PlayStation 3

TerRover Trophies

Most Earned

Terrover School Graduate
Terrover School Graduate15TrophyTypeComplete the Tutorial
A Bit of the Game is Complete
A Bit of the Game is Complete21TrophyTypeOpen the Trial mode in Volcanus style
Another Bit is Complete
Another Bit is Complete26TrophyTypeOpen the Racing mode in Congelata style
Still, Another Bit is Complete
Still, Another Bit is Complete33TrophyTypeOpen the Hot Point mode in Acor style

Least Earned

Lawn-mower99TrophyTypeMow all the grass in Single player
All-Roader Express
All-Roader Express198TrophyTypeGet Time Reward on every Single Player level
Immortal180TrophyTypeGet No Death Reward on every Single Player level
Dog in the Manger
Dog in the Manger180TrophyTypeCollect all screws on every bonus level
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