw at the terminators. Wait until one gets close, then aim where you want to throw a pipe bomb above the center of your screen. There is no reticle for throwing these whatsoever. cn_R1 Throw your pipe bomb directly at a terminator (if possible) and keep doing so until it's destroyed. The third of the three killers will pop out of the door on the left, just in front of where the previous closest terminator stands. Make sure you're prepared for this and keep throwing pipe bombs until all three have been taken care of. As a last resort effort, use your own ammo to injure the terminators or just wait a very, very long time for your allies to kill them for you.

Three more terminators will follow you into another dead end room after the entrance is blown up with explosives. Use more pipe bombs and whatever you have left to kill them, ending the mission.

New Acquaintances in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 4: The Sights

A pair of spiders will face you in the corroded street just past the starting point. After defeating them, immediately go upstairs when you pass into an open building. This will give you a great vantage point to face the spiders and aerostats that burst into the main room. Remember that sometimes just getting a spider's attention will be enough for your allies to pelt it from behind. Go back downstairs and come up with a plan to scout ahead, then move towards the tower in the distance.

Pick up the machine gun on the way forward, as two "disguised" terminators will attack you in a courtyard. Fire at their heads from north of the semicircle of cover until they pop, killing the enemy. After a short cutscene, multiple spiders will attack you. Move to the end of the road and stay on the robots' left sides to get an occasional shot at their backs. Aerostats will join them after a while as well. There'll be some shotgun ammo near the slope downwards towards the next battle.

A horde of aerostats will attack you after you reach a new street. To conserve ammo, consider letting your allies take some of these things down themselves. Stick to the left after moving down the street and go up the stairs you find on the left side. As before, being higher up will give you an advantage over the enemies. The second floor also leads to a slope that will place you behind the spiders that appear. There will be a lot of spiders and aerostats here before you're given the all-clear to approach the tower.

There will be a lot of rocket ammo on the first floor of the building you start on. Collect some rocket ammo as your allies take care of the aerostats for you, then head upstairs and shoot a massive HK with rockets until it decides to leave. Proceed up to the roof and fight the HK with your rocket launcher until the thing explodes.

Back outside the tower, three spiders will ambush you. Pass through cover all the way up your left side until you're behind a rusted truck, which should give you a good point to fire at their backs. At the next scene, stick to the right and head up the slopes for another vantage point. As expected, there'll be more spiders and aerostats all throughout the streets until the mission ends. If you have grenades, one or two should completely destroy a healthy spider. Don't move out of cover when an HK flies by; the HK will drop two spiders down almost exactly where the ones you recently have killed were.

The last bout of fighting takes place on the second floor of a building, where all the enemies will be below you. Let your allies take care of the aerostats, then use the turret up there (or other weapons) to take care of the spiders. If you have grenades, try to aim them at the spiders for an instant kill, or heavy damage at the very least. Moving further past the street wreckage will bring you to Union Station.

The Sights in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 5: Underground

Enter the station with your team and take note of the abundance of ammo once you finish a quick cutscene. Keep going until you find a group of survivors, then walk to the end of their area to find Barnes, the guy who can set you up with some supplies. Their alarm will ring out shortly after you find him, meaning that the machines have followed you down here. Return to the platform (where all of that ammo is) with Blair and Barnes to fight them off.

The first wave of enemies are just a bunch of aerostats. Afterward, however, spiders will join the mix, so make use of grenades and pipe bombs (but use them sparingly). Terminators will join the spiders later on, so make sure to save some rockets or explosives for them. The last wave of enemies consists of two spiders and two terminators, with two more spiders coming in after the first two are down.

On the train, you get a rocket launcher with infinite ammo. Just fire at the enemies, focusing on the motorcycles more than anything else, until you finish this section of the mission. You'll want to shoot with a lot of foresight as to where the bikes will be in a few seconds so the rockets hit them or the ground near them. Defend a platform so Barnes can bring more survivors on board, then continue firing at motorcycles until the train is safe.

The group will move to a set of vehicles, with you being placed in a buggy with a turret. Just like in the first mission, you'll want to fire at enemies while maintaining your turret's heat. This turret is much different than the previous, however, and heats up and cools down very quickly. It does kill spiders in only a few hits, though. After you see the blue energy blasting out of a spider or other machine (signaling its defeat), move on to the next. This section is very short but leads up to guarding the bus on the freeway. More bikes will attack you here, but at least the turret's blasts are faster than a rocket. After a while, the bikes will ignore you and focus on the bus; destroy them quickly, as they'll be able to carve through the bus very fast. The mission will end once the bus has safely made it across the freeway.

Underground in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 6: Into the Wild

Your squad will approach a house and be attacked by a few skinned terminators and spiders. If you're still carrying a rocket launcher, save your rockets for the next battle. The first floor of this house should supply you with a large amount of grenades, so use those before anything else. At the next battle site, run into the building on the right side to get a good angle on the spiders below. There's a grenade launcher up here that can make quick work of everything in sight, but you'll want to conserve a fair amount of this ammo for later. More spiders and terminators will blast through some buildings to get to you. Fight them off as well, then walk through one of the holes they made.

After a brisk walk, you'll come across a few bodies with ammo for the grenade launcher. Remember this if you run out during the upcoming fight. You can also find some ammo for it in a rusted bus, but getting to it is dangerous since you can't use any part of it as "real" cover. There will be four skinned terminators that come at you during this battle, with the second pair coming out after one of the first have fallen. If you'd like to conserve ammo, fire just two grenades at each terminator and let your allies slowly finish them off. After walking just a bit further, you'll reach the machines' surveillance tower.

Into the Wild in Terminator Salvation
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Chapter 7: Angie

This should be the last of the longer missions of the game, so you'll almost be done when you finish this.

Walk deep into the Skynet tower until a cutscene starts. John will set off the tower's alarm, starting the first engagement of the chapter. Barnes must be kept alive for this fight, so you have to make sure the enemies stay away from him. In the first wave, a spider will enter the room. Slip to its right side and fire at it behind cover (or let your allies do it when it's facing you). After this will be a terminator and a few more spiders; move to the corner you started at - near Barnes - and try to take care of the spiders first. Throw grenades at them if you must, as they can kill Barnes fairly quickly. The terminator will not pose a direct threat to him. There are a few more waves of spiders and terminators remaining after this, but Barnes should become useful (and unkillable) after he sets up the last few charges. Make use of the ammo in the room and any explosives you have on you.

Note: You will not reach a new checkpoint until a few fights after this one. This means that dying will send you back to the start of the first battle, making you protect Barnes all over again.

Barnes will state that you have 20 minutes to get out of the building, but don't worry; that's just story dialogue and you can take as much time as you want. Take cover past a metal door and fend off some wasps, then continue towards some more of the things, which will be assisted by a group of spiders. There's a machine gun on the walkways here if you feel like replacing your grenade launcher. There isn't much to say about the following rooms, as you'll finally be provided a fair amount of space with a good amount of ammunition just lying around for you to use. The last battle takes place in a large corridor, preceded by an RPG and some other ammo. Take the RPG and try to conserve it for the terminators that come into the room, using grenades and pipe bombs for the spiders.

The strays from the underground hideout will come to your aid after you successfully escape the tower's interior, since you've been able to do all of this by yourself. You'll next be put in charge of a massive mech's twin gatling guns with cn_L2 and cn_R2 and plasma cannons cn_L1 and cn_R1, with your primary targets being anti-air guns and having to stop to defeat any ground machines on your way. The best way to maintain cooled guns is to alternate between cn_L2 and cn_R2 to make sure they don't overheat, using the left gun as soon as the right one is almost too hot and vice versa. When facing AA guns, they should obviously be your highest priority, but terminators and spiders can also chip away at you fairly quickly. Your mech will regain health when not in combat, but failing and restarting from a checkpoint should also bring you to full health.

At the third AA site, an HK will be firing at you. It won't be lit up when you aim at it, but it can (and should) be destroyed quickly. On your way to the fourth, two HKs will fly overhead. Aim at them until you reach the next set of turrets, as they can be damaged even if you're at a wildly far distance. Destroy the turrets and HKs first, then go for anything on the ground to finish the mission.

Angie in Terminator Salvation
Gold Trophy
Angie97 (90)
Complete Chapter 7 - Angie on any difficulty
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Considering what John Connor and a handful of people have been able to accomplish thus far, you really have to wonder why the resistance fighters were so terribly overthrown in the opening cinematic.

Chapter 8: Every Life is Sacred

You'll start out in a safe area just behind an already-ongoing battle between some spiders and wasps against your team and some soldiers. Pick up the grenade launcher at the start of the area to help with them. Unimportant soldiers can die in combat, so don't depend on them too much. After this is another battle, which should be okay considering the amount of cover and ammo in the area. During the third battle, you can find more grenade launcher ammo. Use it to dent the opposing forces as much as you can.

After taking out two terminators and some spiders with the grenade launcher and other means, you'll reach a large courtyard area. Try to take care of the spider in the middle before moving up the staircase to the right to meet up with Blaire, who should be the only other surviving member of your group at this point (unless she's being controlled by a co-op partner, in which case she'll be wherever they are). Strafe around a metal beam near a terminator and pick up a rocket launcher, but only use one rocket on this enemy. Defeat it and use your remaining rockets on the stationary terminator up on a high ledge. Once the remaining enemies have been disposed of, reach the other end of the catwalk for some replacement RPG ammo. Return to ground level and pass through a newly opened door to find David Weston.

Every life is sacred in Terminator Salvation
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Complete Chapter 8 - Every life is sacred on any difficulty
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Chapter 9: For the Resistance

Connor and Blaire will go down one path while Barnes and David go down another. In the first battle, spiders won't be much of a problem since there are two groups of allies on either side of them, so focus on the terminators. Three more will follow suit at once. If you'd like to conserve ammo, only use as much as you need to get a terminator's chest blown open and let your team land the final blows.

On the ground, look for an RPG to replace your probably-low-on-ammo grenade launcher, then take care of some aerostats that come in. Regroup with your team up on the catwalks and stay away from Barnes' explosion as he opens the door to the control room.

A fair amount of terminators will attack you from the catwalks. Keep in mind that you can back up into the control room for cover. Take them all out and rely on the massive array of pipe bombs nearby, then leave the control room when the catwalk terminators are defeated. One final terminator will appear from the other end of the catwalk, so use what you have left to defeat it.

Run as fast as you can to the evac chopper. Pay no mind to anything shooting you and just focus on reaching your lift out of here, which will end the game and give you your final trophies. You can skip the credits, but you may as well just quit out of the game since your trophies pop before you even see them.

For the Resistance in Terminator Salvation
Gold Trophy
Complete Chapter 9 - For the Resistance on any difficulty
  • Unlocked by 8,800 tracked gamers (86% - TT Ratio = 1.08) 10,291

Seasoned Commander in Terminator Salvation
Gold Trophy
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Medium difficulty
  • Unlocked by 8,081 tracked gamers (79% - TT Ratio = 1.12) 10,291

Veteran Commander in Terminator Salvation
Gold Trophy
Complete the Game - Become a commander on Hard difficulty
  • Unlocked by 7,811 tracked gamers (76% - TT Ratio = 1.14) 10,291

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